2010 Toyota Corolla Type S 1.8 L Oil Canister Change How To

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The Dang Phan: thnk you

AN techTT (ANtech): whats the name of that tool you used to take out the filter ? do i need one ?

Phill H: very helpful! Thanks

Psycho9263: This is my first oil change on a Toyota Corolla, I have a 2012 with the same engine (1.8L) my filter wrench is for a 2004 Nissan Sentra with a 1.8L engine. This is the first car I owned with a cartridge type filter. My filter wrench is a 65/67mm. Is that the correct size? The video looks like you're in Brooklyn.

raykupal: torqued.... PFT pretty freakin tight.

NYPANAMA: Thanks Fishycomics.....I know this will sound kinda foolish. But, have you thought about doing a quick video on the placing of the jack stand / jack on this particular video?

There are more than 10 Million Toyota Corolla owners out there, and I am sure 3/4 of that population would enjoy the knowledge...

NYPANAMA: Hey Fishycomics, was your jack stand location labeled with an arrow? I didn't see any on my 2010.....

David Brown: Great presentation! Thank you!

roon demahom: Excellent presentation. Explanation very short, sharp & straight to the point. Easy to follow up without a plan or rough sketch drawing or blueprint. Very easy to understood theory & practical. I really enjoyed all your video clips & I never feel bored watching several times. I liked your way of tutorial concept, slow & calm, loud & clear. Double thumbs up to you for your efforts & once again a big thank you for your very useful info & tips. That was truly impressive for me. A man with brillion creative ideas & tricks. You are one of Professor Genius Sir David Einstein of modern advanced mechanical engineering. (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-)

absy Jado: thanks

* *: What is the  torque on the filter housing?

ihatelameusernames: Dude are you Italian American? Accent reminds me of Godfather. xD

Hiram Camargo: hey bro can u do a  serpentine belt replacement?

Hiram Camargo: 4.4 quarters  oil capacity for 2010 
oil filter wrench 64MM 14flutes.

Marcus Warner: I drive a 2010 Toyota Corolla. I figured I would add my two cents worth. For all the Canadians living around the Hamilton region who have trouble locating a place that sells the 64mm (14 flute) oil filter wrench for the Toyota, I found one. The store is called CARQUEST. The address is 1249 Stonechurch Road. The phone number is 905-318-2002. I bought it for a total of $13.50 brand new. It worked like a charm. Bear in mind that other places are selling the same part for $32 plus tax. Go to that particular CARQUEST as detailed above because for some reason the CARQUEST on 401 Parkdale Avenue in Hamilton sells it for $32 like other over priced stores.

zroscigno: How do you do transmission oil changes on these? There is no dipstick anymore from what I have heard for the tranny. 

ray bee: I have a 2009 corolla and had to have the housing replaced... the dealer paid for it though.. they claim it seized onto the engine block from not cleaning it good on oil changes.... since it was done at the dealer till the warranty ran out,, I think it may have been tightened to much and pulled the threads?? my opinion.. any way still a pain... our local penz oil does the change for 27.00 dollars with the new filter... hard to beat.. if I buy the oil and filter it will cost me 23.00 to 25.00 dollars and that's at walmart.. not worth changing in the winter months to save three or four dollars?? good video though

AGA 34: help alot. thanks for video

Doug Giese: Great video.  I used it teach my granddaughter how to change her oil.  The filter tool is not a type F.  The tool for her 09 is 64 mm  with 14 flats.  This is 1 mm smaller than the type F.  I'm confident this is the same for all the 1.8's with the canister type filter.
2010 Toyota Corolla type s 1.8 l oil canister change How to 5 out of 5

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2010 Toyota Corolla type s 1.8 l oil  canister change How to