How To Get Mupen64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Xbox 360 JTAG RGH

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Sapphire Bullet Bill: Just press eject when your console is off.

Umetniški Klub 101 Records: man you suck at this
your crap doesn work

Umetniški Klub 101 Records: if i cared so much about games and i doo your future bithes wouldn know u

derpy whale: dude im scared of something when i put the usb in the xbox and pull it from the xbox does it return to load xbox games


773steve: can u install this so u dont need the usb any more?

crazybanana: does this have virus

Red Magic Shard: works great thanks for it

Red Magic Shard: lol its worked on non modded xbox 360 0_0

sLinkY: Awesome I would do that

adub19861986: y wont it work for me
 xell said send packet error and n64 wont open

Robmeli C.: ho la Xbox 360 Slim, posso ancora farlo? perché non sono sicuro cosa si intende per xbox normale, come lei ha detto in inizio

Peter Wonka: could someone tell me how to change the controller settings? cause for some games they are crapty i cant find it in the config. ty for answering me

Peter Wonka: kann mir jemand sagen wie ich die controller belegung ändern kann die ist richtig behindert für manche spiele :) wäre lieb für dei pc version geht das ja über den config file aber ich finde den eintrag bei der 360 version nicht

Connors Iso: The screen just goes black when it loads the thin from the usb

Matt Casdorph: Finally, A thousand thank you's, the roms have to be in the base directory, I have tried everything but that and its finally running them, Thanks again.

Cameron Fred: how to jtag

Cerberus: Are you using Ps1?

Marce: where can I find non-beta version :)

The DLG: didnt work
How to get Mupen64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Xbox 360 JTAG RGH 5 out of 5

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How to get Mupen64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Xbox 360 JTAG RGH