Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 13 Best Movies Of 2013

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Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 13 Best Movies of 2013
Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 13 Best Movies of 2013
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Dallas Jokic: Sorry missed Before Midnight, Her, Blue is the Warmest Colour, Frances Ha, The Act of Killing, Inside Llewyn Davis and Blue Jasmine just to name a few!!

Rusty Shakleford: Spring Breakers was one of the most god awful movies of all time, what freak Roeper?!?!

VP S: Prisoners, Wolf of wall street, Philomena, Rush,

thefunnynordby: The Wolf of Wall Street and The Hobbit 2??

Matic Senčar: you freaking kidding me? no the hobbit the desolation of smaug and the wolf of wall street? and freaking springbreakers... 

UrbanArtist: Left out Her, August Osage County, 12 Years a Slave but put in Spring Breakers & This is the End... Roger Ebert would be disappointed! 

ryan moran: Out of The furnance over Her? Are you kidding me? I nearly walked out of the theater watching out of the furnace. During Her, I didnt want to leave! 

Squash: Gravity? The Counselor? This Is The End? Those are three movies that don't belong in this list.


AngusMilneVids: Thank you for being the one person who was open minded enough to put spring breakers in your list. I applaud you for that. Even if you hated it you cannot deny it was well done the acting for the most part was good, the cinematography was beautiful, and the movie had by far the single best use of music all year during a montage.

Jordan Anderson: No love for "The Place Beyond The Pines", a film that I absolutely adored, and Richard gave a perfect score to. Oh well.

ItsSimplyEmily24: CATCHING FIREEE!!!!!!! :'( 

Jupiter15: WTF! This list sucks ass! Spring Breakers, The Counselor, Out of the Furnace?

Pocketses McFlurry: Runners Up: This is the End, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Lords of Salem, We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire REALLY Close Runners Up: 12 Years a Slave, The Spectacular Now 10. The Place Beyond the Pines 9. Pain and Gain 8. Gravity 7. Upstream Colour 6. Only God Forgives 5. Pacific Rim 4. Prisoners/ The Wolf of Wall Street 3. The Counselor (Director's Cut) 2. The World's End 1. The Act of Killing

jdbabyv3: You know I actually used to like Roeper but now after putting the WORST damn movie of the year "Spring Breakers" as one of the Best?! Are you freaking kidding me with this crap?! AND he doesn't even have "Hobbit" or "Wolf of Wallstreet" on the list?!?!?! Spring Breakers is the biggest piece of crap to come out in a long time and why anyone likes it, let alone puts it on a Best of 2013, list is beyond baffling. There is absolutely NO universe where "SB" is a better movie that "Wolf of Wallstreet. NONE

tropicAces: I respect Roeper cuz he doesn't GAF what people will say about putting things like Spring Breakers or Counsellor 

witster18: yeah, Where are Wolf of Wall Street, Prisoners, The Place Beyond the Pines, and SHort Term 12..... ???????????

ben sten: Let me save you some time. The Counselor sucks. This is the End sucks. Spring Breakers sucks. Out of the Furnace wasn't great. However every other movie is worth seeing, especially The Spectacular Now.

JackRabbitSlim: The Counselor was one of the most disappointing films of 2013, wtf is it doing on this list? Oh right, because it's directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Fassbender.....I'm sorry but no! What about The Act of Killing, Beyond the Hills, Saving Mr Banks, Good Vibrations, Frozen?

MovieMichael191: The counselor, spring breakers. WHAT! Is this guy stupid.

Alicia Rossano: Two of my friends were in Twelve Years a Slave!!!

rps121: I like you Roeper because you have are one of the few critics out there that has a open-mind to movies like most people are. But wow, not putting PRISONERS on your list and instead put THIS IS THE END ? Now that's kinda disappoiting... 

Omar M.: Spring Breakers was EXCELLENT, it's not a tit/ass movie, it goes deeper than that. If you're too stupid to not see that, then too bad. 

tim shimm: there you go you freaking maggot that's why im not hitting the subscribe button 75 % of your movies I have only heard of from fags like you I only know gravity American hustle this is the end spring breakers and captain Phillips you suck.

Johnny Fairweather: I am a very well respected young movie critic where I live. I am semi famous on IMDB with almost 10000 views on my Top 60 movie so all time list. Here is most definitely the top ten list for films of 2013. 1 - The place beyond the Pines 2 - 12 years a slave 3 - Captain Phillips 4 - Prisoners 5 - The Wolf of Wallstreet 6 - American Hustle 7 - Carrie 8 - The Hobbit: desolation/ smaug 9 - Elysium 10 - Dallas Buyers Club

jerimiahcork: I was really hoping The World's End would be on here.

allisoneuph1: Yeah. The Spectacular Now was such a great film.

witster18: roeper... the top half is fine... a bunch of those top 6-7 are in my top 25, but Spring Breakers and the Counselor are average films at best... both look great, but Spring Breakers is a poorly written pointless mess, and The Counselor's script is even worse.

Greg Troyer: My Top 10 10. Lone Survivor 9. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug 8. Dallas Buyers Club 7. Captain Phillips 6. Gravity 5. American Hustle 4. The Wolf of Wall Street 3. Her 2. 12 Years a Slave 1. Prisoners

Tevin Phelps: Robert De Niro shows up and gives us the best ten minutes of acting he's done since Angel Heart (1985).

Amusemant780: 2013 was a great year for movies. Probably beat since 2007

HoldensNiche: The Great Gatsby was a damn good movie & effective in its attempt to modernize a an American treasure. It surely deserved a spot in that list.

Aaron McPhie: Lol spring breakers and this is the end? Seriously 

roloug95: springbreakers and this is the end? I'm done hahaha

Jun Kazama: Oh gosh everyone complaining about Spring Breakers will you STOP!? It's not the worst film of the year, it's the most misunderstood. It's an ART film, it gives insight into today's society and uses this insight to fuel it's R-rated exploitation engine. Infact, the New York Times gave it a 5/5 SO STOP, JUST CAUSE YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT. I'll understand if you name Movie 43, or Grownups 2 (or even The Counselor hehehe) as worst, BUT PLEASE STOP BASHING SPRING BREAKERS. Fyi, I also loved The Hobbit and was sad that it didn't make the list. AND FINALLY, IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH HIS TASTE, THAT JUST SHOWS WEATHER HIS CRITIQUE OF FILM CAN BE USEFUL TO YOU OR NOT!

qiovanni1: Where's Wolf of Wall Street, and Prisoners, and Place Beyond the Pines? There's also movies like Elysium and Man of Steel that are better than movies in that list, especially This is the End

SKUNKBALLScom: This is the end - SUCKED

jukeboxhero26: Where's DISCONNECT? An A+ movie from last Spring I'm still thinking about. :(

Medafets: Nice to see The Counselor getting some love, keep up the good work Richard. 

bluechipnl: this is the end was absolutely awful

KingKrally: I am actually happy that somebody put Spring Breakers in the top movies of 2013. It truly is an unforgettable movie. However, I don't like that This is the End was put in the list. There are SO many movies better than that garbage of a comedy that came out in 2013.

AckinautAidan: Good Vibrations was my favourite film of 2013 and is a really underrated film.

Jesse Burleson: I like a few of Roeper's picks. Check out my top picks of 2013 on my blog: VIEWS ON FILM. com

Imran Jabbar: Only God Forgives

AndyWo91: spring breakers was terrible...

henman09: 1. 12 Years a Slave 2. Gravity 3. Nebraska 4. The Wind Rises 5. Blue is the Warmest Colour 6. Rush 7. Philomena 8. Before Midnight 9. All is Lost 10. The Act of Killing

Rehman Khalid: Worst list of 2013

Sidharth Das: i hated the counsellor

trexguy: Loved them all except his number 1. American hustle is good but it's getting highly overrated. It really was a great year for film. 
Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 13 Best Movies of 2013 4.2 out of 5

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Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 13 Best Movies of 2013