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DeadlyTheEpicGamer: Do you know a game caled terraria
SteelMan036: yeah this may be the coolest one of 2010 but wait til you see the 2011 polaris sleds!
Cyrus C.: Best you look for a Steam Group. I remember some guys trying to make a "Multiplayer Group" for playing Singularity online. It's still a fantastic game.
RJ Cooper: please check audio
iiWxffleLxrd Roblox: Herrmm...my police bike toy does the same things :l
Trent Brew: @Nismology5 lol. that's hilarious! (Im not being sarcastic) When you said getting millions of points for having sex with your board, where you referring to ssx 3? because if you were, you made it sound EVEN COOLER! :D lol. I just love how crazy SSX 3 is compared to this game. I personally don't like realistic games, and that's why I love playing the SSX games, because you slide down the face of a snow-capped mountain at 80mph while jumping of ramp going as high as gravity will allow you! :)
GaTPoems: yes he is very retarted

FREETRESS EQUAL 18' in hair review