Shooting My PSE Stinger

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Testing out my new PSE Stinger compound bow
Testing out my new PSE Stinger compound bow

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Qlimex: so now you can shoot dear's wen you see on xmas day on the sky with santa! 

Lee Shular: Just as another said shoot with an open hand. Don't torque the bow by gripping it. Brace it against your hand don't grip it. Drw it back with open hand then grip it you'll see what it does.

Issobile: whats your draw length ?

Kendall Choy: I want one for Christmas... =)

lonric62: What kind of target is that? Where did you get it?

SgtDipstck: I am 24

SgtDipstck: Hey my freind has that exact same bow he is 7 haha

Syn5Gates: Does the PSE Stinger come with a release?

Caputo 13: how tall is it from top to bottom

Duckmanmatt 77: not trying to be a jerk i do it to but they told me to have a opened hand when i shoot

mortdiver: Oyster River area.

KAMOMI: Well, that's not so bad then. Good luck for the future!

mortdiver: Haven't really had a chance yet. Hopefully this year.

stratoman83: Any luck taking game with it? Just picked one up myself... Getting ready for Arizona's December deer hunt.

Tax me I'm Canadian: I am guessing you live just around Painter`s Lodge

mortdiver: 5 minutes down the road is nothing but wilderness. It is a little loud where I live and I do hate it, but access to all the back country minutes away.

KAMOMI: HOW can you live in a place like this? The noise is terrible!

mortdiver: 60 lbs pull

Paul Chadbourne: i am getting this bow real soon. It's pretty cheap but looks like good quality for the money. U shoot great. Whisker biscuit? I wanted a bow with twin cams but I can't afford it at this time. 300.00 for this bow is a great deal. I got all the other stuff, but i don't use the trigger, i prefer a finger tab. that's some great shooting.

UKtwo42: @abigorzama I accidentally shot a training tip through a 2X4 with that same bow so the answer is yes
Shooting my PSE stinger 5 out of 5

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Ray Conlon: 9months later, well done crap brick!!!
Misan: I understand, that if there are two models in an MMO, in this case a free to play, and the subscription, you have to limit some things to to make the purchase viable. But in the case of SWTOR i think the limitations are just BS. Smearing it on your face the whole time "YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT! TAKE THAT YOU DIRTY PEASANT!". These feel ridiculous, an asshole move imo. Just freaking with the playerbase.
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Eric Morrison: The fact that you didn't even spell the name of the diet's creator correctly leads me to believe you may possibly have no idea what you're talking about.
highgamer100: for the 4 person razar prety good flex man
MrBadKitty: too bad you cant pick up that old lady and toss her over the edge
kaminohanshin: Lots of peopel say conduit is easy and stupid...but honestly, when I went back to my other ps3 games, they aiming and killing was a LOT easier because you barely have to think about aiming, you hardly have to shoot to kill enemies because headshot means instant death, unlike in teh conduit where a freaking round from the SCAR so far besides teh SAW kills an enemy before they can kill you while you attempt to run out and fire at their head. This game actually made me better at my other games.

Shooting my PSE stinger