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Tour the EarthRoamer Ford F550   Global Road Trekker
Tour the EarthRoamer Ford F550 Global Road Trekker
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Earthroamer factory tour

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GARY HILL: why not propane?

linuxxxunil: why a quad cab?

Yeimi Hernandez: how much does it cost to get one of those i love it and i'm thinking of having my own motorhome and this look GREAT!!!

slabsides1: I'd go with an Incinalet electric toilet. No need for any water or chemicals. Burns everything to an odorless ash that can be safely dumped anywhere.

Jonathan DelaPaz: My dad has that

Slick Rock: Did I see this one on the White Rim trail below Dead horse point in Canyonlands Ut.?

J. Stephen Gazsi: I want to make babies in that truck

Nestor Visto: liar, you said you will close up the bathroom, but you never did,

Jack Madison: I would have to kill her after 3 months.

Crashryding: Great choice and well put together. Best of luck on your journey!!

samus989: 250k+ ?? you can get a full 45 foot+ class A motorhome for that price, take it to where you want and use your toad to go venture off somewhere.. I dont get people sometimes..

Bakes Fakes: Don't they sell campers for like $10K that sit on the back of trucks?

Mike Panocatapolis: BBWULF it is a diesel and wont need any gas at all. An the Diesel has way more BTU than gas and has more power with less fuel. Retard.

akittikat: Umm, did I miss something??? What happened to you getting back to showing us the bathroom??? 

Marcin Pawelek: They just passed me on i-80 westbound in Pensylwania

BBWulf: Your gonna need 3 90 gallon gas tanks for that gas HOG.

CRM6718: Which country is this truck at now(Dec 2013)? This video was posted in 2011 stating "3 year around the world trip". Has this been to Africa(which countries in particular)?

burtbronson: Rich bastards... You would drive me crazy within 2 weeks of that "3 year" journey.... 

dackel votoc: Nice truck :)

wayne jourdain: you said you'd show the Shower/Head unit.

flenny: @tpvalley for a few years yes but it eventually destroys them, we still get high sulfur diesel where i live (about 5000ppm) and I've heard owner's complain of burnt out injectors, messed up fuel pumps etc but again thats after about 2-3 years of using high sulfur diesel

Lee Aaron: A truck camper is all i can afford . The Earth Roamer is for people who win the lottery . COME ON POWER BALL.

tpvalley: @SilentBob4x4 I believe the cat and dpf get clogged. maybe a switchable engine programme with exhaust valve thing to make open exhaust before cat for when u make a decent amount of clag/smoke! There are vids on here with over 1300bhp powerstrokes! low compression huge flow injectors and massive turbos so at low rpm they are terrible. Love sound of v8 diesels.

HaloHamstur: Fenders look cheap ebay crap

tpvalley: @flenny I know what happens if u give it to the driver- not a lot, just screaming and thinking I am a baboon.

globalroadtrekker: Infectedvector, its not a lunar panel, so the solar panel charges only when the sun shines. And as far as how many popsicles... if you fill it ONLY with popsicles, probably 150. But we prefer frozen fruit and maybe even some regular ice cubes for our adult beverages.

Joel Vazquez: So what ever happened, You only posted one vid and your website is still under construction...

Thomas Sullivan: rich bastards

myozone: The microwave height is going to be annoying !

NutStretcher: freak... Did you not see what she opened up at the end? She got sloshed!

azimuth361: I especially like the crew cab front. I wish more Class C's had that.

amirr4364: BATHROOM DAA...

Drew Michael: bathroom????? guess its a terrible toilet not worth showing! small and cramped! not much of a sales presentation!

tommy35ss: I think I saw y'all in New Mexico

loudwaters9: Forgot the crapter, but I'm not bitter. Your hubby is a great cabinet fitter. Keep us updated on Twitter. Keep trekking, and don't be a quitter.

Ivan Mk: Nice RV... it would be perfect one for travels in Russia :)

obscureluzername: she didn't want to go in there because someone just took a fat dump.

richyleed: Um, you said you will show the bathroom at the beginning of the vid.

Wendy St Clair: @SilentBob4x4 we have the 6.0 litre ... Wendy here. just checked with Jim and he says you actually CAN access it by pulling out the cab. Beyond that, he says we've also added an additional Racor water separator to the fuel filter system. And we have serviced the HPOP with new screens and filters. Not sure if we addressed it all, but we'll know soon enough!

MrConversionVans: Still can't figure out why Ford won't put adjustable headrests on all their seats. The Diesel Engine problems are courtesy the US Government who changes the MFG requirements on a yearly basis.

rangerroam1: Thanks for a nice video, You didn't show shower as you said you would. I'm interested about the systems in this truck( ie. Water tanks, electrical.). Even though it looks top heavy, I'm sure its not, some good offroad value inclusion would be nice. Once again. Thanks for sharing..I'm very interested in this truck for desert exploration.

DTCigarFather: "A BEAST"

DisGuyKilZz: "that i typically keep in my night side table... NIGHT SIDE TABLE!!!"

Wendy St Clair: @bcmcneil1 We are just leaving the states in early Feb 2012 and we are hoping it will go just fine. The diesel engine we have should power through all the different fuels anywhere we go. Knock on wood!

Wendy St Clair: @turtlezed yes we forgot the bathroom. Not that exciting really! Oh well. The problems of low budget film making I guess. :)

Jim Pettegrew: Rocks tend to jam between the dually tires & wreck sidewalls, when off-roading in rocky terrain.

dabear240: The solar panels charge your electrical systems at night?

CALI805JC: @psychoDustin Just like our mom

SamTheSuave: Round the world? Not on those tyres I hope

Gunner5053: Never mind about the bathroom. It has one! Brilliant vehicle. Brilliant video. Will you be posting your expedition videos? I would love to watch them. Thanks for posting this. James from Wales.
Tour the EarthRoamer Ford F550 | Global Road Trekker 4.6 out of 5

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Mark Tamny: Thanks for the video. I was wondering what the led bit does. I have already purchased a 3.3 volt to 5 volt converter board as the pixhawk aux outputs are insufficient on there own to trigger the camera. Thanks
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Daniel Guardian: "MELLON"
THEALIENFAN: hey guys i can thinking of getting this figure but do your guys think is it accurate and is it worth to buy?

Tour the EarthRoamer Ford F550 | Global Road Trekker