How To Install An HDTV Antenna And Get Free HD TV Video

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How To Install An HDTV Antenna And Get Free HD TV Video
How To Install An HDTV Antenna And Get Free HD TV Video
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mclimoremd: Swap the RG59 cable for some RG6...improves reception & eliminates interference. Go High. Use Windows. Point at towers. Try several places but keep the cable short.
I purchased 2 antennas...Clearstream 2V & Mohu Leaf 30 (Leaf 50 is an amped 30 but I'm close to towers). I picked up between 23 & 29 channels with the Leaf 30. I picked up 23 with the Clearstream 2V until I took the REFLECTOR OFF! (Towers on both sides of me) Then I received 30! Unfortunately, half the channels are duplicate (substations) so I kept the Leaf 30 as it was 1/3rd the price! I found out the Leaf started out as a threat detecting mud flap antenna in the military...COOL!

Hypnotosis Gaming: my parents antenna is on the roof and mine is in the attic. I get the same reception as my parents do which is surprising.

mrkong: Nothin to do with my antenna

Cheryl Marston: way to wordy... stopped watching because the antenna your father had is irrelevant to the HDTV Antenna i was looking to get info on

Mathew Ike: this had absolutely nothing to do with what i wanted you to explain.

dreamingcode: thank god for home inspectors when it's time to buy a house.

Randomfide: Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna Unboxing - RANDOMFIDE

Lee Lowe: The dish is still working but I want to call them and cancel.  If I get the antenna I was hoping I could take off the dish, and attach to the post.  Are you saying the dish will still work even after it is turned off?  or by just using the wiring to my tv?  Thank you for the reply.

Lee Lowe: Can I use the cables that are left from my dish network.  Do I need to change the ends or anything if I can.

william wood: move the antenna away from your tv.

Ur crush has purple dyed hair and is very insane she uses both MAC&PC but also uses Linux obviously: Wish we had Frys in the UK

dhide14: What a hack

Eric Mott: Time to get a job that allows you to pay for cable or satellite....

judges69: That antenna is one of the better antennas on the market.
You should do some research before installing a antenna.
You had the back of the antenna to the window, that's why you did not get any channels.
You also have to point the antenna in the direction of the channel you want to get, so research will help you a lot.
100 ft cable will lower your power output, you want only long enough to where you mount antenna.
Outside on roof is always best or attic.
And in the attic pointed at space is not the best location to point the antenna at.

GuyBodart: I tried that kind of antenna and I got nothing. It's weird, because a rabbit antenna works a little bit. Not very well. I am using an analog box converter to digital, I get nothing at all !! Do I need to remove the converter box???I have a HDTV Mitsubishi 65'

Alan Newby: Bull crap it did not work I try every thing no then don't try it

Luis G.: @ MrSoultalker432  As of 2009, law idiots forced local ota stations to transmit at digital-only signal, so no more old analog channels for box TV's unfortunately.. but you can get a digital converter box from any retail store. Personally, I hate digital, the picture may be crystal clear at first, but when something little interrupts the signal for just a little bit, The whole picture frezzes and goes black, as opposed to the older analog channels, which just shows teeny static.

Dad Selvia: Try this to find out what direction your programming is coming from and where to point your antenna.  It does make a difference.

Nick Brazel: You're worried about mounting it to the outside of your house, but not worried about shoving toilet paper into a hole in your ceiling... 

AhiskaGuli2012: lol did u get Russian Chanel ?
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How To Install An HDTV Antenna And Get Free HD TV Video