Bow Tuning Tips/Limbdriver Rest Installation

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Bow Tuning Tips/Basic Rest Setup
Bow Tuning Tips/Basic Rest Setup
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Pro-V setup.mpg
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Ann Maes: Kenny, great video - I have a Bear Cruzer at 25lb draw. Will the Limbdriver work for me? I really like this drop away!

freddiemercurious: Hey Kenny.  On a Diamond Carbon Cure, there's a blue button at the point where the limb splits.  I was told it's there to prevent limb splitting, but don't know.  It's right where the string retaining clip for the Limbdriver goes on the upper limb.  Is there an alternate way to retain the string on top?

Allextinct: Thanks for the info Kenny. Was thinking about getting one, now I know what to look forward to.

earl lanham: is that a mathews q2

ingel heim: awesome rest for sure. It clears arrows like a champ. For those who don't know, you can modify this arrow rest to be tied unto your down buss cable, it clears arrows just as good while tied unto the upper limbs.

Dakota Farrulla: Can you explain how to get the center shot set. You mention that it needs to be done, but then the vid skips the step. I am a complete newbie to tuning :)

You're F***ing A White Male!: thank you very much for these tutorials. It helped me because I'm new with the compounds and I just bought my first compound bow.

Kenny Parson: Im sure it would work fine

Jeff Daniels: how do I get that clamp its hard to find id rather have that?

Tony LaPointe: thinkin about gettin a limb driver Pro-V for my z7 extreme. any problems with this type of rest on parallel limb bows...?

zimks: Does this work with fobs and why rest do you shoot for fobs???

Schpankme Verimuch: I noticed the Vaportrail Limb Driver Pro comes in your choice of silver, black, camo, and new colors available 2010.

NeoAndersonn: Man you are my hero. You teached me how to do a D-Loop, how to install a Peep sight without a press and how to install this rest (just arrived today) and I had no idea on how to install the string. Thank you. Neo, from Brazil

Kenny Parson: Nope my hair stays out of the way. You can just tie it to the upper limb if you want lots of people do that and it works fine. Also there is no precise place to put the clamp.

ogostaboy: 5 stars for you any day!

James Paquette: whats the fit and cable routing with the hoyt elite risers

parkmansuper1: Installed one on my Bowtech 101st and got it right the first time. Lucky? Best rest i have ever used . Great video keep them coming.

autigersc: I would mention to some that you better know your centershot before installing the arrow holder.

Kenny Parson: No it was the phone, but if it was my wifes cookin' it would have been the alarm, LMAO

Kenny Parson: If you don't have a arm gaurd I would use rubber bands or an old sock with the bottom cut out. This will work till you get an arm gaurd.
Bow Tuning Tips/Limbdriver Rest Installation 5 out of 5

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icecreamlady driver: Very nice. Would this hold up on a moving vehicle? Or could it be mixed with something rubbery so it can flex and move without shattering. Thanks
Ann Maes: Kenny, great video - I have a Bear Cruzer at 25lb draw. Will the Limbdriver work for me? I really like this drop away!
Saved Life: Quality control is hard to manage on an assembly line. It may fire fine once but you don't know if it will have problems in the future. Some Hondas have problems and some Glocks have problems. Reputation for reliability means MOST of them work well. BTW I carry a Taurus G2, wonderful piece and 100% so far.
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Jonathan B: Not a single shot of the actual hotel interior. Very telling.

Bow Tuning Tips/Limbdriver Rest Installation