CANDID On The Streets - Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil Review

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CANDID on the Streets - Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil Review
CANDID on the Streets - Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil Review
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Dominique Gladney: Thanks for posting this video...I will definitely try this product now especially after visiting the website

Cheryl Marquez: I used this product and my hair loves it. My hair is all natural and it usually stays in twist. Even with the twist in I apply this Apricot Castor Oil and it keeps my hair soft and moistened. 

jaxhere4u: It would be nice if you had customers who used the product as opposed to the look and smell of it. I want to see results of the people who used it.

gracyas1: I have a question, which is to know if i can use that oil on my kinky hair that has low porosity? ( hair is dry, So it doesn't absorb heavy product). Please let me know. Thank you 

Felicia Truesdale: How much does this cost and where can I purchase this item, what store, fel

Yeefah Thurman: This is such a great way for people who are not using your product to get to know it. I love the natural vibe. Your personalities really come through in your interaction within the candid interviews. I love your daughter's description of the fragrance. If it smells like her mommy it must be good. I am interested in trying the product out.

Tajeznah: I ordered this on a Monday and was surprised & tickled pink to see a box on my porch that WEDNESDAY ~ lightening fast delivery and in time for me to use after a co-wash. I love the light fruity fragrance and the shine it gives my hair. JBCO is too heavy for me to use as a sealant but this is perfect. I love the bottle and the informative website. Will definitely purchase again.

BlueQueen1920: I will be trying this product. I love the video, and your daughter at the end makes it so sweet to me. I was wondering how does it smell, and seeing those random people all say that it smells really nice and clean reeled me in. Thanks for the video.

Doublebladez: I am looking forward to trying the Apricot Castor Oil, my entire family uses the black castor oil and we love it, but the baby sold me, she is just too cute...

Leesa Burt: Good idea, can't wait to try it !!!

Brown Girl Reading: That little girl was adorable! Such beautiful hair!

GracebyNature: I've gotta check out this product! i absolutely love fragrant oils

Reel Marketing: Can't wait to get product. I'm telling all of my friends to order as well.

Thirsty Roots: Glad you love it! It makes us happy to see a parent that is excited about using our product on their kids thirsty roots as well as theirs. #happy

Thirsty Roots: You are welcome. It's the first of our quest to provide great products for healthier hair. We appreciate the support and hope you continue to spread the word about it.

shellhill77: I use this product on my children's hair and mine. I like the fact that I can now put my hair in a pony without having to use water or hair lotion and tying it down. This is important because I am natural and don't like frizzy edges. This product has eliminated that. Yes, I love my thirsty roots :-)

Mama Rosa: I said the same thing . I just could't stop smelling it. lol

Thirsty Roots: Thanks for the compliment and the support of helping us grow the ground of healthier hair for black men and women. Let us know if you decide to try it. We welcome your review and comments about it.

Mama Rosa: Thank you so much for product!

CANDID on the Streets - Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil Review 5 out of 5

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Captain Durritos: If this was all true we still didn't found it its been 3 years and we still dont find crap about trancrap
Matthew Young: oh and um- neck is thin because it a student guitar.
Sarwat Nadeem: Thank you so so much hunny for a fab video xx I really appreciate you mentioning my name . You look super beautiful as always xx God bless.
Never be Hopeless: Which hair dye did you use to dye your hair? Cause I really want that similar white-grey color. Thanks ^^
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RonQuayle Kendrick: I'm a day late; but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I'd just purchased this hair, SIMPLY BECAUSE of this review. it looks really nice in your video, & looks long lasting. it just came in the mail and the smell (for mine) weren't TOO bad, but I'm gonna wash it anyway and follow your steps, in hopes of obtaining the best results.
thank you for the hope u gave us with this video!
May all if your birthday wishes come true! 👍✨✌

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CANDID on the Streets - Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil Review