Electric Bicycle Push Trailer - Build Your Own

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Electric Bicycle Push Trailer - Build Your Own
Electric Bicycle Push Trailer - Build Your Own
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james jackson: need one

CPGB stalinist: Great idea. Nice video too. A refreshing change for YouTube.

rudy widianto: creative

Christopher Best: Genius.

James Thompson: It is indeed a new twist on an old idea, and it could be twisted even a bit more. I ride a recumbent trike, so the seat post bushing is out. Without too much hassle, one could spread another bike fork to attach via vertical-movement bushings to the rear axle, for a much lower mounting point. Also, trikes work well with geared, BB motors mounted to the boom. If one already has that, or is purchasing it, the trailer could be used just for hauling long-range batteries and cargo.

jozsef kowalik: smart

SegaCD: This is pretty slick but costly. Looks easy to make, the only spendy part is that wheel with a motor.

stsgabe: good point, as I've never ridden one,, just seems like it would handle better. It looked like you had to "steer it" as opposed to leaning.. very very cool tho

pushtrailer: Sorry it took so lomg to nawer these questions. Cost varies a great deal. I get reports of $450 to $850. Contact me and I''ll beark it down for you. The more weight it needs to push, the more it drains battery life and general performance. Motor choice is key here.

pushtrailer: Well if you did that how would the trailer balance on one wheel? And why do you think the bike should lean independently?

pushtrailer: A builer sent a picture of his dog riding along just fine. Medium size dog to be sure.

stsgabe: Good idea. How bout a U-joint connecter that would allow the bike to lean independently?

pushtrailer: Thed drive system requires 48 volts....and car natteries are simply too heavy..

HardcoreTeabrewer: The solution for the arm looks very solid. But I need to build one with two wheels -- to be stable enough for my dog. And get plenty of room for a motor and battery.

ggraysonlv: I'm surprised that no one has asked what the ballpark total investment would be (dollars, not hours of sweat equity) to build one of these neat-o propulsion trailers. Probably would be significantly cheaper than the Ridekick, right? 2nd question - will it push a tandem acceptably?

pushtrailer: It takes a very large solar panel array to charge at a rate that would be useful while on the move. Solar charging while parked for a long while would work....but it takes a high rate charger over-night to do the job fully.

whyanotheryoutubeaccount: Cool, well done, congratulations. Do you have any idea how much (surface) solar panels you would need to fully charge the batteries? Any way to integrate them (maybe charge partly while cycling, partly when stopped/camped/expanded?)

stopglobalswarming: Why not use 1 Optima 12v offroad/automotive battery, or some other high output auto/boat battery?

Renato G.F. Naso: Excellent idea & very practical!! (Love that funky music too!!...) Ok, I'm going 2 take a look @ the site, 2 C how much it is 4 the plan..

crsbt: great idea,,first time ive seen one,,,looks cool.
Electric Bicycle Push Trailer - Build Your Own 5 out of 5

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Electric Bicycle Push Trailer - Build Your Own