Shooting A Shiloh Sharps 45-90

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Conan568: It is powerful. Those heavy 540 grain lead bullets will shoot right through two buffalo.

Conan568: These things will shoot clean through a buffalo. I know, I took a buff with this rifle.

Nunyun Bizz: Ideal for home defense

Conan568: Thanks, I have 2 more, a 40-90 and a 45-110. I took a buffalo with this rifle.

GeorgeBonez: Very nice gun!!

Conan568: Lol.

Conan568: @baseball04321 Yep, wanna buy some maple syrup or a reactor?

Conan568: @911mrchevyman Ah yes the American revolution. Time for another?

Conan568: @alternatehistories No, this rifle came into being in 1874 long after Ben's day.

Conan568: @Bobsnoblol These are black powder cartridge rifles. That means the powder is safely contained inside the brass cartridge.

Conan568: @killamaster0 British Colombian.

killamaster0: What accent is that?

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Conan568: It is powerful. Those heavy 540 grain lead bullets will shoot right through two buffalo.
Lil Asian Store LLC: They need to change the look so that a person can tell that it's plastic or not. A person could easily make a mistake by glancing at the item. Personally I wouldn't want a plastic one for a vent either. An extra dollar or two for safety and dependability.
Benny: 80,000
Darren Walton: This race shows that Honda did not disadvantage Prost as Prost took pole and was faster than Senna in the race.
Wil Rivera: .. i would not call lone survivor terrifying :o)
sophie mays: @jaclynhill I miss the extras at the end of your videos but I love you soooo much your the best 😛❤💙
Jacob Abbott: wonder how much torque its got?

Shooting  a Shiloh Sharps 45-90