Homemade High Pressure Sandblaster

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Homemade Pressure Sandblaster
Homemade Pressure Sandblaster
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Home made high pressure pot blaster sand blaster test 1
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Power Eagle Wet Sand Blast Kit
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sand blasting pot Pros and Cons of DIY sand blasting

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Panhandleplanetech: Why can i only do one thumbs up! its a 2 thumbs up for being such a smart fellow with that spark plug nozzle..


fabrygr: I really liked the idea of ​​the candle, can you tell us how to remove the electrode because it is really hard?

plumcrazzzy: Your very welcome :)

zhogazXhupip0p: thanks so much, that´s great idea

John Warner: One other question. Is there a technique for gutting the spark-plug, or a particular order to do it in? I've tried two different ones (NGK and Beru), and had no luck with either, The core in both is too hard to drill, and I've had no joy trying to punch/drift them through. Any suggestions?

fabrygr: hi, I would like to know how to make a hole in the center of the spark plugthank you very much

John Warner: You Sir, are a genius! I just need to remember where I threw all those old plugs now... Is it necessary to have all three of those valves in the set-up? I was planning to just use one lever-ball valve on mine (the main inlet one), and have it foot controlled and sprung closed. I'm building a small cabinet for it, so the pot itself will always be a few feet below the outlet nozzle. I can easily add a valve to the pot outlet pipe, if it's needed to 'fine-tune' the grit flow?

plumcrazzzy: Thanks Tony. I got a good kick that it worked too save me a buck and thats always nice:)

Tony Vincent: Love the spark plug. That's really thinking outside the box. Thanks for the video.

plumcrazzzy: Hi. No the psi. is the same on top and bottom of the sand it is gravity that causes the sand to enter the air stream like a hour glass. Thanks for the comment. :)

thinkpad411: So you just need enough pressure to force the sand into the high velocity air stream (low pressure, high velocity).

plumcrazzzy: Hi I'm not sure how low you could go but I think that you could get down to 15 or 20 psi but it wouldn't remove much rust or paint I find that for most jobs that 100 + psi works good. Thanks for watching.

Reinis Sproģis: Hi. Thanks for uploading vid. What is the minimum pressure for sandblaster?

plumcrazzzy: @shortyjk95 No just as long as the pressure is the same on top as the bottom the sand well flow like a hour glass smooth and steady.

shortyjk95: dont you need a regulator for the air going into tank that holds the sand?

plumcrazzzy: @motorcycleengineer Hi. It sounds like a air supply problem what size is the supply line from the air compressor. If you look at the air hose ends and fitting that is were the most of the restriction is usually. My hose on the air and sand end is 1/2'' ID. or looks about 12.5mm ID. I would think that 14mm would be just fine. My supply line is a littel to small but if you look at the ends of the hose some of the brass ends have a bigger openings than others plus don't use couplings either.Thanks

plumcrazzzy: @oldpacrat Hi again I used a small Allen wench that I cut off the 90 Deg. angel. Any high carbon steel punch should work fine . You could try and start it just with the hammer first but try not to enlarge it or it well crack the porcelain when you drive it the rest of the way. If it flattens out grind it down or you could grind it some first . They are a little had to get started I put mine in a vise to hold it. Sometimes I get a small chip at the J end of the plug but it well still work.

oldpacrat: thanks for the reply. one more question. what did you use to drive out electrode?
Homemade high pressure sandblaster 5 out of 5

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Homemade high pressure sandblaster