Rocket Stove With An Oven

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Rocket stove/oven combo
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888mrshu: zinc melts at 419 deg C and boils over 900 deg C may start off gassing above 200 deg,if any gas off the flue draught will pull most of back and re-oxidise it probably, generally rocket stoves have lower flue gas temps ,by use of thermal mass

czg2012: can somebody step outside to check how much smoke is coming out?

ericlovv: kewl stove

Aures Thomas: Wow nice job

the1969info: I like your videos, I love rocket stoves, messing with them. FYI, I found out cat litter is a good insulator for use inside rocket stoves. It is so cheap to buy. My 4inch elbow rocket stove in a plastic 5 gallon bucket stayed at 550F. I hope you make more rocket stove videos.

sbhministry: The rolls cooked a bit faster.just make sure you watch them so they don't burn!

deadlyyellowrose: Question-how long did it take for baking? Does it lengthen the time for doing it in this application? Luv the rocket design!

PhDOrgChem: One MAJOR issue with YOUR STOVE.....your used connectors for your exhaust that are for duct work for a house!!! THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and not even close to code. Stove is a great idea but this design for venting is NOT EVEN CLOSE to meeting ANY type of safe exhaust protocol. Please remove this pipe and use the correct type of exhaust pipe for this stove. Nat Gas "B-vent" is NOT suitable nor permitted in this type of application.

Sheila6325: Wonderful!

sbhministry: Dear b4realalready, glad you like the rocket stove. It was only designed to use the oven, so no cooking with a pot.

poida84: @rich991980 only first initial stage of heating up the gal would prob give of fume prob not as much plus you'd need to heat to least 1300c to give of the toxic nitrie in the zinc

rich991980: Nice oven on your rocket. Is that galvanized steel for the oven? If so, beware of it giving off toxic fumes.
Rocket Stove with an oven 5 out of 5

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Rocket Stove with an oven