Warframe 8.1 - Best Charge Attack Melee Build In The Game - The Orthos W/ Gameplay

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kkadonis12: Charge build doesnt need melee damage mod?

Raviel: galatine or orthos prime?

Garrison64: Just curious why you don't use Jagged Edge since this weapon's slash damage is so high. Is it because Slash is weak against armor or is there some other reason?


PeoplesChoiceGaming: orthos better dps and galatine is higher dmg betetr for really hi lvl targets once the orthos doesnt one shot anymore.

Sax Panther: yeah ive been trying to get orthos prime parts for awhile. really, orthos prime, galantine, and dual zoren (maybe glaive) are the only melee weapons that are worth having at this point

PeoplesChoiceGaming: this is old. but best dps atm is the orthos prime and my updated build. Galatine trumps once you get to real high lvl like over 80. Its all about speed, so when both are one shotting your orthos prime move through groups much quicker.

Sax Panther: Then the Galantine comes along and makes this build obsolete.

KackhaufenLp: the elemental animations was like on the hate:D

Marko: What do you think about this charge build ? I know Reaper Prime is not ' Best ' charge weapon, but still it is best i have and plus i like it. Make me feel like Gream Reaper a badass one. :D This is my ' basic ' build for all charge weapons i used, what do you think ? PS. Yes, i need one more Forma or 'V' slot to make it 'complete' but still.. ht tp ://ch-slike.com/images/2013/09/05/zVoM0.png

PeoplesChoiceGaming: imma do a updated tutorial on mods soon.

PeoplesChoiceGaming: of course. first off it doesnt work like i think you think. if you had 2 mods and both made fire go up to 150% this doesnt mean your doing 150% in the end. You got to do the whole math of calculating mod dmg. Which is wep base dmg x any base dmg mod like serration x the mod itself x the % of dmg you do to the body part your shooting. So 100 dmg wep with no serration and a 90% fire mod and you shot in the body and lets just say the body does 1 multiplier for fire. Then your fire dmg is 90.

MrForcecraft: With Renderin Strike and Sunderring Strike you can ahve way more than 100% armor piercing, does this increase the damage ?

KrakDag: noob spawncamper. There are TOO MANY!!!!!!!!

boredofrock: okay thanks

PeoplesChoiceGaming: yeah same build. but diff now with new mods. ill be doing revised build vids again.

boredofrock: would you say that build would work with hate?

RTT 84Q554ASSD: i'v got it!! just today i can build it and receive! thanks Lord!

Daniel Lazarus: lol my friend got a mod named after him, vitality :D

PeoplesChoiceGaming: after i tested it on alot. you would need two melee strikes to kill vs one charge to kill. No matter how much extra dmg is done. Once we test alot of scenarios it really comes down to what can kill the quickest moving through the groups. I havent tested all though but I will def look into it. its all good i got it.
Warframe ♠ 8.1 - Best charge attack melee build in the game - The Orthos w/ gameplay 5 out of 5

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Warframe ♠ 8.1 - Best charge attack melee build in the game - The Orthos w/ gameplay