How To Remove An Old Kitchen Faucet And Install A New One

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How to remove an old kitchen faucet and install a new one
How to remove an old kitchen faucet and install a new one
How to Install a Kitchen Faucet   (Removal & Replace) Installation
How to Install a Kitchen Faucet (Removal & Replace) Installation
Kitchen faucet replacement
Kitchen faucet replacement
How to Change Out a Kitchen Faucet
How to Change Out a Kitchen Faucet
Removing and Installing a Kitchen Faucet
Removing and Installing a Kitchen Faucet

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annemarieklein: I watched mostly all the "installing new kitchen faucet" videos and yours was the best for a semi beginner!! My kitchen was new when I moved in 4 years ago, but the faucet must have been a cheaper one because it broke. It looks like the faucet was installed before the garbage disposal because no matter how I twisted myself I could not get to a bolt that needed a socket wrench. After a couple of hours, I hacksawed the faucet off. After that which took me another 45 min., it was smooth sailing with your video. HUGE thank you to you. (I say semi beginner because last year I had to cut a pipe and put a compression valve on and change the innards of a toilet.) I am kinda proud of my 62 year old self!!

Jennifer Campbell: funny how we're replacing the same faucet for the same reason.

Dexes Guide: Thanks for posting this! Gave me the inspiration to do it myself. Couple of things that got me in a bit of trouble:

1. the little circly things that came with the new mixer, I didn't initially put that inbetween the aerator that came with the mixer and the mains water lines. Without it, it was leaking major.

2. My mixer wasn't held in place with screws but with a plastic bit that goes around the hoses, and screws tight from below to the bits on top (sorry I can't describe better). I didn't tighten this as much as possible before I connected the mains on. When I did finally get the mains on, the mixer was loose. Had to unscrew everything, tighten up and reattach everything again.

Good Luck peoples!

Donnie J: slowest dumbest guy I've ever seen. you must be a union worker

Dawn Bater: Thank you, just used this video to do it ourselves! We are pretty proud right now. We are not normally able to do this kind of thing.

Inquisitve m: hey, i need to drill a hole. i believe my sink is stainless steel. it is painted white on top, but on the bottom of sink it appears to be stainless steel. is it just a matter of getting a bit like yours and then drill? it is very thin sheet.

Juaneitor5000: good camera.

H-ch Oub: freak it

niseys1: What if you replace the faucet and your hot water is still running slow 

Kelly Williamson: Thank you for posting this. Funny we had the same setup, except I didn't have to drill a hole.   Saved me the time off and cost of a Plumber !!

Julie Busse: Your video gave me great step-by-step instructions and I was able to remove old and install new faucet. So grateful for this tutorial which gave me skills and confidence to achieve this task. Thank you, thank you!!!

Hong Park: thanks for your video!  used it to successfully install a new kitchen sink.

kettanistar: I received a quote of $225 parts and labor to replace my kitchen faucet. Thanks to your video I saved $160..very greatful. Completed in 2 hours with one trip in between to Hime Depot. 

pei bossman: my one handle kitchen Fawcett keeps shutting off, the Fawcett handle falls down on its own and shuts off the water, what is wrong? thanks...

Mary Gault: A plumber came this morning and said he would charge $275 to install my new Kohler faucet.  I said thank you, but no.  And I found your tutorial.  You saved me $275, but more important, you taught me a skill that I'll always have.  And my faucet works beautifully.  

Terry Kelly: Thank you. Very helpful.

TheBah12345: my large nut didn't use screws. It is screwed very tight. Any idea how to get it to budge?

ClassySexy82: Nice job, unfortunately this is too much work for me so i will pay someone to do it. Thanks for the upload.
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How to remove an old kitchen faucet and install a new one