Ford Ranger Camshaft Synchro Replacement

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Derrick Braden: I have this same issue with my truck but its a 2.3l 4 cylinder. the only thing is I cannot find the part anywhere. Any Ford guys out there that can help???

Sonia Nelson: where is the camshaft at on a ford ranger for a 1993 2.3l

James Falvey: Is the chirping the only symptom?? I heard you mention missing. But all I can find on the internet is chirping ranger has a slight miss when the a/c is on. Lesser with the a/c off but at high r.p.m, never the less still there. Could this be my problem??

Mark Moses: thanks  dude it worked like a charm and i got the part for less than fifty dollars 

MrSleepy Head: THANK YOU!  for posting this video, I just replaced the sychronizer on my 01' Ranger and it solved my problems. Yall people on youtube that post these vids are awesome, I saved a ton of money!

joe leatherbury: I watched you foumble through that and you wasted my time  

Buick Mackane: I have a 1999 Ford Ranger that burns no oil at all and it runs great when the engine is cold and also runs just fine on the highway at 80 mph. But when  I get off the highway and stop at a red light the engine has a stumbling, jumpy idle. Anyone have an idea what the cause is or is this the camshaft position sensor causing the jumpy idle?

koolponycar: One important thing to note. I believe Bob has a stick. I have a 2001 Automatic and   after replacing these parts I found out that the automatic has a REV LIMITER when in PARK that makes the engine cut out at 3000 RPMS which sounds very similar to the TSB. I thought I had a problem but didn't due to the auto with a rev limiter. Truck has 56,000 on it. Anyway the part I took out was fine but I went ahead and installed the new one so we will call that preventive maintenance. Lol! Cost for both was $130 from Amazon. Thanks Bob for this video, it was very easy to do.

Jan Juan: I had my Camshaft Synchronizer replaced and I was just curious what it was. I was browsing youtube for it and found your video. It was helpful. No more squeak, thank God my truck was still under warranty, I did not have to pay a cent on it. Like the buns, too. lol...cute :D

scooter12368: i put in camshaft synchronizer today. all went well for awhile. the timing is good. but now the oil light is on. i ran for a minute or two and turned off. when taking old one out. i looked in hole and saw what looked the oil pump shaft sitting straight up as should. does the shaft move out of its place when pulling out synchronizer? What could have happened. what do i look for

Josh Blackett: Do the 4.0 have the same problem to

SUR13BLUEDEMON: thanks man this video helped me it took me like 2 hours but it was good when i started the car on time and all

Longhorn Jo: Great video and thanks for posting. I searched for info on this and decided to check here found your video and it was perfect. I replaced mine last night, runs great...again, thanks

Colby Swob: just replaced the camshaft position sensor on my bone stock 2000 3.0 flex fuel... it now misses on cold startups and high rpms and it only seems to do it on the higher gears could i have messed up the synchronizatoin when replacing the sensor or faulty wiring?? help please

John Salmon: Great video!! 96 Ford ranger super cab. I had a P0340 & P0401 code, watched this video and replaced the camshaft synchronizer. 69.00 autozone, only parts place in town that stocked it. Check the casting for high spots and grind and sand smooth, or it will get stuck, as mine did! I removed the hood to get over the work area. Use air compressor to clean motor off before pulling the synchronizer. Lubricate o'ring before installing. Road tested, runs like new. (250K miles) THANKS!!!!!

sheilaw12: Wish I could get you to replace mine or teach me how. I'm a lady ranger driver, and I am having this exact same problem. It seems that I just replaced this two or three years ago, but I have a 2001 ranger and gettin' pretty old with nearly 140,000 miles.

MdubG: i just replaced my synchronizer on my 03 ranger today but that tooth isnt in the exact same spot as the original was it got shifted slightly left will that have a major affect/effect?

xyzbobboy: Ford garage wants $632.00 to do this on my Ranger. When they gave me the quote I said,"No Thank."

Derek Messer: Thank you so much for posting this video! I just replaced the part in my ford ranger and it worked perfectly! Only cost me $58

G Host: what year is the ranger you are working on, i have a 2002 3.0 and cant seem to find it
Ford Ranger Camshaft Synchro Replacement 5 out of 5

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Ford Ranger Camshaft Synchro Replacement