Arnott Air Ride On A M109R

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Arnott Air Ride on a M109R
Arnott Air Ride on a M109R
M109R Intruder custom Thunderbike Arnott Air-ride. raw design Suzuki Vzr 1800
M109R Intruder custom Thunderbike Arnott Air-ride. raw design Suzuki Vzr 1800
My 2006 Black M109R with Air Ride and 280 Tire
My 2006 Black M109R with Air Ride and 280 Tire
2007 Suzuki M109r
2007 Suzuki M109r

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‫مصطفى جنيد‬‎: ررروو

serge PITOU: Pouvez vous m'expliquer coment changer la cardan de transmission de roue arrière sur Suzukl intruder 1800Merci

robert S: is that a custom paint job and the night rider light is way cool.

wendy salandy: awesome bike all around...yes, lovin the knight rider roving eye....if you don't mind me can i get one for my boyfriend...he just got a 07 LE m109r if not a secret...

BigVar215: Could you add me to the list of people who want to know where you got the " knight rider" leds please. Or is it hush.

zthang: I love how your tank looks with "Suzuki" and the stripes on it. Is that painted on the bike and cleared over or is that simply vinyl letters and stripe and if so where can you get it? Thanks.

jim Hopple: I have a 2012 M109r. Can you please tell me where I can get those night rider lights please?

Faisal AL-Maiman: I wasn't going to buy a suzuki m109r but after I saw yours I bought it and the bike now is standing in my home garage lol you have such an amazing bike and thank you so much for this amazing vid....could you please tell me whats the name for the red LEDs moving underthere? I want to buy them but I couldn't find a key word to search for them I need your reply plz...I want to show my girlfriend my new bike with them, :D cheers from Saudi Arabia
Arnott Air Ride on a M109R 5 out of 5

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Arnott Air Ride on a M109R