Kayfun Lite Review And Cotton Wick Rebuild Tutorial

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Kayfun Lite Review and Cotton Wick Rebuild Tutorial
Kayfun Lite Review and Cotton Wick Rebuild Tutorial
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michaelarchetti1: Help Please !!!! Why am i getting leaking out my mouth piece (drip tip) ? I have tried everything, even changed the rubber gasket where the top cap meets the chimney tube. When I get a nasty taste in my mouth, I pull off the drip tip only to find ejuice pooled under it. I use cotton and I have also tried using less cotton and more cotton to see if it helps but having no luck. Any suggestions ????

hiro lesmana: manji, how many loops would you suggest with 26awg kanthal, im quite new to this stuffs and i dont know much about the effects of how many loops or the types of kanthal. thanks

Cindy Coker: Have you thought about setting your camera up looking down over your hands and work area with it zoomed in close enough to see more of the details of the work and the device. You look very nice...but the point is to give instruction to people and for me I'm a real newbie to rebuilding, so it would be nice to see the neg./pos. posts, how you're connecting the wire to them, the positioning/angle of the coil, the configuration of the wick after it's been trimmed and inserted in the coil, etc. That way you wouldn't have to keep holding up to the camera hoping it focuses enough for us to see. You would also be able to set up lighting directly over your work. You could do the intro and review and then set up this way for the actual tutorial. I realize many of your viewers don't need that much detail but newbies like me do. And I noticed you didn't have a meter on camera. But I assume you checked it at some point. Please don't misunderstand.. I really appreciate the effort... I'm not trying to criticize. Just wanted to make a suggestion. 

champagneforashley: Oh I have to say this, I've tried the Russian 91 and the draw is more open than the Plus. That's why I need to open up the airhole a bit. As it stands right now, I think the Russian 91 was slightly better, just because I liked the draw more. I think once I open the airhole; it'll be the same. I hope.

Ozan FLAnKER: Hi there.. Nice tutorial.. I just bought this atomizer and im using it with provari variable volt electronic mod.. Can you show me how to set up recoil for this mod? 

champagneforashley: I just got my Kayfun Lite Plus today from VapeRev, with the Semovar mod. It's a crazy amount of money to spend but it can be converted to a mechanical if the company ever decides to put it out. My question is this, do you favor using a four or five wrap over a microcoil? I've heard people get a better vape from the standard wrap. The guy that owns Vapor Storm in Miami built it for me (he's a friggin expert at doing coils by the way) and it's fantastic. He used 28g 9 wraps at 1.3 ohms. However, for the amount of money I spent, I want to get the best performance possible. I need to drill the airhole to open it more also, but I'm afraid to screw it up. This thing drinks juice though. There's a reason why the tank is 4.5 ml. You can easily run through a 30ml bottle in a few days. Anyway let me know.

Zainul Ashahri: hi xManji1x, how many loops would you recommend for a 27 awg kanthal?

Mohammad Nazri: In ur personal opinion, which one is more better? Kayfun lite or Kayfun lite plus or kayfun 3.1?

Alex Pena: you look like brad pitt in this video!!

fredrickvoncold: Great tutorial, I appreciate your efforts.

xManji1x: Look at my responses to the comments above for details. It's a standard knitting yarn that can be found many places. Just make sure to boil it for at least 10 mins before use to make sure to get any traces of manufacturing off of it.

xrsXnerf: Great vid bro! now my kayfun doesn't leak. THX!

Frank Dannetti: Thanks

xManji1x: Yup, that's the stuff I use.

naterod1719: thank you, solved my problems. Any tips as the best place to acquire cotton as a wick? aslo, another thing, according to the manual, anything above 12 mg is frowned upon. As I've never used a genny, and the fact that my preferred juice level is 18 mg, all my juice is 18. i do not no of its just a mind trick that I've gotten in my head; would you say this is a fact? i do notice an increase in headaches and dehydration. Just asking for an outside opinion.

naterod1719: Apparently the ekowool is braided silica with a cotton core, never tried it. My sugar and creme or whatever wick I bought is a huge roll of cotton, lol wick is not something ill need for a long time.

Stephen Leano: Did you to boil your cotton yarn and if you did how long did you boil it for?

naterod1719: Damn you were right, cotton is fantastic. I have a magneto coming in the mail, only currently have a provari mini so nothing below 1.3. The micro I have set up is close together but I still need a torch. Doubt ill ever use silica again.

xManji1x: Thanks! I'm still using mine, it's a great atty.

naterod1719: Yeah I've heard about intaste. They actually had some in stock after I already went with digitalsteam. DHL has actually had it in the US for a week. Notification went to my spam folder. What it taking so long I do not know. Only way to contact DHL.de is by calling internationally, which I cannot do on my account. DHL global doesn't even have my tracking in their system. Definitely only going with intaste and fed ex with anything from Germany in the future.

Jerad Benge: A drill bit? I use a 1" stainless screw in the diameter, and thread spacing I want to achieve. You get much tighter, neater coils. Then I use a bead threading needle to feed the cotton through the coil after folding it over, then cut the folded end to release the needle. To each their own. Nice review/tutorial though.

xManji1x: Yea cotton is the way to go. It's the best for drippers as well. I haven't used silica in anything for the past few months.

David Gian Padilla: Dude looks like Brad Pitt lol no homo!

Jay Fu: is the the flavor better then a dripper?

OfWickandWire: Love these atty's. Great vid. :)

Frank Dannetti: I found 2mm cotton wick from a website as long as its cotton same thing your doing right? Wanna stay away from silica.

ieatbeanerz: great video! i finally got me one and loving it

naterod1719: This vape is on par with my ebaron pro, which is fantastic, any tips on leaking though ? Currently running 3mm silica and once the juice starts feeding, it automatically leaks out the airhole, terrible for juices that are hard to come by like ooey gooey buttercake.

MrKarenSmusic: how about a ekowool? Have you guys tried that? Is it the same as cotton yarn?

vapdivrr: hey buddy, just did another variation on the coil, i left a slightly larger space in the middle of my coil in which i then pulled through the wick. so first i threaded the cotton all the way through the coil then from the gap i pulled a loop through, still leaving the ends long enough to wick., but now i have another loop in the middle, i then cut this loop. so now i have 4 different ends of wick to feed the coil from different points.

mindfrac: ok great video. now we just sit and wait for the report on how it finally went and the grants custard review.

xManji1x: The 28 did warm it up a bit. I'm very happy with the current build I have.

David Gian Padilla: iIm going to get mine next payday! Great review btw,

xManji1x: This build is a very warm vape. If you want to cool it down, do the same build with 30 gauge kanthal instead of 28g.

xManji1x: It's a Segelei #19 that has been pretty heavily modded. I flattened the top cap, changed the switch spring, made the top contact adjustable brass and torched sections for a two toned look. Out of the box that mod is junk but after all the modding, it's quite nice.

AZZUMMAR ADZRY: Can i use a normal cotton ??

naterod1719: O ordered one from digitalsteam.de lay week still waiting for it to even ship then its a 3 week wait.

xManji1x: I don't think so. I've never seen him at one of my family reunions.

xManji1x: I don't think it's better than a dripper but I feel like it is on par with one. Also you don't have to drip constantly or worry about leaking.

xManji1x: Cotton yarn can be acquired from any craft store or major chain like Meijer or Wal Mart, just make sure it's undyed yarn. Make sure you boil it for 10 mins and dry before use. High nic is rough in the Kayfun in my opinion. I vape 6 or 12mg in it, mostly 6.

xManji1x: Juice weeping through the air hole is caused by flooding the vaporizing chamber. When this happens it means the wicks aren't quite set right, either the channels are too packed or not quite filled enough with wick. Give cotton a try, it's much more absorbent than silica and will really cut down on weeping problems. Plus, the flavor is better.

iggy712: what mod are you using there?

majnu100: Forgive me I am deaf so do not know if you mentioned the Vendor where you got the cotton wick/yarn from, can you tell me where you got it from please?

Frank Dannetti: Happy I found your channel. Nice review man.

Frank Dannetti: Found white sugar and creme yarn is that it?

juantafanta: When you vape through the Kayfun is the smoke a little warm to you?

Amran Sidek: you related to bradd pitt??

vapdivrr: just received a k lite great device. almost have it set up like yours except I used cotton balls instead of the yarn. also my coil is done at 1/16 instead of 3/32. I actually used a blunt tip needle, which I believe is 16 or 18g. I have found the needle is a little more manageable then a drill bit when mounting the coil. did your 28g come out with more heat? I have always found a thicker wire to be a little cooler actually. for me making the wraps all touch will add the heat. great job bud

xManji1x: Ouch, I've never dealt with digitalsteam, but I had a very good experience with intaste.

Chris C: Many thanks Jeremy.
Kayfun Lite Review and Cotton Wick Rebuild Tutorial 3.9 out of 5

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Kayfun Lite Review and Cotton Wick Rebuild Tutorial