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David Franco: Masterpiece !!
gianlucale: te continua a fumare le camel e la merda che c'e' dentro.. noi preferiamo campare di piu
Jen Fealko: I know the comment about women is old, but being a woman I would like to dispel that myth. I own the sr9c and my father owns the sr9, I have no problems racking the slide on either of them. I have to do it differently than most guys, but I can do it quickly, effectively and SAFELY. I just have to grip towards the front of the gun. I have to do this with nearly every semi auto pistol, and I've yet to find one I can not rack this way. It does take practice to be sure your hand is clear of the barrel and your hand may get warm on a just fired gun, but not enough to hurt. I'm also a very small woman with arthritic hands, so there is no reason any woman should not beable to use this gun with proper training and practice. I'm a huge fan of Rugers. They are reasonably priced and well built. The added safety features don't bother me enough to get something else. It is a very comfortable fitting gun for almost anyone. My husband has much larger hands and likes it as much as I do. My next purchase will be the sr45 as I tend to prefer larger guns for the most part, the smaller ones are just easier to conceal. 
Jagannath Pawar: driver test-alto800 sabse best
faridns20: شرح رائع جدا و جزاكم الله كل خير
utlkshizzle: Yeah "Motherfreaka"! I know that his job. In US people pay alot of money for medical insurance. I think your tip is covered in that lol. And the amount you pay for your plane ticket isn't enough that you'd feel obliged to tip the freakin pilot?? And you didn't answer my question. When was the last time you tipped a Doctor or a Pilot??
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Homemade high pressure sandblaster