Century Arms JW-2000 Double Barrel Coach Gun Review

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Century International Arms - Shotguns
Century International Arms - Shotguns

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Sand Stone: What a douche...

Absolute Liberty: No problem with the gun but man stop tossing and turning while messing with the gun.

WichitaMule: You had to do a trigger job on it? Really? How about showing us the tools and the sear angle jig you used for that would you? Naaaaaaa, I didn't think so either. You had to do a trigger job on it because the sear wasn't cut properly? Wasn't CUT properly? WTF is that? Man, the BULLcrap just runs off your lips like cheap gun oil doesn't it?

Ha ha ha!! A trigger job cuz the sear wasn't CUT right!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Man you are hilarious.

WichitaMule: That is NOT a trigger block safety kid, it's a slide or tang safety. Here you are again trying to teach people about a gun you know absolutely nothing about.

You went out and bought a gun, just to show it on Youtube? Now that's the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. Stop trying to be something you ain't kid, and go play outside with the other neighborhood kids. A gun reviewer you aren't.

larsonb33: What is the fecal factor when I have that gun pressed to the side of a robber's head?

ycdocs120: Jesus that gun looks huge in your hands! Are you a dwarf?

Robert Stackhouse: all sear systems must be slightly positive,meaning as you pull the trigger the hammer should  cam back slightly   and then fall, make it safe

Tracy Towns: I had one of those. The first time I took it out was the end of it. It fired it twice and broke it down to reload and a weld broke and it fell apart in my hands. After seeing how it was made I decided it wasn't worth fixing so I went and bought a Mossberg.

deathangellink: that right, my mistake , sorry

deathangellink: that right, my mistake

deathangellink: that nice to conclude a disagreement like gentlemens right ?

deathangellink: and that what i said first, so that just mean that we are on the same wave length agree ?

deathangellink: dominion arms and norinco are the same, dominion arms guns are customs norinco guns

Njal Thorgeirsson: My thoughts exactly- look like the perfect host for it. I'd feel a little bad hacking up a Stoeger for such a project, but a $230 chinese coach might be more suitable. And the exposed hammers might make it look better too

ptong226: I think you got a good deal, I got mine for $360

ptong226: yeah that is cool we can legally buy 12'' shotguns in Canada, every Canadian should take advantage of that and buy one. on the other hand the uncool part is our magazines for rifles are limited to 5 rounds. that sucks.

mclaclan: Saw it off

zmm1990: coach guns are perfect for an NFA Short Barrel Shotgun project

TheHikingnut: for a good laugh turn on captions.@1:12 I quote "exact item at a blue benefits on a real high shanmugan cheese communist fugitive"
century arms JW-2000 double barrel coach gun review 5 out of 5

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century arms JW-2000 double barrel coach gun review