Will GM Recall Broken Exhaust Bolts On Its V8's?

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Nevadaiscorrupt: My dad has a 02 Chevy Silverado So I looked at his, it has a broken bolt also. I also have an 05 sierra all bolts intact for now.

Nevadaiscorrupt: I watched your video and decided to go look at the bolts on my 06 GMC Sierra. Sure enough one is broke. Thanks for the video. I will file a complaint but doubt it will do any good.

Toluene: See the problem is they really don't cause a safety issue. I bought an 02 Tahoe and it had the same problem so I went and bought a nice set of easy outs (or whatever they were called) and got them out. It's hard to get them out because they have that thread locker on the bolts. They are a pain! GMC/Chevy aren't the only ones with this problem either. I had this problem with the wife's 06 Durango and my '98 Expedition. I'll do a video for removing these broken bolts when I get the time.

thebluetarp: ABOUT to spend $1,000 to have my broken bolt on my 2003 Tahoe fixed. but, while they are in there they are going to replace all 6. anyone know what else can be fixed, looked at or replaced while this work is being done??

drens rob: I got 2 bolt missing on driver side would that make the catalytic converter to make noise like a fast knocking noise

Scott Harris: I have some broke on a 2003 with a 6.0 and its filling the cab with exhaust going to go check my 2000 5.3 right now

Trent John: @ thebluetarp who is charging you $1000 to replace 6 bolts. I could do that work in my driveway and I know that 6 studs don't cost much

ThE cHicKeN cHaNnEl Fowl Play!: No kidding! Design Flaw. Costly to people who can't do it themselves.

Steven Lees: I'm 16 and I fixed it my self on my 2001 gmc yukon. It took 45 mins and I was done it's not a freaking problem 

Lou's Custom Exhaust: As an exhaust specialist I will tell you this much, it is not isolated to GM cars. F150's are notorious for snapping the manifold studs on the passenger side manifold, Toyotas have a "always breaks" bolt as well. As a side note I use the same code scanner and that code would be from your passenger side manifold leaking for sure (p0430). As you said the broken bolt does and can cause your converter to fail by allowing more unburnt fuel down into the converter. The lack of backpressure from the leak is what causes the unburnt fuel condition. 

Theo Butter: As we know (2014 ignition switch revelations) GM will never recall anything even after several deaths. Buy a Kia.

John Jones: GM is finally forced to step up to the plate. The recalls are mounting. I will take my 1996 K1500 over any new GM product. 

Edward Ingram: I have a 2006 hummer and I have at least 3 bolts missing

Mac S: A bolt is hardly a major recall

Andy Hassan: I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Truck is in shop now and I am beyond pissed that I have to pay for this obvious manufacturing flaw. Suggestions ? 

harjot nijjar: i have this same problem on my 06 gmc 2500hd, Do you know if gm has said anything about this? have they done any recall ?

Billy Mac: Easy fix, as said in the past, take off tires and maybe wheel tubs, get a mig welder and some 3/8 or 7/16 steel nuts and washers, using the mig welder weld a big blob onto the broken stud, don't worry the mig welder wont weld to the cast iron head and the exhaust manifold, it wont ruin the stud threads either because of dissimilar metals and the red hot stud now will burn off the loctite compound. After you weld a blob of metal past the exhaust manifold put a nut on the top of it and center it to put a socket or wrench on the nut while holding it with pliers, you then mig weld bead in the middle of the nut to secure the nut on the blob of metal you just welded, you can weld a washer also facing sideways and here is the best part, after all that heat the bolt will unscrew from the head easily every time,you don't even need a socket most of the time, just be careful it will be very hot for a while, I have done this twice on my 2000 2500 6.0 None of the slag from the welding will stick to any of the cast iron, so its a perfect job and you can get to all the bolts easily, using an argon gas wire feed welder is best for this job instead of a flux coated wire, use the welder at a high temp setting !

Scott Fuller: I support this video all the way my dad has a 1999 with a 5.3 with 3 broken bolts I also have a 2000 with a 6.0 with 2 my neighbor has a 2002 avalanche with a 5.3 with 3 and my new 2007 has 2 I have fixed 2 out of the 4 trucks and its no cake walk doing it and its getting old fixing this when it sould be a recall

Shane Brough: I own a 1999 Silverado z71 5.3L, I had this problem on the 2 back bolts on the drivers side exhaust manifold, one bolt was sheared off into the head. I had the problem fixed, and within a year the have broken again. It's not a cheap fix and the shop claims they used grade 8 bolts. I am still able to pass emissions in Ontario, it hasn't thrown a code yet, but it's probably just a matter of time. For now I just have to deal with the "tick" until the engine heats up and seals again. This should be fixed, GM reuses a lot of parts between different vehicles, and this is an issue that carries through many different models.

Todd Randall: I've got a 2004 5.3L in my Yukon XL that I've owned since new (every service done) with this exact problem. It has 107,000 miles of soccer mom driving on it in southern California (not the rust belt) with a few boat tow trips in the last couple of years. GM has a TSB on it # 06-06-02-026 that I found here http://www.nastyz28.com/forum/showthread.php?t=167260&page=2 half way down the page stating to use larger head bolts. Dealer is stating $600 if it's "easy" and close to $1800 if they need to pull the head to extract the bolt. Multiple Chevy and GM forums with mechanics stating there is no need to pull the head....

surfertube44: Agreed! I just found 2 broken bolts and spent hundreds of dollars trying to fix a miss fire, this is bullcrap and also when they break off where do the land, in somebodies windshield causing an accident? they need a full recall NOW, also there " Lasts the Life time of the vehicle" found out its 10 years ,not the engine but all surrounding parts of the truck, at least my truck survived the 10 with out major problems since 2000 C 3500 5.7 but there recalling the 2014s already for catching fire! 

rsundstrom7: This just happened to me, by of course coming to youtube for solutions, I found this vid, I have filed a complaint. Amazing how many people are having this same issue.

a lilly: The best way to fix this major problem is to go to www.kralautoparts.com. I have a `03 Silvarado that had the back bolts broke of my exhaust manifold. I found them and installed my bracket from these guys two years ago and it still works great. It installs quick into existing holes on the back side of the cylinder head. I highly recommend this for your fix on many types of vehicles. Check out their website, or Facebook to see if it will work on your vehicle.

GaianUNSTV: I'm hoping to do my own repair any youtube videos or recommendations you could make.

carquestions .: So much for it just being a problem in "salt belt" areas - thanks for filing the complaint and take some solace in the fact your comment will be here for years to come.

dandanzoo: I have a broken manifold bolt on my 2004 Yukon denali. Its a good excuse to throw a pair of Gibson stainless steel headers! Its going to be a cunt to get that out idk if im going to attempt that.

carquestions .: You summed it up nicely

carquestions .: @chuffo302stang Thanks for the comment - you couldn't be more right.

Tim Blagden: @shipmate5967 I did on July 21, 2010. NHTSA said to go to their Safercar.gov site and file a defect complaint. They also recommended contacting the FTC which I did. Another easy form to complete. The third suggestion was to contact the state attorney general's office.

squibbles0: you probably made this up

carquestions .: Read comments below - some have paid more

Tim Blagden: @shipmate5967. I did on July 21, 2010. NHTSA said to go to their Safercar.gov site and file a defect complaint. They also recommended contacting the FTC which I did. Another easy form to complete. The third suggestion was to contact the state attorney general's office.

carquestions .: @1970gtosd You're right it is a very big problem with Ford and they are doing their very best at ignoring it - hopefully I'll be detailing it in a new video this year.

trackstrbrotha: I took the Head off and put a washer over the broken bolt. Make sure the inside diameter of washer is smaller then the bolt. Take a welder and weld the inside of the washer to the bolt. Then cut the head off of a larger diameter bolt and weld the head onto the washer. Then unscrew it. Worked on both of my broken bolts......

frankt04: I have an 03 silverado 4.8, 3 bolts snapped on driver side 4 on passenger side, you know what I'm doing in spring

bob larson: its because it was build in canada and thats says it all

shipmate5967: I have a 2003 Silverado 6 cylinder that has this same problem. I took it to the garage and they showed me the missing bolt & my engine light is also on. I already know that it won't pass the emissions test & the cost will be well over $1000. So there's no current recall and this is money I don't have to fix this problem. It probably will take forever to start the recall process and it probably won't get anywhere. I've always been a GM fan, but I probably won't buy a GM vehicle anymore.

djfelon4life: My 06 express van has 2 broke bolts on one side and one on the other side. Can this be repaired with the engine in the vehicle?

carquestions .: Give em hell!

Bustedknuckles88: Your complaint might mean something if the vehicle didn't have 154k on it.

1970gtosd: @carquestions Hey I have a ?.My freind w/ 03 f150! bought a 05 f150? And is having trouble with it to. window falling in door shift lever getting stuck and worried about 2 piece sparkplug. So i told him to buy 90s gmc truck.I own a 95 gmc for 15 yrs w/250000km w/no problems besides routine maintenence and good on gas wpg to regina & back on130L tank of gas.So I was wondering if you know of any problems w/ these trucks before I suggest buying one.

GaianUNSTV: Just for the record my vehicle is a 2006 GMC Sierra

carquestions .: @cartondavid1 You can do it either way - check with a snapon guy I think they have a special tool - also check with a local garage - sometimes they have a specialist come in and do it - also check a few videos on YT on how to remove broken exhaust bolts

carquestions .: @chuffo302stang Keep up the comments - they will be here for years to come and for all to see - thanks!

Jay789520: My 02 Sierra Denali 6.0 had those bolts do the samething I put new bolts in at about 60,000.

carquestions .: @watso64 Sorry to hear that - The good news is your comment will be here forever and you can tell any dealer, salesperson or mechanic to see it for themselves. GM or anybody else is'nt number three in the world for internet traffic - youtube is. Young kids will search this and probably more so as they get older looking for info when buying or fixing a car.

carquestions .: @Bustedknuckles88 As the video says thousands of vehicles have this problem and this truck had it before 154K -

carquestions .: @happy543210 Totally original from the factory - never been touched

Richard Kinzer: at one point the ses light was flashing... that would be a catalyst damaging misfire. that could be the reason that code is there as well. was there anyother codes?? perhaps erased?? the same code can be caused by the plastic intakes warping on the 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0.. causing a vacuum leak and a lean condition... dont get me wrong, but that needs to be addressed as well IMO... the exhaust bolts broken at the head/manifold junction will effect fuel control more than the catalyst function....

Ash Miller: 2001 suburban, same problem, two broke on the driver side manifold and hearing an exhaust leak under load... i inherited this car so it was free but i wish they would address these issues, funny you mentioned the v6 intake problem, my alero had that issue as well, another good example of crappy gm designs were the northstar engines, had one of those with bad head bolts, of course no recall... i drive a honda now, never buying another GM again...
Will GM Recall Broken Exhaust Bolts On Its V8's? 4.6 out of 5

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Will GM Recall Broken Exhaust Bolts On Its V8's?