Shooting My PSE Stinger

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Qlimex: so now you can shoot dear's wen you see on xmas day on the sky with santa! 

Lee Shular: Just as another said shoot with an open hand. Don't torque the bow by gripping it. Brace it against your hand don't grip it. Drw it back with open hand then grip it you'll see what it does.

Tax me I'm Canadian: I am guessing you live just around Painter`s Lodge

mortdiver: @mortdiver I swiched to pre season broadheads, I foung that past 20 yards they were off speratic. few inches apart and I'm stumped. I papertuned it and still nothing. I will definately have to practice some more to be comfotabel to shoot past 20 yards Maybe expandable broadhead are more forgiving. Well I got my shor gun now so I will be hunting the same are as bow so well see how it goes , good luck to ha JLSOSAll. drop a deer and send some pics and I'll do the same. any pointers/ ttyl

Caputo 13: how tall is it from top to bottom

Maria Bolognini: Hi mate just wondering, would this compound bow be able to kill a pig from 20 to 30 yards ?

Kudzu35: Think you're selling me on the PSE brand, might go for the newer Stinger 3 or the Brute X but so far I'm getting a decent vibe from everyone about this set up. Would be the first bow and season out when that comes up. Don't care if its 2 years old, great show man.

schuyler morris: hes using a whisker bisquit and a true glo 3 pin sight, i have the same set up

Duckmanmatt 77: not trying to be a jerk i do it to but they told me to have a opened hand when i shoot

finishthagame: Wow, good shooting man.

mortdiver: @MrJardiver Well come on by and put an apple on your head there big mouth. Now that big Shriek head you carry on that fat body of yours should be easy to hit with the perfect form and accuracy that I have obtained over the last year of practice. So put your money where your mouth is fat head and come on down. And if I miss OH WELL!!!!!! Won't have to listlen to the verbal flatulent that farts out of that Shriek mouth of yours. See ya soon!!!

EvenMoreCows: @MrJardiver You're a moron. The limp wrist (bow dropping forwards) shows he's shooting with a relaxed wrist and is not torquing or jerking the bow, i.e. CORRECT SHOOTING FORM moron.

TheFunnyGuyBarret: i just got this same model and its one of the best bows iv ever shot... its great

mortdiver: @TheSouthernsurvivor very little if any vibration. A really nice "first time" bow

mortdiver: Oyster River area.

mortdiver: @steelersarethecrap1 60 lbs

oSgtSquirtso: Can anyone tell me what's with the flipping the bow over after the arrow is shot? Does that naturally happen from the weight or do you purposely do it? If so, why?

mortdiver: Absolutely. Probably go right through it with a good broad head on it.

Paul Chadbourne: i am getting this bow real soon. It's pretty cheap but looks like good quality for the money. U shoot great. Whisker biscuit? I wanted a bow with twin cams but I can't afford it at this time. 300.00 for this bow is a great deal. I got all the other stuff, but i don't use the trigger, i prefer a finger tab. that's some great shooting.

bassetthound2008: What arrow are you using?

TheSouthernsurvivor: @mortdriver Sounds like the stinger is pretty quiet. I know that you had the traffic, but still not alot of bow noise. Is there alot of vibration when you shoot?

Michael Phillips: does that stinger shoot a 315

SgtDipstck: Hey my freind has that exact same bow he is 7 haha

paul huebner: Just remember the three s's in hunting scent free, stealthy, shoot! Like being a snake good luck!

charlie graves: could you kill eny people with that bow???? it looks dangerous!

Syn5Gates: Does the PSE Stinger come with a release?

TheTrickshooter: Thegutpile. The 2011 is very quiet. I heard the 2010s were quite loud. I got the 2011 and they whisper

sonick808: great form

Tax me I'm Canadian: well, the shooting is good, and it looks like the septic field is working well. All in all, a double bonus! lol

mortdiver: Relax grip throughout entire shot

LCStreetPhotographer: Hi mate, Nice to see another Stinger user. I have the new PSE Stinger 3G myself, bought it to replace my Martin Cheetah. I must say it's a fantastic bow, fast, accurate and quiet. I'll be visiting your country at some point soon to get out after some of those fantastic whitetail bucks you all have over there. Sadly here in the UK bowhunting is banned, has been for sometime. It Beggars belief that its banned as, after all, its as humane as a rifle any day of the week. Kind Regards.

celticguy6405: i got my stinger around december too and im the same way, cant wait for some stealthy hunting! In Maine we have a short arhcery season in May for turkey and Im thinking about trying it out then if i cant wait til November!

mortdiver: I believe it was the begining of Feb 2010. Just after Xmas

mortdiver: 5 minutes down the road is nothing but wilderness. It is a little loud where I live and I do hate it, but access to all the back country minutes away.

mortdiver: @JLSOSAII Thanks. I hope you have a good year hunting. I just went out today for my first time(hunting). Had lots of fun. Came across 3 doe's but no bucks. I was able to stock one doe up to 20 yards. Good practice for when I see the elusive buck. Cant wait to take one down. Also I just bought my first gun and shot it today for practice. First time ever shooting a shot gun as well. (Remington Express Mag 870 Shot Gun 3 inch.) Good luck to you and thanks for the comment.

RAWJUICE10: who makes that target?

stratoman83: Any luck taking game with it? Just picked one up myself... Getting ready for Arizona's December deer hunt.

mortdiver: @bassetthound2008 I'm using Radial X Weave Pro 200 for arrow. Really nice arrow I like them mind you I am new at this and these are my first ones but so far so good. I blew one up the other day by hitting it directly on the nock with another arrow. It was actually the next shot after the video, I should have kept the video running. Oh well.

alexpoz09: nice shooting and very good fourm but try to not step around so mutch betwend shots it usualy helps get a little bit your smart not aiming at the same spot

mortdiver: @letitride555 I sure like it. I'm no pro when it comes to bow's but this was a really good package deal as most of these come in. So far so good with this one!

mortdiver: 60 lbs pull

RedSkinPB: oh your 17. same here. we only have like a year to grow so save up for a brute. thas what im doing :p

mortdiver: 60 lbs

NaturalFork: Looks like good shooting to me!

bassetthound2008: When did you make this video?

sappattack01: this guys got the style of justin bieber!

mortdiver: @SlickSnip3Rkill The bow is a right handed bow which means you draw the arrow back with your right hand, and and aim with your right eye, and hold the bow with your left.

mortdiver: Thanks and yes it is.

RedSkinPB: Get the Rally if your a little crap and still growing :p

MIRCWOOD: @RAWJUICE10 Yes what is that target called, who makes it?
Shooting my PSE stinger 4.7 out of 5

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Qlimex: so now you can shoot dear's wen you see on xmas day on the sky with santa! 
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Shooting my PSE stinger