Century Arms JW-2000 Double Barrel Coach Gun Review

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century arms JW-2000 double barrel coach gun review
century arms JW-2000 double barrel coach gun review
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Century Arms International JW-2000 Coach Gun
Double Barrel Chinese 12 Gauge Shotgun  - JW-2000 Coach gun review
Double Barrel Chinese 12 Gauge Shotgun - JW-2000 Coach gun review
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Century Arms Coach Shotgun
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JW-2000 Coach Gun Reassembly
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Century Arms 2012
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Norinco 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shot Gun (side by side)
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ycdocs120: Jesus that gun looks huge in your hands! Are you a dwarf?

Victor Fox Sierra: sorry, i couldn't get why you don't recommend shooting slugs through it. thanks.

Robert Stackhouse: all sear systems must be slightly positive,meaning as you pull the trigger the hammer should cam back slightly and then fall, make it safe

larsonb33: What is the fecal factor when I have that gun pressed to the side of a robber's head?

ALWAYZARMED: hell yeah your back.

mclaclan: Saw it off

ptong226: I think you got a good deal, I got mine for $360

Aey Phan: i got one for 320 bucks is that a good deal...?

deathangellink: he never said anything else. century arms is just another type of norinco gun

ptong226: yeah that is cool we can legally buy 12'' shotguns in Canada, every Canadian should take advantage of that and buy one. on the other hand the uncool part is our magazines for rifles are limited to 5 rounds. that sucks.

gunfan50bmg: I'd want one with a cylinder bore, honestly. A slug in one barrel, and 00 BUCK in the other.

Archangel: i have the same gun and i want know if it can realy shoot slugs

AnimeFanatic5602: IAC imports a Norinco version of the M1897 trench gun. A 12 gauge pump, with a bayonet lug.

KEVEN DE LA ROSA: can anyone tell me the difference of this lead shot crap?

Njal Thorgeirsson: My thoughts exactly- look like the perfect host for it. I'd feel a little bad hacking up a Stoeger for such a project, but a $230 chinese coach might be more suitable. And the exposed hammers might make it look better too

stizzorm: @armybubby-JW-2000 is Chinese in origin.

James Baun: nice but it hard to hear

TheHikingnut: for a good laugh turn on captions.@1:12 I quote "exact item at a blue benefits on a real high shanmugan cheese communist fugitive"


LiveOakish: Does it eject shells on it's own?

Patrick Porter: Um, Um, Um Um OMG !!!

wtg2989: @tomshelton22 Yeah buth they are 320 in all the buyer's guides. Maybe yours was used?

wtg2989: How did you get that for that cheap? I got one for 320.

thelukai14: @darthantb it would do what any other shotguns do with slugs,SHOOt them

darthantb: what would happen if you put slugs through it?

thelukai14: YES you can shoot slugs through it.

Mohammed Cohen: Makes a good CAS gun...

deathangellink: and that what i said first, so that just mean that we are on the same wave length agree ?

Chris Wiss: You can shoot slugs through it


zmm1990: coach guns are perfect for an NFA Short Barrel Shotgun project

deathangellink: that right, my mistake

stonedimaculate1983: steel shot will ruin the choke on crapty chineese guns

arnasassin: Oh ya, I forgot. You can only legally buy the 12" in Canada without any special permits. I love Canada.

deathangellink: dominion arms and norinco are the same, dominion arms guns are customs norinco guns

Ridge Runner: If you have the tax stamp for a short barreled shotgun. for the rest of us, 18" or over is the only thing we can use... unless we like felony charges

deathangellink: that right, my mistake , sorry

deathangellink: that nice to conclude a disagreement like gentlemens right ?

RU4L4TH: Good review.

safewaysecurity: Hey, you're back!

TheMcchipmunk: yaaaaaaa!! hes back!!!!

armybubby: i was told it was built in turky

thelukai14: I say only shoot it out of the modified side but its not going to break your gun if you shoot slugs out of both the full choke side might not be as accurate.

arnasassin: That barrel is way to long. 12" is where it's at.

Tracy Towns: I had one of those. The first time I took it out was the end of it. It fired it twice and broke it down to reload and a weld broke and it fell apart in my hands. After seeing how it was made I decided it wasn't worth fixing so I went and bought a Mossberg.

allhardr0ck: You did a really great job with this video, the best review for this shotgun. Although the shotty isnt the best it does the job just fine. but when i get mine i might have some questions if the triggers arent up to par. But keep up the work.

camerl2009: thats a norinco lol
century arms JW-2000 double barrel coach gun review 4.1 out of 5

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century arms JW-2000 double barrel coach gun review