2010 Toyota Corolla Type S 1.8 L Oil Canister Change How To

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Danceolife iTpro: When did you add the filter? I saw you remove the canister. Is the canister and filter two separate items... 

John Hiram: Seems they are trying to eliminate doing oil change yourself. That is a very stupid system. My 2004 has a super easy filter to change with just your hand.

Jérôme Lepage: Thanks a lot for the canister filter tutorial. I own a 2009 Pontiac Vibe (same engine) and I've put 5W-30 full synthetic oil instead (by habit without checking my car's spec). I find 0W is right for our winter in Canada, but 5W is mostly the best compromise for our annual temperature range (-30 to 30 celcius). Hope it doesn't dammage my motor (was my first oil change since i own it).

thebonefish: With these element filters I get paranoid that they don't change it every time... Especially this car since it cleans up so well on the cap.

Hobby Vaptor: It's a pain checking oil on this Corolla. It always shows me way above line on one side and way below it on the other side of the stick no matter what I try. So I guess as long as the oil light stays off it's ok.

Nfocus Onu: Well done. Very clear and thorough instructions. No fluff, just the information you need delivered effectively.

Eaglez Nesty: What is the advantage of that cannister filter compared to the ones that corolla had always used. I am not sure if I like that. I have a 06, changing the oil is much easier, good old filter that faces down

fishycomics: tip my hat to ya

fishycomics: @suckmybigbootsa thank you for the part number will add it in

fishycomics: @whitebathroomguy Immigrant , local recycle picker, every day they come and pick up the plastics, and they cash in on your recycles. they live a few blocks away, nope not Homeless. They walk with the family as well nice try though.

Jerry Silcott: Very helpful. Just left WALMART lube center. They couldn't get the cap off so gave me the oil change and lube free. Now I think I can do it myself. Thanks for the video.

fishycomics: wtF are you Cussing. notice why I am close- heck noneed to explain. deep breath.

fishycomics: @Skeeball10 Every 10K we do its a leased, if it was not I change with respect a little earlier. for the paper filter costing not muc. I wonder one day will tehy enforce a cut off to gain access to the filter, and not let the oil flow, when you open her up to replace, allowing filter only changes

fishycomics: Answers my question. How many ate to add 4.4 at thanks to my notes I did my oil correctly again

fishycomics: whateve rsize it is. the site I purchased has no info on size. I again order the one I have at handa-accessorroes? It's Plastic there is a safety clip take your time.

fishycomics: the cap and book say SAE 20, 5w-20 the 2013 I own says SAE0w-20 that is synthetic only for the newer rolla. confused the crap. when book says yes and no....

apos4432: (cont.) I really don't think the engine has such a tight vacuum that this would happen but then again 0.25 QT didn't come out. It could just be that my mechanic didn't add in that 0.25 QT 5000 mile ago. Also, are you saying that the 3/8" ratchet will fit directly onto the transmission fluid drain plug? If so that's great since it's pretty convenient...although I probably wasted $2 on a 10mm hex ratchet attachment haha. Thanks again for making this video, I learned something that I'll be able t

Jorge Banda: Great tutorial! Thank you so much for the info. Complete and streight forward. Does this apply for the 2011 model?

Lionel Pichon: Great video my man. Great video.


mailman7478: @TheMortallyWounded He is using 5w20 look at the jug.

fishycomics: BIg Smile from ear to ear. thanks JImBob

fannygas: Great video, thank you

cowboywithstyle: At least some of these guys are taking the initiative to try to learn to be self sufficient! I learned when i was 10-11 how to work on cars, because my dad pushed me to learn how to work on my own car, so I could fix most things on my own car, instead of paying $60 an hour for a mechanic to do it. Some people didn't have fathers that were mechanically inclined, that took the time to teach them. Glad they're trying to learn now, might save them a fortune in the long run!


erfravens: thank u i have to change the oil in my buddies car and didn't know where oil filter was

mhkia: If you don't like the way he talks , then don't was the video, you rooster sucking mother freaker.

Dale Artioli: a couple of homeless people moving @ 5:17 lmao

fishycomics: @tupacoutlaw3 then check with the shops .

LiamXaoh: Thank you for taking the time to put this video together. Very helpful. Cheers.

Locd9: Thx for the vid

raykupal: righty- tighty, lefty- loosey

theblondecanadianxo: thank you, very helpful!

MrPraxair: Toyota does not recommend 0W20 synthetic it does recommened 0W20 though They did the oil changes on mine for 1st 30000 miles and there filter is as cheap as aftermarket FRame ones but I have found only Mobil 1 sells the 0W20 at walmart

Israel Ayala: why changing good oil?

Taiho Kim: Thank you very much for watched this video. May god bless of you and all your family.

Texan4Life706: worst place ever... should have had a spin on IMO

DetectorOCD: Hey, I wanted to say thanks for posting this. It saved me the frustration!

Cody F: thankyou 4 posting vid this helps

123aqn: i have a 2010 camry and i have a very hard time to remove the housing cap ..lucky i found this video and i will give it another try tomorrow ..hopefully i would be able to take it out ..thank you so much for the video

fishycomics: @Thranobulax You are welcomed. only wish others in the Hobby opened their eyes and get away from their chaires

fishycomics: thank you. there is a revesing tab, make sure that is lifted that will not stop you from removal. you must get it opened. you;ll see it in view in person.

fishycomics: I only show-n-tell, that choice will be all yours. As long as you keep to the changing you will be fine.

fishycomics: I left out the O-ring.

Victor Burk: Thanks for the video. I watched it previously so I could change my daughters oil. The only place we could get the filter wrench was the dealer, however, the wrench is too small. When we took it back they swear it is the correct one! Where did you get your filter wrench? I can't see paying a dealer (or oil change place) $40.00 to do something I can do myself for less than half the price.

007fredsanford: those are Obama supporters..[the ones NOT in Prison]

fishycomics: Had-accessories(com) its a Honda crv wrench socket. thought I said its a GH honda

fishycomics: Ruth, the plastic tool is your oil cap from the car, and O-ring that goes around it, without those two, you will not have a car to drive.

ระวี เมือง: Right,special tool for remove the oil filter

fishycomics: @Texan4Life706 it replicates a metal filter?
2010 Toyota Corolla type s 1.8 l oil canister change How to 4.6 out of 5

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2010 Toyota Corolla type s 1.8 l oil  canister change How to