Tekna - Vacuum Steam Cleaner

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Tekna - vacuum steam cleaner
Tekna - vacuum steam cleaner

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adrojalee: Hi what about New Zealand I would love one of these

Sonj J: Im from Pakistan

mactoja: I have got one! The possibilities are enormous! I believe it's just only device that does all these things and does them right! It really works. Congratulations!

Mário Gonçalves: Hello were can i place an order for this vacuum cleaner?

newsmaxima: hi, please send us an email with your details and we'll contact you soon, thanks

Vinzbmpnd: This thing is amazing!! The size the power the features just incredible.. this would be the ultimate machine for the car detailing industry, can't wait for its arrival in the US

Patric Mathew: HI I AM PRATEEK this product is very good i want to buy this so pl let me how to buy as i live in INDIA.is this product available in India or i need to import .pls suggest. thanhs

Maria Goumas: Where you from?? I lived in Las Vegas, Nv

edy soewardi: Is there any distributors near Indonesia region? anyone know where to buy ? thank you

Alexander Viteri: Como puedo comprar este equipo? Vivo en Quito, Ecuador, Suramérica.

Naproxenum: 5:17lol

Tricia-Ann Rogers: any of this sold in the caribbean

Marko Konecny: hope it cvosts less then the BMW engine repair ...:)

mactoja: I have been selling Rainbow and Roboclean for years... Undoubtely till this time two best (and only working) vacuum cleaners ever! Personally I have got a Raintbow for 18 yrs. And have never witnessed any trouble with it! But this device is simply OUTSTANDING! Better than thw two former! Congratullations for design! And efficiency!

kitty3309: If I had one everything within reach would be steam cleaned!

Alexander Viteri: Como puedo comprar este equipo? Vivo en Quito, Ecuador, Suramérica. Por favor si me pueden escribir a viterialex@aim.com

benny angiulli: Vvvv

newsmaxima: @TuckLikesFire Unfortunately this machine is not available in America, the problem is the 110V. electricity... in Europe we have 220V and the steam effect is better. Really sorry.

MelyShb: Hi, I'm from Stuttgart, how can I get this stuff?

erasmo cano diaz: Me interesa esta maquina a vapor... donde comprarla mi correo es ecanosoft@yahoo.com.mx de antemano muchas gracias....:)

Snowlepoard: I live in the UK where can I buy this from? My email is luke.dunn2000@hotmail.co.uk

KEN HUSHMEDIA: please you must find a way to correct the volt and market this in America

newsmaxima: @probily please send us an email and indicate your own Country, we will send you indications about further distributors. Thanks a lot

Aggelikh K.: Hello, I would like to order your product as you can find prices for your products, I'm interested Tekna 6lt and BABY 4lt and I live in Greece, and how do I get them? Thank you and waiting for an answer

newsmaxima: lo siento... por Mexico no es disponible...

Nurcan İNCE ATEŞ: This is really very well designed! I live in Istanbul, Turkey. How can I buy this machine? Is there any distributor company in Turkey?

Chad Robbins: Any plans on selling this in the US? would love to have one.

Andrea Smith: Im from Cape Town... how could i get hold of one of these pls?

Sonj J: plz send the website , where i can place an order & get some more info on reviews, thanx

newsmaxima: @mactoja many thanks! we are proud and happy that you enjoy "cleaning with tekna"

Smita Dorugade: hi, I stay in India, where can i buy it in india? just let me know or mail me the details on smita.lic@gmail.com

xBLaKHearTx: Is it available in Australia?

olgapetralli@gmail.com petralli: Здравствуйте а в Швейцарии продается ваш пылесос? Меня интересует его цена! olgapetralli@mail.ru.

edward saymo: i want to buy...how much is it? im from canada...how long would i if i place my order ?

newsmaxima: we have been contacted by some importers, I hope we have an Indonesian distributor soon... keep in touch

basilio mejia: hi where can I buy a steam machine I live in France

Andrey V: What about Russia? How can I purchase it?

newsmaxima: Thanks a lot! unfortunately we have no distributors in Turkey

nw122: Hi This product is very detailed and works wonders. I was wondering if you have any franchise in West Australia? If you dont then how about I try to sell your product? If you do have franchise then please send me the location and i will buy one. Kind Regards

351cleavland: I would be interested in this. If only they were available in America.

newsmaxima: @351cleavland we are trying to make the machine for the US, but I don't know how much time it will takes... If and when we'll be ready, for sure we will put the information into our webpage Cheers

Tricia-Ann Rogers: any of this sold in the caribbean

probily: Could you please tell me how can I buy one of these?

newsmaxima: sorry, not yet in New Zealand...

newsmaxima: where are you from?
Tekna - vacuum steam cleaner 4.2 out of 5

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Tekna - vacuum steam cleaner