FREETRESS EQUAL 18' In Hair Review

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Freetress Equal Hair Review
Freetress Equal Hair Review
FREETRESS EQUAL 18' in hair review
FREETRESS EQUAL 18' in hair review
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Freetress Equal Attrack Review
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Juicyberryanim: how long did this hair last ?

SoulQueen Wu: nope i wouldnt suggest it

Todjiah Baby: Can youu straighten it . ?

Dreamscheme100: Why is no one using the bang piece. Ive been trying to see how it looks but there are no videos.everyone is blending it and I doubt my mother will let me have a leave out and straighten my hair every morning

kadi Kay: @kendalllyo its called attrack

makeupmichifashion: That looks like an American apparel top!

Ms Ken: What style curl is this called?

Kim Tommy: I have it in 22in

Heidi: Iwant this in human hair

SoulQueen Wu: how??

Bianca Charney: Do you think you could dye this hair ??

Tiona Monique: I Love this I will be getting it tomorrow

Sherri Wilson: You and this hair is flawless right now , I'm sold on this hair thanks ^_^

Zeal of Zae: Love this hair on you!!! Did you leave any hair out on the sides / back ??

Coree Clark: is ur hair permed or relaxed in any of ur videos ????/ when u leave ur natural hair out

BlackBarbie228: Did you just flat iron your natural hair to get it to blend in so well ?

sincerelymattie_: How tall are you? I'm 5'5 & I wanted to know if the hair would stop on me like that/same length

yobabyobabyo: How do you take care of it at night?

yobabyobabyo: What color package did it come on?

Joelle Lovee: Was that your natural hair at the top?
FREETRESS EQUAL 18' in hair review 5 out of 5

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Juicyberryanim: how long did this hair last ?
LpsDjGirl: Me too!! :D
jason bailey: I've got this for the kids but one side of the track is faster than the other is the controller not working properly do u know what wrong with it
Faiza Faisal: can we use black and white paint out paper
TheForrest33: Allright Guys, it might be bether to do such fullspeed Tests with your own car on testtrack!
SlimJimGames: Great video, JD! and an interesting fact: This was actually a follow-up product TO the Slushy Magic, made by the same people. However, they made one final Slushy Magic project, called "Slushy Magic Max". It'd be cool if you would review it!
Ömer Saral: Xperia XA pil ömrü hakkında düşüncelerin nelerdir? Oldukça şikayet edenler var

FREETRESS EQUAL 18' in hair review