Bypass IPhone ICloud Activation Lock Screen IOS 7

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How To Bypass iOS 7 Activation Lock & Contact iCloud Owner For Permanent Fix ! ByKayseri
How To Bypass iOS 7 Activation Lock & Contact iCloud Owner For Permanent Fix ! ByKayseri
Bypass iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Screen iOS 7
Bypass iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Screen iOS 7
How To Bypass iOS 7.0.6 Activation Lock Screen On iPhone 5S. 5C. 5. 4S & 4
How To Bypass iOS 7.0.6 Activation Lock Screen On iPhone 5S. 5C. 5. 4S & 4
Bypass Activation Lock iPhone 5 [iOS 7+] (NO WIFI)
Bypass Activation Lock iPhone 5 [iOS 7+] (NO WIFI)
Activation Lock Bypass iOS 7.0.4 iPhone 5
Activation Lock Bypass iOS 7.0.4 iPhone 5
iOS 7.0.4 - 7 Bypass Apple ID/iCloud & Jailbreak Untethered [iPhone 4]
iOS 7.0.4 - 7 Bypass Apple ID/iCloud & Jailbreak Untethered [iPhone 4]
Flaws in iOS 7 allow stolen iPhone to hijack Apple ID despite remote wipe
Flaws in iOS 7 allow stolen iPhone to hijack Apple ID despite remote wipe

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Brayan21: Apps dont work we need a hack for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TechPimp: I did it and it worked but apps will not open on ios 7.0.4 so can you help me activate it?

AAYUSH RIMAL: my "call" button shows only one green circle with phone icon, instead of rectangle call and cancel button. what's the problem?

Richard Soper: Weird that you cant use any of the apps... OH WAIT, no it isnt. Thats why activation lock exists. To keep people out of a phone that likely doesnt belong to them...People should keep posting videos like this so Apple can keep patching the very minor holes in the security.

Khamloun Chanthapa: It call police wtf!!

EVP5309: Notice the time lapse at 1:57. He unlocked the iPhone, and didn't actually bypass it. It's fake.

Pr3D4T0RxproductionS: anyone help i bought an iphone 5s off a person then when i got home i put my sim card in the iphone then i see that screen with the icloud crap thing can anyone help mee!?

enrique rodriquez: this useless you said all devices and all ios7 my ipod touch 5g dosent have the emergency

Haider Khalaf: All I can do is use face time and newsletter. Is there any way to make the others work,?

BLiNKBeaTs: So, what happens if you factory reset AGAIN after you bypass using this method? -Does the iCloud Locked message pop up again?


enrique rodriquez: No I cant its a ipod not iPhone

Neal Bainz: what happens when tapped on the settings icon? if enters, have yall tried deleting the icloud account?

Armed Society: This is only useful for people who stole a phone. freak you guys. Don't let me find one of you.

Aggron: That Richard Soper guy really is a piece of work. Personally, I don't think he understands that phones get sold used and that owners sometimes forget their iCloud information. Oh, you forgot your iCloud information? Or you bought the phone from someone and they can't remember it? Welp, looks like you got an expensive doorknob sitting in your lap. This is why I can't wait for PhoneBloks. I won't be limited by the developers who think it's a good idea to hurt the consumer. 

Randy Hoopes: tried and didn't work on iPhone 5S

HBz773: DIAL 1 1 12???/??

Lawrence O: I also have used phone from someone and she is unwilling to cooperate, why should she after all she has her money. So there I am. I am going to sue apple if they don't allow me to use my phone! Apple is NOT the police and it is not up to them to decide who can use a phone and who should not. Theft is to be handled by the police not by Apple. Now Apple is saying: hey you may be a thief. Maybe not but prove you're not one. So you're already guilty in front and YOU have to prove you are not! It doesn't work that way guys! If someone says you're guilty they better prove so. Otherwise, get the freak out

syberspy9: Phone wont go into voice over mode, any suggestions? when i tap the button 2 or 3 times it goes back to the dial screen

Roger Smith: I did what the video said exactly you got do the crap at the right time for it to work or else your gonna have to do it over and over again trust me I would of paid someone to do it for me instead

Steven Tyler: pressing home button 3 times just brings up dial pad, tried many many times, also have no sim in the phone, maybe i need one

BigBangBladeer: And now try to jailbreak it with evasi0n7 (or someone else i just need the result :D )

Jason Rodriguez: Hey guys I had this problem when I instal ios 7.1 beta 2 over the air and wat I did I just did the DFU mode and restore on iTunes and I it work for me soo try that out 


SomeNormalRomanian: I guess there is no such thing as Custom Firmware no more, right?

Cynthia Leija: Yeah I just bought an iphone from a guy that said it was "his" come to find out he stole it and the number he was contacting me with was an app. He ripped me off. Anywhoo yeah this thing worked but doesnt let me look at any apps. ay all is there anything I can do to see them?

KatieBubbles Rae: My Iphone 5s when i go to contacts and i press the button three times it goes straight to the keypad. i dont know what to do.

Dalin Sim: this does not work for phone don't even give me the option to press next

Wiss Abdallah: Iam from lebanon and 112 is lebanese police number :D

kendrik lamarkidd: how do yu make the apps work

Roger Smith: timming is important and i was able to do it on my iphone 5s this works 100 percent

LaCongolaise: The GREEN bar never appears on my phone! why!??

Johnny li: it not work on my iphone 4s why ? please help!!!

fine.: Didn't work for iPhone 4s help 

Francisco Diaz: it wont let me hit next... :(

Luis Fuentes: when i make the call the green bar on top doesn't show, how can i get it to pop up, and it calls 911 ,lol.

xLUCITOxDOPEx: I bought an Iphone 4 off craigslist for $80...never had the activation lock problem,but the ESN is bad lol. Waitin for commcenter patch to flash it to diff carrier. And yup im JB.

Tojiddin Rahimian: in my case it goes BACK TO DIALTONE

Sheldon Benson: does not work for ipad 

Josiah. G: how do i get the apps unlocked its only facetime and newstand

Damir Richardson: I'm late but does anyone know If this actually works??

lior shlifer: but if i have ipad...??

Mohammad Kamal: the home screen comes but you cant open any apps

B Smoove: useless if you can only see the home screen but cant do crap with the stock apps....might as well buy another if you have one with icloud account linked to the idevice

Daniel Dreamboy: fail he's a lair 

Xin Wei: Not working

ابن العراق الرافضي: Hello why not work applications from pushing them

Jake Schablin: Doesn't work

Smythius: Pressing the home button 3x doesn't bring up voice over for me

xProJaffer: and at 0:46 the green bar appeared and i pressed the power button 3 times and it didnt go to contacts
Bypass iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Screen iOS 7 4 out of 5

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Bypass iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Screen iOS 7