Mod For The Phoenix Arms Hp22a Safety

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nineright9: i took mine apart for the same reason... freak that safety ended up fighting it for 1 hour trying to hold the spring in place how to put it back together... little freaker is a pain in the ass.. but in the long run thats exactly what i ended up doing to fix it... simple. take off the left side grip... wish i saw this video before i striped my down naked...

Muzzle Brake: kitchen gunsmithing at it's simplest.

ol'skunky lungs: Why not just take the safety block out

YoungLucky509: the way i did it was faster easier and in my opinion better, i took the same grip off and just popped the safety button out and put the grip back on and there you go, still has the other safety on top of the hammer and now i love my pistol even more got rid of all the annoying safety's and just use the one on top:)

SFRandPSK9Responce: Thanks guys that helps a lot... 👍👍

wdrebeltrucker: simple mod., works great

PnMGunReview: Happy to help. Thanks for watching!

dock saylor: I did the mod i love the difference big plus thanks.

frank castle: so I compared the standard velocity cci to sum Remington high velocity hollow points the grain is the same but the muzzle energy is just a lil higher on the remingtons would these Remington high velocity hallows work for the phoenix

bigjohn22: Ok yea mine is great I'm going to video me shooting it but I'm not going too intell I get more ammo I only have 1,300 rounds lift

PnMGunReview: Did you try polishing the feed ramp? We haven't had feed issues since that. We haven't bought the ja22 yet, but we've been kicking the idea around. I'll check out your video.

bigjohn22: Ok and we found out this gun hates lead nose bulk pack by Winchester. And do u happen to have a Jimenez arms ja22 they say there bad but mine no problem I have a video on my it's my first video on it did not like how it turned out but I posted it any way

PnMGunReview: The mainspring actually seems to have a break-in period. It got easier after about 500 rounds. I have cut back rings on 1911 springs, but I haven't tried on this piece.

bigjohn22: What about making it easier pull on the hammer

PnMGunReview: Aaah, the 90's... I remember you so fondly. People could still buy ammo, trans fat was legal and no Justin Bieber... the good ol' days!

bill e: i did inventory the other day, have about 10 bricks I bought in the 90's plus 7.62x39 when it was 80 bucks for 1440. didn't know I was buying gold lol

PnMGunReview: Only problem now is getting ammo for it.

bill e: I also ordered a new safety in case it ever needs warranty work. $4.50, but outrageous shipping, so got an extra mag at same time. phoenix-arms

PnMGunReview: Thanks for the info! let us know how she holds up.

bill e: Instead of bending the magazine safety bar. i just put a safety pin snipped to about 1" underneath it. position it just below where the safety bar goes through the frame. The grip holds it in place and you don't have to worry about bending too much or too little. 300 rounds and still working fine. Good video, and I did dremel the mag release also. take care all
Mod for the Phoenix Arms hp22a safety 5 out of 5

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Mod for the Phoenix Arms hp22a safety