M92 Pistol With SB-47 Arm Brace From Atlantic Firearms

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Anon ymous: You know they use that armbrace as a makeshift just calling it an armvrace for legal reasons

George Lopez: this m92 sick looking  ak47   but come on  whats up with brace  with no  calaps stock  dude come on I want have that option of shouldering  it  to that one con about the brace on this stock    but like the brace

Young Genius Learning: Is this CA legal cause I want one

Joshua K: What is the gun at 0.07 looks like a psl with a dragunov stock

Andrew S: Can I own this gun if I live in NY? It's so freaking cool. 

Sonny `: be nice if they had a folding stock you can order.

Tomash Lucky: That is one bad ass weapon,perfect for home defense.

selina shackelford: Which should I get for plinking this with the arm Brace or a regular zastava ak

selina shackelford: Should I get this instead of a zastava full size ak for plinking I like the size of this but not sure if its as practical as an a regular am with the arm brace

From Briggs to you: I just got mine, I recommend two upgrades, change the furniture and the grip... what currently comes with it is crap, but the gun it self is well made and shoots anything right out of the box.

killerkork: so would it be illegal to use it as a shoulder brace ;)


MarkMason Susee: Shoulder that beast...

Francisco Murillo-Tirado: can u buy the shouloder brace sepratly and put it on? if so how much are they?

mattr918: ok now use it the way it was intended to be used and shoulder it

Matthew Tippins: yea, looks an awful lot like a stock.... cough..sbr..cough 

MrDewey85: What happens if one would put a folding mechanism onto it?  Would it become illegal then or would I still be in the safe?

: Question: Are the M92 pistols much like the Draco pistols, and by that I mean that since it's considered a handgun by the ATF, that Century imports them whole and doesn't have to put them back together from a demilled parts kit?

shabirhyder hyder: Nice Gun
Owe Some ,.
M92 Pistol with SB-47 Arm Brace From Atlantic firearms 5 out of 5

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Noah the avatar: Is it just me or does slow make barbariccia attack faster

M92 Pistol with SB-47 Arm Brace From Atlantic firearms