Raven .25 Auto Pistol Overview

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Complete Disassembly of the Raven MP-25
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Raven .25 Auto. Fix for jamming feed ramp hangup problems #3 polishing out burs
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daniel gutierrez: how much is this gun worth ❓

Molly White: I love my 25

Jose Campos Delanorte: were could i find a extended mag for this im looking for a 15 shot or a 30 round?? anyone please help??

Mick Tiano: I've had mine for 31 years, bought it in the 80's and works like new because I take very good care of it like my other pistols. People ask will it protect you though, if someone was trying to mug you which means they're less than 15 feet away and you put 2 or 3 slugs in them TRUST ME the threat will be averted.

jarhead6467: If you are really curious if this gun will put a hurt on someone have somebody shoot you with it.
Sorry, but that is a dumb question. I have had mine for 25 years and it is accurate and reliable. A well placed shot will protect you anytime over a larger caliber spraying all over creation.

StonerKid420: True to the blue

Itz Mohammed: freak dah Blue

Conrad Luznar: Would rather have a Kel Tec P-32 .32 acp or even a Taurus PT-22 .22lr

Adonuse Hutchinson: My grandmom has this gun

Jon Wiljo: Is this gun powerful enough to put a good hurt on someone? Doesnt look like it!

Ajizzle B: Bought one at a pawn shop for 50 bucks. I said oh well I got it and will still have plenty for a "real" gun. Anyways, I got home, read all the crapty reviews and got a little worried. After giving it a good cleaning, I took it shooting today and what do you know! Not a single problem. No failure to feed and no failure to eject. Bought two types of ammo and it preformed flawlessly. Accuracy was decent. I was only shooting approx. 10 yards. Also I unloaded mags at 20+ yards in a very quick draw and rapid fire. At least one hit per mag. For 50 bucks, I'm satisfied! 

LSD: I want one of those, how much they cost and where I buy?

Kent Perry: I LOVE MY RAVEN ARMS P-.25 AUTO!   I have put so many rounds through this gun I can't count em all.  As long as you keep it clean, it fires without jamming every time.  I have read some of the comments bashing this lil gun and I say BS.  It's a well made gun, simple to operate simple design and fits in your pocket.  It's a fun gun to shoot, for the money, you can't beat it. 

Cocaineacola.: that a cool little gun I kinda want one.

predawndeath: Yea it is very good for the money. Thanks for checking it out.

Sonofaguninmo: In my opinion the raven p25 is the most accurate and reliable of all the .25's ive ever shot. Bang for the buck its hands down the best



predawndeath: HAHA great comment! Love this little pistol but is not for me. I like to shoot and shoot and shoot so this gun will not hold up to the abuse but still a very nice gun. Thanks for watching and be sure to check out my channel.

atSHADOWBAT: My first handgun purchase was a Raven MP-25 with the faux pearl grips. I still have and love it but for practicality I now use a .32 for backup. The secret for longevity of these guns is don't practice too much. If you can't master one of these after one trip to the range then you better trade it in for a good slingshot.
Raven .25 Auto Pistol Overview 5 out of 5

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Any help would be great..

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Raven .25 Auto Pistol Overview