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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Robert Lopresti: 28-43 mpg?! Maybe with a 5-speed manual. I assume, with an auto, it'll get about 23-29 mpg.
BANG-BANG BMX: u need a fish eye lense for ur camera makes the close ups look alot better
Luis Fernando Barbosa Pérez: Hola. Estoy a pocos dias de comprarme una UM 200. te felicito por la tuya. Es hermosa!! Saludos desde Colombia.
ellebangs: Jim Carrey is one brilliant man!! Loved this!!! 
Benjy Wilson: Hi Josh, I get the idea of buy low sell high with the players to get money, but I was wondering how you find the players. By the way the vids are great keep it up!
Cellunlocker.net: yes, sorry it doesn't work on that because that is not a GSM device
JohnFMUTube: The magnetic force is proportional to the amount of current so the amperage is more important than voltage. I used the solar cells available from Radio Shack with 0.3A and 0.55VDC. To determine proper wire length, use Ohm's law V=IR. Use the known voltage and current of the cell to determine the amount of resistance needed. Find the resistance per foot value of the magnet wire you are using to determine the length of wire needed for each coil. Be consistent on the wiring and have fun :)

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