How To Translate 25pp Into English-Tutorial

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How To Translate 25pp Into English-Tutorial
How To Translate 25pp Into English-Tutorial
25pp - Get Free Games. Apps. Wallpapers. Ringtones - Amazing Installous Alternative Review
25pp - Get Free Games. Apps. Wallpapers. Ringtones - Amazing Installous Alternative Review
How To Translate 25pp Into English-Tutorial
How To Translate 25pp Into English-Tutorial
How To Translate 25pp And Other App To English
How To Translate 25pp And Other App To English
How To Get An Installous Alternative. 25pp
How To Get An Installous Alternative. 25pp
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iTools - overall management of your iDevice (Amazing Alternative For iTunes)
25pp tutorial english
25pp tutorial english

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JesseThePotatoHunter: when i restart my device with redsn0w it will not work any more

Black Hawk: cant find folder...

James Nguyen: Uh my system applications folder doesnt show up

nipun aggarwal: do you how to translate pp25 language in english in the pc

Sodaneth Ngov: it doesn't work with my ipad3 ( ios 5.1.1). what should i do? i followsed all of ur instruction but it just translates some parts of it. there're still some chinese characters and some english words.

erick reynoso: lol after copy from link pp25 won't work??

cesar27j001: Your link shows a list of pointless gameplay where do I get Auto AppTranslate

Morgan Wilkinson: It doesnt work with my Ipod 5 gen ios 7 please help

Bob zilla: THANK YOU! It works on ios7!!!

Black Hawk: did everhting but it still all in chinese... i dont think the tutorial is clear enough...

mayorc: How do you translate the Windows app PP assistant (Win) ? I need translation for the PC version, not the iphone one.

HalfLifedGam3r: Like how she hides the left side of the monitor and yet you can still see the bittorrent in the bottom 

fahed2000: mediafire ?4bs3dbz5rovzm59 place this after the mediafire link for the download of the English files

Ayelet Yamin: great work Neta!!!

Abdelmoumene Elmamoun: just download the translated version from cydia. no crash at all =]

bosshoss14: this is exactly what i was thinking -_-

NetaY: I have fixed the link. Try to download it now and let me know if it's works:)

Mauricio Matos: thanks mate :D

Francie Dela Pena: good day missreview22 how r you am having trouble downloading the 25pp english folder on d link you placed on your description because d site is in thai i believe and i tried every button hoping for a link to download but no luck could you possibly email me d 25pp english folder .... here my email - i would really appreciate ty and have a good day

Kingck: ok so if i get this tweak it jsut crashes the app realllllll helpful -.-

MrJordanworld: could u do one of these videos for ifanbox

Bram Von Broeck: Why would you jailbreak if it's not needed..? It makes an iPhone slower.

Yung Swagg: crap keeps freaking crashing not like i don't like that some of its not it japanese but it's freaking worthless

Rusty Shackleford: WTF is a doe-lar??

Vichheka Houl: not about Auto app translate coz i don't instal it. after i replace all files in you link to 25pp folder the app is like this

bonedicoot: for me doesn't i've replace the files in ifunbox then the app didnt open so i've reinstalled the app like you said and it's normal again ecept that it's again in chinese

Med Achahbar: 25PP is the best installous alternative

NetaY: umm the only thing i can tell you is reinstall 25pp and try again if it's din;t work so maybe try to use it without any translation it's not too hard to understand.

YD AgilitY: thanks!!!

William Brown: What version is this PPHelper

legodudeful1: When i go to translate is says it cannot find application file

shali Yfrimashvilly: תודה רבה נשמה!!

NetaY: Proably beacause Auto app translate it's really bugy tweak.

HulkRemade: you still don't get free apps from jailbreak? sooo

h1samet: thanks works well :)

420thewhite: It won't translate n e thing at all what can ido I'm on a 3Gs 6.0

monkey001: HulkRemade is right. Installous is closed. No more Installous! Or Hackolus!

FrostByte X: My 25pp crashes when I load it up is there a way to fix it

tkeshet: App translate worked on my ipad 5.01 with 25pp but after reboot it didn't. Tried to reinstall it and 25pp and make it translate 25pp again and it didn't work. As if it only works once till you reboot your ipad.

4dnanBaig: do we need jailbreak for this

hackazz: It's not working on my iPad2 :( only the button replacement with iFunbox... do you maybe have a fix for this? thanks in advance! Keep on posting good video's!

Sidaro Sea: If my iPhone is not jailbroken, can i install this 25pp?

Tyler Barron: it cost 2.99 now, ill just learn chinese lol

iPodTouchQikVids: Works on iOS 6 now. The App Didnt work but now it does.

NetaY: try to respring your device or reinstall it.

NetaY: Hey :) Try to reinstall 25pp from your boyfriend iphone and then translate it again with the folder that i put in the descrption and with auto app translate. if it's still keep crashing just remove auto app transalte beacause this tweak is really bugy . I recommend you to try again and if it's not work so just translate the tweak with the folder and leave auto app translate. and maybe try to use it without any translation's not too hard to understand.

JustinUSA: Doesn't work on v.99. Causes the app to crash. Even if you only copy over the image files it looks like crap because some of the graphics have changed.

MukeshGaming: 2:53 PP[][] = Poo

Russell Khaw: Why do we need 25pp when we already have Cydia

kurdistanleader03: does not work on ios 6. thank you though.
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Fionntan Osuibhne: very helpfull thanks appreciate you only mentioning necessary info and not rambling as you find in many tutorials
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Chris Robato: Just started with this It, and it looks and feels freaking amazing. The environments are absolutely fantastic and this genuinely feels like a kung fu movie meets EVE Online. Why EVE? It has similar mechanics with a complete sandboxed universe with a self generated economy and player. No levels, but you keep using experience to grow new talents and skills, which you level. The combat system is based on modules displayed on a bar. Also a good number of menus and not the least, autopathfinding. If there is a drawback it probably doesn't feel like a traditional RPG, and its not that easy to earn money, so you may have to top it ingame gold and silver with real money. Also like EVE, your character is persistant even offline, in which case it does odd jobs and still collect experience points but can be vulnerable. The look and feel of the game is completely captures what a martial arts fantasy should be. No races like monsters, elves or dwarves, no Sauron like evil force and a Chosen one Mary Sue to defeat it. None of the anime inspired outlandishness either, like multicolored hair, skimpy clothing and outlandish weapons. This game is oriented (like EVE or Guild Wars) for guild based PvP. While the characters don't look much different from each other (they look like Hong Kong and Taiwan cinema stars to me) they are all beautifully drawn with an amazing sense of facial detail. As a character, you follow one of four storylines, which are also stereotypical of plots in wuxia comics and kung fu movies. For factions, we got the Eight Schools. I joined the Wudang School, which is allied with the Shaolin (all male), the Emei (all female) and the Beggars School as the good faction. The bad guys are the Royal Guards, which are out to destroy the martial arts schools and a devious faction of Wanderers that specialize in poisoning and assasination. Two schools are amoral, meaning they can do both good and evil, and these are the Scholars and the Tangmen, the latter fairly comparable to a Triad. Now I need to find that skill that lets you flywalk over water.
Gabriel Ignacio Quezada Villarroel: La zip la pongo en la targeta sd sierto?
Ashley L: gorgeous!:)
brianv3ntura: no its not basically. the mytouch is gardly an improvement to the g1.
Classic Game Room: Let's keep this Mega Man train rollin'! It's Mega Man 4 for the NES!

How To Translate 25pp Into English-Tutorial