Nintoaster II

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Nintoaster II
Nintoaster II
The Nintoaster Project
The Nintoaster Project
Nintoaster - An NES in a toaster using 3D printed parts
Nintoaster - An NES in a toaster using 3D printed parts
Bomberman II (NES Video Game) with JonTron - James & Mike Mondays
Bomberman II (NES Video Game) with JonTron - James & Mike Mondays

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Rias Gremory Fan: That's AVGN's toaster

Oscar Garcia-Ramirez: I came here from AVGN

Professor Gutnacht: If someone were to sell these, would you take offence to it? I guess you kind of invented it.

Mikey Patchy: Then this toaster went on to star in many of the nerd's videos.

ciromf: You're a myth, dude. Awesome stuff. Props to your girl for painting the dust cover, too. ^^

Bloodline Spike: does he have links if you planning to get a nintooster

Shawn Bateman: You should REALLY start selling these. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

travis thomas: hey dude are you still building the nintoasters!? i would totally buy one from you!!!

acegrey: are you selling those, and if you do, what do you charge for one?
I am curiouse and intrigued...

Cem: i love ur videos. ur so talented

Bridgeman: I keep coming back to this video, you're a rockstar

DevilMaster: All Nintoasters toast toast!

Sapristi RĂ©moulade: great job ! I love the dust cover :)

Derrick Smith: in 2016, it's called Nintendo Switch.

LoquenderoTV: how much

Jove Sun: I need one.

puz golac: this is ginus now you can put it in the bath tub and entertein yourself while dieing

Dillon Lord: Good sir is your name Richard?

hiimash: Jesus, mate CLEAN YOUR DESK

TheGoldminor: can it be use on a hdmi
Nintoaster II 5 out of 5

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Rias Gremory Fan: That's AVGN's toaster
It came from Denny's: I'm so high right now and the spinning head jokes are making me choke. I'm dying here.
AWalkingHat: Apple fritter: "Share it with a friend that maybe isn't diabetic." Lol!
andrew brown: what is this akhmat and where can i watch it? sounds like fun
Christopher Sepulveda: hi i have a cabrio he and it keeps sayind SD (sudz) (f71)
ivetaken the top part oft check to see if anything was caught between the bowl of the waasher but nothing was stuck in there. I've been using regular detergent do u think that might have messed it up

tattoostudio666: Hi there! I would like to run my car with HHO. Can this unit sort out automaticaly problem with setting up A/F ratio? My can is OBD1 BMW 735i petrol. Thanks!
GameFlashing: Nice video, I like the camera view and quality is very professional, a few tips tho in the video it seemed like you really didn't know what your were talking about with the barrel, try not to compliment everything and lay some criticism aswell as the pros of owning a mini GS, I have one myself and I love it, I have a 14" CP barrel on it and different trigger though! Overall awesome video

Nintoaster II