Will GM Recall Broken Exhaust Bolts On Its V8's?

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Will GM Recall Broken Exhaust Bolts On Its V8's?
Will GM Recall Broken Exhaust Bolts On Its V8's?
Simple Fix for GM Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts. Kral Auto Parts LLC - KAP108
Simple Fix for GM Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts. Kral Auto Parts LLC - KAP108
Simple Fix for GM Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts
Simple Fix for GM Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts
Simple Fix for GM Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts. Kral Auto Parts LLC - KAP169
Simple Fix for GM Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts. Kral Auto Parts LLC - KAP169
GM exhaust manifold bolt repair
GM exhaust manifold bolt repair

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mike chainz: Although I agree that there is a problem with broken bolts on Chevy engines I am also a mechanic and I must tell you I've done just as many Fords and almost as many Dodge trucks they are a bolt that lives in one of the hottest place on the motor hot and cold course it rusts out and breaks that little bolt is touching 1200 degrees on one end and ambient temperature on the other of minus degrees and it's made of a hardened steel touches aluminum and passes through cast iron electrolysis to the max ...once again Chevy does have an issue with the exhaust bolts so does Ford with exhaust studs and rusting manifolds and broken spark plugs and horrible timing chain systems Dodge has inferior electronic components leak injectors exhaust manifold problems transmission problems their automobiles .....things we use and abuse I don't understand why everybody thinks that they should be absolutely perfect forever I have never seen them broke on any of the three for mentioned vehicles with less than 80,000 miles so to me that clearly indicates it is a long-term wear issue not a manufacturer recall safety issue! !!!!

anton alexeev: my 2007 New body Silverado with 89k miles and 2000 Silverado with 136k miles  had rear most bolts of both sides of engine broken off flush with the cylinder head. I did not counted the time ( may be 5 hours and I was very slow to take stuff apart to get it out of the way) I got it fixed , I used the washer to weld on the remainder of the bolt and the welded the nut , came off easy. I watched videos of youtube how to do it.Replaced with new bolts from GM that they now use on there trucks. They have larger head.EPA should not be happy with GM because of that.I want to get paid for my time from GM

Bryan Kephart: Way rather have this problem than timing chains in a 3V trition, or spark plug broken in the head

SuperCyril2: I have a 2004 chevy silverado with the 4.8 liter. Had two bolts broken on the rear closest to the firewall on both sides. Paid local garage $1650.00 to get it fixed. I am done with buying GM products.

Jon Doe: anyone know how easy it is to fix 2010 chevy equinox lt exhaust manifold leak..cant believe theres a crack in this manifold but i have no idea how to change it any ideas .

Jaymz: Kral Auto Parts, Fix it yourself with some brackets.  Just ordered mine.

Guillaume Lamdeleine: I own a 2010 sierra with the 4.8L its got 71,104km on it, the bolt closest to the firewall on the drivers side, they said it be 8 hours in labor, and they don't want to cover it on the warranty, the truck hasn't passed the 100k warranty and I also have the extended warranty and still they give me a hard time, I am due for my E-test and they wont do a damn thing about it, they told me my check engine light is on cause of the evap for fuel, read the codes and its not that, total rip off, I'm about to sell it and go back with my old 84 f-150 where I had no warranty but I could do everything my damn self and not have sensors on each part of truck !!!!!

Jordyn Williams: I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado with only 82,000 and it has 3 bolts broke off. Throwing the light.  It's not right that I have to pay to get this repaired. I will be a voice on nhtsa.

Al G.: I will never buy a GM product EVER. 

animalcorvair: gm needs   to recall  all of them..  my son inlaw   now has this ... i told him  to get a 92 chevy with 350 like  mine  k1500  has real  bolts  ..an   you are right  it can cause  a fire  ...

cerjo84: Working on replacing my clutch, I found one rear exhaust manifold bolt broken on my 2002 ls1 Camaro, it's gonna be tuff to take that one out because of how the engine sits way under the dash. 

Ben Bat: I'm in elbow deep on trying to get two flush broken bolts out on my 05 Sierra. What PITA.
I had to replace the head because 3 exhaust bolts were broken off on my 99 Sierra I previous owned.

Poe Tay Toe: What's the best way to go around and fixing this with the engine still in at home? What bolts would you recommend replacing them with?

South Main Auto Repair: Fix those all the time. Just did a video on my channel fixing 4 broken studs on a hemi. Got them all out. Just like a chevy...

Ric Bonillas Jr: I have a broken exhaust bolts on my 02 Tahoe 4.8L V8 's cylinder head and VERY EASY to remove broken bolt than WORST FORD AND DODGE! Unbelievable that my Tahoe has over 300,000 miles with an original engine and transmission.

Jessy Burris: Why are we attacking just GM trucks here? Ford and Dodge have the same problem. Fixed tons of them personally...

scan3719: Just spent 10 back breaking hours replacing my exhaust bolts.  3 were broken, 2 flush.  Pissed, you bet.
Yes, I have torches, welder and professional tools and it still sucked.  My suburban is a garage kept queen, not rusty, like the Canadian truck seen in this video.  I am a mechanical design engineer, so I know what goes on in corporate design.

koolpimp2012: Just ran into the same problem looking at $1300 for one bolt on each side :/

Cindy Barber: I am having the same problem with my 2008 Envoy Denali.  It has the 5.3 V8.  I contacted GMC about this problem after watching your video and they are giving me the run around.  Do you know it there is any one working on a class action lawsuit?  I have 2 broken bolts on one side and 1 on the other.  I only have 118,000 miles on it.  Is there anything that you know of that would be helpful I would much appreciate your feed back.  Thank you and anyone else that has any suggestions. 

Nevadaiscorrupt: Cousin has an 01 GMC. Four bolts are broke. 3 out of 4 trucks I have looked at have broken bolts. Next truck I buy is Toyota.
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Will GM Recall Broken Exhaust Bolts On Its V8's?