How To Remove An Old Kitchen Faucet And Install A New One

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Stephen Sylvester: Thanks for posting this video! It was really helpful to me in removing my old faucet.

Charmaine Castro: Funny my instructions didn't say anything about securing the other holes is that normal???

Lisa Thumm: Awesome instructions! We are all installed and the water is running smoothly. I don't know if I should thank you cause now I have some dishes to wash! Oh well, it's a pleasure with a good running faucet. Thanks!

Linda Corbett: great, i can do it myself.

Tom Robie: Lesson learned by experience , do not use backup shut off with washers especially for the hot water side. Replacement and new shut off should use mini balls with no unreliable rubber washer inside.

nicolepotterarts: Thank you!

yo bro good wht: nicely done

Mark Williams: I am trying to remove the old one hole faucet. The round nut secured by two post screws is more of an oblong on mine, but the same principal. I loosened the two screws and used them to get a grip but have only been able to turn about 1/4 turn. The faucet is behind a deep well sink and not really able to access with any tool I have. Any ideas?


Party Hub: Thanks a lot

LovelyEllieL: I'm a handy-girl, but never, ever replaced a faucet of any kind. Just uninstalled my old Moen kitchen faucet, and replaced it with a new one. Didn't think it was possible for me to do this because of my lack of plumbing experience and tools. But your explanation and videotaping was so thorough, I was able to get the job done with no problems! Thank you so much for saving me hundreds in plumbing costs.

kyle christensen: i've never installed a faucet, nor am i a 'handyman'...i received a Delta B1310LF-SS (a single handle faucet, as mine steadily leaked water when it was turned on) for Xmas from my older brother - and was reluctant to even ATTEMPT to install it...not only did it not come with instructions (...i googled the model #, downloaded & printed the PDF) - but, like i mentioned - i've never attempted anything like this before. Your video was the first - that i watched... (delta's being the second) Delta's video skipped so many important steps that you covered, from the removal of the old faucet - and the installation of the new one. their 'instructional video' was probably 3 minutes in duration, tops.

followed your instructions on removal of the old faucet, installed the new one w/ clear acrylic around the edges of the clear-piece before 'setting' it, then screwing it in place.

i hooked up the lines, using two pairs of pliars (no wrenches available) - slowly turned each water supply on - NO LEAKS! i was ecstatic.

i unscrewed the aerator, and ran it for ~1 minute fully open, both hot and cold - 0 leaks.

thank you so much for posting this video - without it, i couldn't have gained the confidence to even attempt this project.

infinite gratitude to you, @backyardmech !

thegeist72: Removing the EXACT same faucet (brushed nickel finish). Thanks for posting!!!

banana lumpia: dude awesome frames!

Joseph DeFalco: thanks

Boyet Cruz: Thanks so much for posting this,.. saved a lot not having to hire a Plumber.

gman100: Chemicals are in city water not well water. The hard water just has a lot of mineral content .

holten: Thank you for this tutorial! I was able to remove & replace my kitchen faucet because of your detailed video explanation. I'm thrilled to have a new skill :)

Hugh Mingbean: putting my nuts on when i'm underneath the sink is always my favorite part.

Martha LoPorto: I always seem to mess up plumbing.. Thanks for making this look so easy and helping me fix my Facet problem. People who post helpful videos such as you have are a god send! You saved me a bundle on a plumber fees as well..
How to remove an old kitchen faucet and install a new one 5 out of 5

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Stephen Sylvester: Thanks for posting this video! It was really helpful to me in removing my old faucet.
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How to remove an old kitchen faucet and install a new one