Nintoaster II

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Nintoaster II
Nintoaster II
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The Nintoaster Project
The Nintoaster Project

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Lucky01: Jesus, mate CLEAN YOUR DESK

TheGoldminor: can it be use on a hdmi

cutemimi25: AVGN said in his Action 52 video "It's a Nintoaster, and yes it works"

Deanna Whitener: I am making the Holy Grail. By that I mean the Super Nintoaster. Then I will make the Nintoaster Gamecube. Then I will make The Nintoaster Wii. And the Nintoaster 3DS.

Retro Skull: Wish I could buy one of these...I have zero experience opening game systems :(

Joshua Maurer: I really WANT a Nintoaster for me and my lil bro to play on with our TV
Please comment back to me and I'll see what you say.

lets do something: does this guy just have an infinite supply of toasters and nes's

CoinHuntingDrew: This video was filmed with a toaster.

Sinappi kalle: Can somebody tell me the model of the toaster, much appreciate!

LoquenderoTV: how much?

Year of Cheer: RC Cola!!!!!!!  Awesome job on the Nintoaster though.  I'm gonna start making mine in a few weeks.

Nathan 111115: What is the toaster brand

Grey Shot: what toaster is it made from?

Alice Wolff: You're nuts, in the best possible way! I love your crazy hardware mods.

MrJarhett: your very good at engineering of nintoaster. i use to play nes long time ago 

Elfcheg: 3:25 I came.

smidsyonfire: Love the Nintoaster... but for some reason the fake bread puts a bigger smile on my face. :)  Just awesome !

RET80: shooting on some vintage equipment I see? I have a few old vacuum tube cameras I use from time to time for shooting live streams with.

Bread Box: Are you me from some strange alternate reality?! Well now that I think of it I guess anyone could qualify for that in their own respects..
Nintoaster II 5 out of 5

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ronpaul2012robust: (based on the information in this video) At 11:12 Epstein starts on the topic that the fed gov't can give money to the states or the fed could not give money" if the government withholds monies from a state on the basis that the state does not perform the way the fed wants the fed can be challenged on two points. the first challenge "unconstitutional conditions" and the second "encroachment on sovereignty" he goes on to say that in regards to 'Unconstitutional conditions" you (the fed) can not attach conditions to the monies given. but the Fedral government as talked about in this interview does bribe states, One example shown in this vid Is the fed funding highways only in states that raise the drinking age to 21. So in the same breath he says the government cant give monies to states with attached conditions and then says that telling states that they will lose 5% of there federal highway funds if they don't raise the drinking limit is ok because it is related to highway safety issues and that makes it ok to disregard the law.
Luis Alarcon: Nice tank how much did you pay for your fish tank
Zorbarela: MY IDOL! <3
Elisa Maza: die verkäuferin ist doch helene hegemann???
Th3 gaming anaconda🐍: Where did u buy it
Rebel Army: update for 1.56 pleas

Nintoaster II