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danieldeath: Because i read the details on the site its is Generic.
conrad152: A really interesting video.
Amy LaLa: Umm first off those products do not seem like they do any justice for your hair when it looks so dry and rigid like that. Two what is with all that background bullcrap??? that made the video go from me staring at your caked up make up, which by the way your forehead is darker than the rest of your face and which also made it look like your wearing a mask. Back to the crap in the background....ummm next time stop the video and continue on instead of us hearing basically a episode of jerry springer. I am only saying this to be real with you and not kiss your ass like everyone else. ^__^ 
robert jr: very sweet clip.
Forsaken1911: funny that this is more like a review of iPhone 6 plus camera lol. now i want to buy both a58 and iPhone 6 haha
WildcatMan1209: getting this phone tomorrow!!! XD
Dani Kpop Fantasy: i love your dance <3 

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