How To Roll A Hand Rolled Cigarette (Rollie)

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Captain Bushbum: I use Newspaper to roll with

PredCS: am i the only one that doesnt use a freaking filter?

logan cooner: you even the product out by rolling it not adding more and more and more.....and roll it into a log with the filer already in the paper first too........also....rolling the tuck in the center can lead to a loose filter....better to tuck the paper on the filter end first. hope this cannabis joint rollers do it...theyre the best

Dizzy -L: ding ding dong ring didididing dong

Yung Trace: freaking hell it's bare long 4 u to roll a fag bruv it takes me 20 secs

James Haney: Don't the crap wanna make a nigga SMOKE! SMOKE! Don't this crap wanna make a nigga SMOKE SMOKE!

chantell chapman: you are sick

chantell chapman: how culd you do a vidio on this when kids wach this you are sick

xCxnorr: Is it bad that I'm 13

Monster Kops: omg thanks really apriciate it it looks alot better than it used to it used to be loose asf but when i tried it ur way its perfect took me like 2 days to practice but yea thanks

arron frederick: why the freak do you smoke you know that crap is going to kill you

amazing yeezus: he's. using grass

organic fish: roach

chantelle cox: Basically you put too much bacci in thats too much bacci xx

steve foster: rolling can be tricky. after a while of rolling i started obsessing about getting the perfect tasting rollie after i noticed that other people's rollies tasted differently even when the same tobacco was used. my rollies seem to taste too harsh and lack flavour. i discovered that if the rollie sucks in slightly after taking a puff (presumably due to it not being rolled too tightly), and continues to stay that way for the duration of the smoke, then it will taste better. anyone else got any tips for the perfect taste?

Jack Ashby: I always find the final part the hardest, you have any tips

Draw Content: been trying for about 6 years and still cant do it. the front of the paper just wont flick down for me to roll up and it ends up thick and creased up and the baccy all falls out and goes everywhere.

Anush Chouthai: i saw many videos... but bro this was the most helpful !! cheers mate.. :)

Alessio Leo: Nice vid but ur using to much bacci

chloe morgan: champion ruby <3
How To Roll a Hand Rolled Cigarette (Rollie) 5 out of 5

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Captain Bushbum: I use Newspaper to roll with
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How To Roll a Hand Rolled Cigarette (Rollie)