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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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ThisisBrak: I know the Honda lovers came here to watch the s2000 dominate. Fastest, most reliable and cheapest of the cars.
jack smith: Vuh
Brent Downey: Great flying!
潘 小: 哪如果光碟機壞掉的話 要怎抹辦= =
Speedogg138: @thomasO8555 Too bad noob tubes are illegal in NY, or I'd have one too. :P
Tom Nelson: Good point I totally agree they have ALREADY shown to be "untrustworthy" by committing the crime in the first place. Police records show several cases of a compliant victim being shot anyway.
Gooch Dooshebag: I'm sure that The Dooshebag will probably do a solo review or something when he finds a game that he enjoys but I don't really get. However, we will continue to do 99% of our videos together as the channel is "Gooch and The Dooshebag." DB really brings the humor to our videos and its just not the same without him. - Dooshebag for President 2012! - ~Gooch

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