Nintoaster II

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Nintoaster II
Nintoaster II
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Nintoaster Instructional Video
The Nintoaster  --  NES in a toaster
The Nintoaster -- NES in a toaster
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Action 52 - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 90
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Super Nintoaster - Super NES in a Toaster
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custom NinToaster 64 for sale
The Nintoaster
The Nintoaster
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Russian Nintoaster - Dentoaster
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Nintoaster Finished!
Nintoaster Finished!
Twitter knows about your tweeting SEX BED!
Twitter knows about your tweeting SEX BED!

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Luke Sanchez: Sucks that you can't connect a Four Score to that thing

Carson Schaneman: Soooooo...say I wanted to buy one of these?...

Joey The Crafter: put some of those on ebay newegg and amazon!! The world needs NEEDS TOASTER NES!!!!! I NEED IT! IM A CRAZY VIDEO GAME MINECRAFT LAPTOP COMPUTER WII XBOX 3DS GBA NINTENDO SEGA ATARI AND DROID NERD!!!

scatman jason: can you make others and sell them

Vkmies: Damn. Is this that 5200-couch? No? Make that couch already!

Chris Aure: That's like the angry video game nerd nintoaster

adrian valdez: nintoaster 64

rabbit10pump: Plz make more and put on ebay

Jinclops: 3:13 That's a sign that the person is conscientious of the danger of toasters, enough that they associate it with the light.

martindg77044: I remember hearing about your home a couple of years ago and sorry this is late but i'm glad things worked out. Your invention is genius by the way.

Jupiter9099: I'm pretty sure Nintendo is having a good laugh about this. The idea of turning a toaster into a gaming console is awesome.

thereaper20000: this is a good device. May i ask do you take comissions on these? and if so how much do they cost?? i know they must cost a ton lol

PolizeiPaul: Not knocking your work but since this has 2 holes is it possible to make a NES/SNES combo toaster all in 1?

Cody Eisner: What toaster are you using??

TheNegativePi: Where is the reply button?

Mario Gencarelli: you should work for Nintendo or make stuff like that to sell.

Funnyman: I think he did.

Joseph Nicholas: um yes he is, not you watch avgn? dumbass

LemonsAndDragons: that would be a big toaster

xUdieToox: I can't believe you had to explain the bit about the heating elements *facepalm*

Brandon Mendoza: Could this work with the imitation new remake console

ToastGeniePC: Hey Richard , did you notice that the video output from the amp is slightly brighter than it was with the modulator, that is my experience with my nintoaster.

wowman623: Can you build an NES out of a delorean..?

A.J. Rodriguez: i freaking love the nintoaster and the bread-looking cartrige.

trystane gonzales: the avgn has one so i want one

supermark64: 15 people have toaster ovens.

chewy: word can not describe how much i wan't one.

svenneri: Super Awesome!

danju2: ur awesome but move on to ..say 64...ps1....dreamcast....etc

nhbgfdc: I want one. Sell it to me.

MrNintendew: How about the Nintoaster 64 and the Nintoaster Wii!

Gotohellcadz: Waffles entertainment system. An NES converted into a waffle iron :D

Yukari Yakumo: Humanity fail

SpamOfCan: "BAD EDIT!" might be the best cut ever.

Nick Baysingar: I...I want one...

Buck Tudrussle: I would love to purchase one of these fine devices.

snakedeadly: Nice, I think your cool I subscribed! make sure you know!

Cinestar Productions: wait, thats the avgn toaster!

goldeneyecheaterfan: You Do realize the N64 board is a lot bigger than the the super nintendo. So it will be much harder to do. However with saying that I think it is possible.

Mitchel Herdon: well you make one for me? i will pay ya

furydeath: 4:00 And then the 5 min video became 3 hours.

pastryhat: I think it would be pretty cool (and likely very difficult) to make a nintoaster with a sliding mechanism in the cartridge slot. When you turn it on the cartridge would disappear into the toaster, just like a piece of bread when you turn on a normal toaster.

linkuei83: One of the best things that mankind has to offer. The Nintoaster! Well done, well done. Kinda sad though that you had to EXPLAIN that the heating elements weren't real. I can't begin to wonder who would think such a thing.

joel park: how about super nintoaster

EpicMan83: Quit talking to yourself.

Oliver Fyffe: well Richard DaLuz is a genius so he should build a Nintoaster 64

FrazzleDazzleMan: one, why the ferret two, why not sell these things, I mean just think of the revenue...

Chewu: Your desk reminds of Dennis Nedry's desk in Jurassic Park, awesome! :P

StarBoy62: James is so lucky to have that greatest work of video game mechanisms.

Kevin Huiskamp: saturn + toaster = satoaser MAKE IT HAPPEN SEGA
Nintoaster II 4.9 out of 5

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Nintoaster II