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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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pianoguyyy: I came to see the zbox, and i see your face all the time. Congrats, you're star!
Pezzo96: Nuovo video, lasciate tanti bei like e tanti commenti ;)
RioRyuRiacho: Zero:''So, finally we're here... OH WAIT!!!'' Vent:''A Maverick! Let's destroy him Ashe!'' Zero:"That's enough Silver Surfer! I'll stay in here! >:{ Zero: ''That man is giving me a head ache.'' S.Surfer:''Oh sorry...Fine bye bye! Zero:''Wait!Oh...no...'' Ashe:''Stop it right now, Maverick!'' Zero:''OK, Let's rock!!!''] THE END
czerashni: Loved the film, for the music and the cat, and the atmosphere it captures.
Eastwoodisboss: It won't go through clothing. but it will hurt like a bitch still
Bash El Ali: 1:40-1:50 error in video. You were showing your manifest file then when it zoomed out you were in main.xml Thanks
Phendranaguardian: +Louvidion The first or second one. I'd say the second (Pacific Rift) was better, but a fair few say the original MotorStorm was the best. Either way I'd say one of the two definitely earn the title for the best MotorStorm game; certainly more so than the garbage this one turned out to be.

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