Shooting A Shiloh Sharps 45-90

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Shooting  a Shiloh Sharps 45-90
Shooting a Shiloh Sharps 45-90
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Conan568: @killamaster0 British Colombian.

Conan568: @Bobsnoblol These are black powder cartridge rifles. That means the powder is safely contained inside the brass cartridge.

soldier715: Are you using real black powder or an synthetic equivalent?

Nunyun Bizz: Ideal for home defense

Conan568: @911mrchevyman Ah yes the American revolution. Time for another?

Conan568: Thanks, I have 2 more, a 40-90 and a 45-110. I took a buffalo with this rifle.

Conan568: I shoot a 40-90 a 45-90 and a 45-110 Shiloh Sharps. I'm far sighted, so I can use aperture vernier sights, but a rear barrel v is just a blur.

Conan568: Yeah it is a nice rifle. I have 2 other Shiloh Sharps rifles, both a lot fancier than this one is.

coltperc: @jsullivan80 Birth defects have been observed in humans. Birth defects are abnormal, because 99.9% of live births do not have birth defects. Likewise, if homosexual behavior is observed in 1% of an animal population, then it is abnormal because 99% of the animal population practices heterosexual behavior. I suppose you could say that the 1% animal population practicing homosexual behavior is that particular animal group's weak link removing itself from the gene pool!

baseball04321: canadian eyy

Conan568: It's real black powder, I also cast my own bullets. That's another thing I need to do soon, cast a lot of bullets. An illness in the family set me behind about 5 months, but she's better now. My son's knife was the 4rth that I've made this year, and I only just finished it a week or so before his grad.

Conan568: @alternatehistories No, this rifle came into being in 1874 long after Ben's day.

Conan568: I was just sighting in the barrel sights @ 50 yards. I sighted the vernier aperture sight in 1.5" high @ 100 yards. This rifle has shot -1" groups @ 100 yards.

GeorgeBonez: Very nice gun!!

soldier715: I use both, I shoot traditional black powder rifles, percussion only. As well as reload for 45-70 gov. I mainly shoot .54 caliber though in my Woodsman Hawkens.

AbrahamDrinken: That looks powerful!

killamaster0: What accent is that?

charlegamer: When the zombies come these types are going down first.

Conan568: Yeah they're nice shooters. This one is plain as Hell compared to my other 2 Shiloh's though.

Cody Tate: @Conan568 mhm, I've only had one chance to shoot one, had the time of my life.

Conan568: Lol.

Conan568: These things will shoot clean through a buffalo. I know, I took a buff with this rifle.

coltperc: Cont: Homosexuals continually clutch at straws trying to prove the abnormal is normal. Pointing at a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent observed homosexual behavior in an animal group merely emphasizes the sheer abnormality of homosexual behavior


Conan568: It is powerful. Those heavy 540 grain lead bullets will shoot right through two buffalo.

Conan568: You must be a Liberal, I can tell by the hate you have for anyone that's not a brainwashed Moron like yourself. You can put your head back up your ass now, we're done.

diderr01: Lol he reminds me of my uncle

Conan568: @baseball04321 Yep, wanna buy some maple syrup or a reactor?

Conan568: @OMGSTFU1111 That was my Pat, she has MS. I was lucky to get anything.

baseball04321: behohohhoooo

AbrahamDrinken: Wow that could take out so many zombies if you could get them to stand in a line.

THETOBYS: ooooooo nice gun!

Cody Tate: Good time you have there.

coltperc: Thumper1000 provides us a prime example of homosexuality being a mental / emotional disorder stemming from abnormal family upbringing. Note the unprovoked irrational hatred from this pitiful deviate. Living in such abnormal conditions limits the homosexual to a very narrow intelligence incapable of understanding anything beyond their deviancy. Thumper1000 has provided us a valuable written public example of the abnormality called "Homosexuality".

Conan568: @itachi1303 Yeah these black powder cartridge rifles are a lot of fun to shoot.

jsullivan80: @coltperc Incorrect, Homosexual behavior has been observed in many other animals. If you care to which I doubt, you can find the research in a few scientific journals though I doubt you would go through the trouble

Nicholas Tilton: @coltperc you still dont make any sens, and about that whole species turning 100 percent gay, that would never happen. Its a semi-rare genetic mutation that can not be passed on They found it, as a gene, scientists in the 21 century, know why people are gay, and thats why, and what do you mean by strong family structure? If you mean religion, than you are very wrong, there is no god, so telling your kids that there is one, and that they will burn in hell if they are gay, is going to scare them.

coltperc: @WhiteVinylLoveSongs Didn't imply that homosexuality was a "preference". It is a programmed abnormal behavior, the programming coming from an abnormal family structure. Each individual will react to abnormal family structure in different ways: one may become homosexual, and another may become a psychotic serial killer. Ted Bundy didn't choose to be a serial killer; his individual mental / emotional makeup was steered into that behavior by an abnormal family structure.

Nicholas Tilton: @coltperc and common sense? Its common sense that its random, and that nature is not perfect, so saying homosexuality is choice (which it is not) makes no sense. Your theory is the incorrect study of environment, epigenomes are layers of biochemical reactions that turn genes on and off, and are subject to mutation, which is were your theory comes from, because epigenomes can be effected by your environment, your city theory is bassed off of the fact that that different physical and literal...

coltperc: CONT: Homosexuality is a natural dead end path to extinction, as Darwin's observations on natural selection would show. Again, nature programs "survival instinct" into each creature as a normal fact of life. Homosexuality is clearly a "self-destruct instinct" that is abnormal programming, likely originating in an abnormal family structure. If we see a man flapping his arms thinking he is a bird, we know he has mental / emotional problems. Yet a biological male, thinking he is a woman,

Nicholas Tilton: @coltperc environments may effect your epigenomes, so possibly that environment triggers the mutation of an epigenome of the sequence of genes that determines the sexual preference of an animal such as humans. Gay, is not a preference.

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Nicholas Tilton: @coltperc Are you stupid? True, instinctively, a normall animal would mate and reproduce and continue its life cycle to death, but nature is not perfect, and there a huge amounts of genetic mutations going on constantly, which is how evolution happens, aside natural selection, and no crap the union of the same sex is futile, but why does it matter? allmost 7 billion people, we got enough, and since the gay gene isnot passed on gay people die without children so it does not effect our species.

Nicholas Tilton: @WhiteVinylLoveSongs Scare them out of coming out of closed to to a, the fear of burning in hell, and b, the fear of being shunned, in families without religion and without homophobia, if one of the children happen to have that mutation, than they will, depending on the community, not be afraid to come out of the closet, being gay has nothing to do with up bringing, but weather they are afraid to come out, does have to do with up bringing.

coltperc: @WhiteVinylLoveSongs There is not a single "scientific" test that has shown homosexuality to be genetic. Anthropological evidence indicates that homosexuality is "programmed" into an individual by upbringing. For example, homosexuality is practically nonexistent in primitive societies that live primarily as hunter-gatherer groups. Such societies have a strong family structure of "father-mother-children". Homosexuality is more prevalent in large cities with broken family structures.

coltperc: @WhiteVinylLoveSongs "Strong Family Structure" means one that has been with humans since pre-recorded time: Father-Mother-Children. It's the family structure found in nature among many animal groups. It is the only structure that can create offspring. Nature clearly illustrates what is normal and what is abnormal. A "union" of man-man or woman-woman cannot produce offspring, so such a "union" assures extinction and is clearly abnormal in nature. No religion just common-sense.

Nicholas Tilton: @coltperc your an idiot, its been scientifically proven that homosexuality is genetic and has nothing to do with upbringing. Plus its not a disorder, homosexuals are just like everybody else. Redheads have a similar genetic mutation.

coltperc: @WhiteVinylLoveSongs It appears that societies with strong family structures experience very little homosexuality, indicating that upbringing plays a big part. I personally feel that life in a modern city, where one is almost totally divorced from the realities of nature, also contributes to homosexuality as well as other forms of mental and emotional distress. For example, most mass murderers grew up in large cities, in a broken family structure.

coltperc: CONT: Nature itself provides ample evidence that homosexuality is not a viable, practical lifestyle. For example, if a Species suddenly turned 100% homosexual in a single generation, that Species would become extinct. Nature gives every species a powerful survival instinct, so clearly a "self-destruct instinct" such as homosexuality is not normal. The reality of homosexuality is that it is a mental-emotional disorder that can be cured if the roots sown during upbringing are uncovered.

coltperc: @WhiteVinylLoveSongs Basic observation of Nature clearly shows homosexuality to be abnormal. That is reality. As you yourself said, " the union of the same sex is futile" which is nature showing homosexuality to be abnormal. Again, reality clearly demonstrated by Nature. Inability to deal with reality is insanity. And that is what homosexuality is, insanity. Many, maybe even most homosexuals could live normal lives if the root of the problem is uncovered.
Shooting a Shiloh Sharps 45-90 3.3 out of 5

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Shooting  a Shiloh Sharps 45-90