How To Read IPhone Passcode With Gecko IPhone Toolkit _By CTS

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How To Read iPhone Passcode  With Gecko iPhone Toolkit _By CTS
How To Read iPhone Passcode With Gecko iPhone Toolkit _By CTS
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Iphone 4 password bypass
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ElcomSoft iPhone Forensic Toolkit in action
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How to remove ipod/iphone password
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Lost iPhone? - Lost passwords!
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cam traina: for free download

Snap Dev: you are selling another people work and this DO NOT work on iphone 4s 5 or 5s, neither ipad2

CrackCECKer: That's kind of usefull,a programm which reads the .db data!

Woudline Simpson: dose this work with a 5s

EltiRecords: can you make a version for iphone 5 and 5s????

Tyler Davis: how do you get the original firmware?

Fernanda Rosa: Someone please help... When I boot, everuthing goes well, until it freezes on the page "Waiting for reboot". I've waited a lot. Does it take so long like that? What Can I be doing wrong?

EltiRecords: I can't download this program :( the link is broken :( pls fix

Sony Bravia TV: Thanks a lot!

Michael Wood: This is clearly a tool for thieves. If you stole a phone and you're out there trying to unlock it, freak you.

Virson Bayer: How can I select Original FirmWare?

macemaster11: By god this actually works, itunes didn't let me restore since my friend changed the passcode on me!

Scorpion prince: fetching files required...???? what is this.. can anyone help me please

Bobu Florin: pls help im stuck with the white codes screen how do i get back to normal now? :(

keviwill62: I finally figured it out... I submitted the launch too soon. Wait until the phone displays "OK" then click on the "Launch" icon. it will take 20 minutes as everyone indicated but it does WORK!

Jerry Lee: does it work with ipad 3, iphone 5 and ipod touch 5g running 6.0

Rossel Adnan: is it working on iphone 4s ?

keviwill62: I was experiencing the same problem. Then I used the verizon iPhone3,3_...ipsw, and updated my drivers for Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. I'm stuck after the "Launch" process. It appears to error out. I hope that this helps.

leandro5455: I keep getting the same thing. Did you find a fix?

BO2playa4life: Can this be done with an iPhone 3GS running 6.0.1 and a complex passcode. My friend put that on there and then "forgot" it. I don't want to restore

Asdren Lekaj: work in iphone 4.2.1 ???

Bushido171717: Can please anyone help me!!! When i press Boot and select the Firmware than redsnow doesn't open :/ After pressing Launch i got an Message to wait and 1 second later the Progress Bar is full loaded and there can i read "Cracking lock code" and nothing happened. Info: Windows XP (32 Bit) iPhone 4(GSM) jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 (B208), but i selected iOS 5.0.1.ipsw ! Help Please i have very very very important things on my phone !!!!

Rare Storm: Just download the firmware which it asks for. It mentions firmware required.

hahu25: Wowowowow! It worked like a charm!! Thanks a lot!

dinhtrungmobile: test ok 100%

Indi Vidual: @Billick25 extract .exe and copy to to c:\ drive (also copy IPSW) to c:\ drive..

Sherry Fung: Hey, I was wondering which Apple device you used it on...

Salman Ak: It works just fine with iPod 4G iso 5.0.1 igot the code, but unfortunately the device is disable

Esra Demir: is it already possible for the iphone 5 my iphone was yesterday disabled and i dont wanna restore it :(

Indi Vidual: it works with 5.1.1 and 6.0 too just choose 5.0.1 ipsw anyway

greatguts1: I'm stuck at "exploiting with limera1n" for over 2 hours now....can you guys help me? Iphone 4

Rare Storm: they guys who are having the port 2202 error or something you need to uninstall everything related to Oracle (in other words JAVA!!!) uninstall everything ! then re-install 32-bit (x86) version of Java. Then gecko will work.

alejandro alejandro: just work perfect.....perfecto....muy bueno ...

Austin Sotero: whats the password?


Melanie Arana Paredes: Will this work on 6.1.3?

Asdren Lekaj: work in iphone 4.2.1 ???

chixyman: Thanks man you saved my life! lol

kyle williams: i keep getting this pop up: redsn0w message::: unexpected parameter. PLEASE HELP!!

Rare Storm: Try it again it works

Eduardo Jose: to do this we have to download redsnow?

All done: What folder do you go in to get the firmware software does not default to the main folder for firmware select?

p0pzzy0oGStrang: tested with my verizon iphone 4..used cdma version of the IPSW. it WORKS! Now that this method is verified I will be helping a friend of mine recover her forgotten passcode. Thanks alot buddy. The world needs more people like you

patto2k: No, Only the 4 and below

xhaggardx: Also when ever I open Gecko and select Iphone 4 GSM and press boot, I get unexpected parameter 'and'. What do I do?

Captain Kirks: @Billick25 only works on window 7 not xp

Sajid Rizvi: I get Fail unrapping DKey & some more text n in the end it says giving up.This happens while trying to crack the passcode using Gecko Tool Kit Rev 01 on ipod touch 4G on ios 5.1.1.Kindly advise.

Jay Wong: yeah are there one for 5.1.1????

Rikp93: THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS TUTORIALLLL!!! It actually works! You've saved my life :O

Farah Al Mrabet: DOES IT WORK FOR IPHONE 5 ??????
How To Read iPhone Passcode With Gecko iPhone Toolkit _By CTS 4.5 out of 5

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How To Read iPhone Passcode  With Gecko iPhone Toolkit _By CTS