Shooting My PSE Stinger

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Sean Clark: Nice group!

Qlimex: so now you can shoot dear's wen you see on xmas day on the sky with santa! 

centralmswhc 01: Just as another said shoot with an open hand. Don't torque the bow by gripping it. Brace it against your hand don't grip it. Drw it back with open hand then grip it you'll see what it does.

Issobile: whats your draw length ?

Kendall Choy: I want one for Christmas... =)

lonric62: What kind of target is that? Where did you get it?

SgtDipstck: I am 24

SgtDipstck: Hey my freind has that exact same bow he is 7 haha

Syn5Gates: Does the PSE Stinger come with a release?

Caputo 13: how tall is it from top to bottom

MattMohs Outdoorshow: not trying to be a jerk i do it to but they told me to have a opened hand when i shoot

mortdiver: Oyster River area.

KAMOMI: Well, that's not so bad then. Good luck for the future!

mortdiver: Haven't really had a chance yet. Hopefully this year.

stratoman83: Any luck taking game with it? Just picked one up myself... Getting ready for Arizona's December deer hunt.

Tax me I'm Canadian: I am guessing you live just around Painter`s Lodge

mortdiver: 5 minutes down the road is nothing but wilderness. It is a little loud where I live and I do hate it, but access to all the back country minutes away.

KAMOMI: HOW can you live in a place like this? The noise is terrible!

mortdiver: 60 lbs pull

Paul Chadbourne: i am getting this bow real soon. It's pretty cheap but looks like good quality for the money. U shoot great. Whisker biscuit? I wanted a bow with twin cams but I can't afford it at this time. 300.00 for this bow is a great deal. I got all the other stuff, but i don't use the trigger, i prefer a finger tab. that's some great shooting.
Shooting my PSE stinger 5 out of 5

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Sean Clark: Nice group!
Sad Golshan: Which of these you have never used so far, Gabriel?
Majeeb Ahmed: I'm sure this guy went on X factor?
Sumesh Balakrishnan: I like it good ok
Gabriel S.: Anyone catch the Goatse @ 4:46?
arima arner: Can you make a long tutorial, and slower video please.
Cesar Ramírez: i lo ve this song😊😊😊😊😊

Shooting my PSE stinger