Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips And Suggestions

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Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions
Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions
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Darieee: any clues on how to fix a Compact Flash Error ???

Donnie Aloot: naayos din

Anil Krishnan: Hi Michael. I suddenly started getting this error on my Canon EOS XSi Rebel which is 5 years old. I removed the SD card, Battery and Lens and waited for 20 minutes re-inserted the Battery and clicked, still get the error. What should I do? I tried changing the SD Card and fully charged the battery and changed the Lens, still get the error. What is your advice?

msbecalee: Tried this with different lenses, still getting ERR99. My guess is the camera body issues, is there a link to repair it? Cannot find a camera shop anywhere. 


crx4me: i have the same problem with an external flase... what do i do ?

mdiosan: thank you very much ! :))))

Rudi Wells: Same as insightskate, I had this when trying to use the flash on my 40D, it would just hang for a few seconds and give the error. then one day a couple of weeks later it just started working

Poi159: Thanks for the tip! Will keep that workflow in mind.

entyce66: i had the same issue everytime i wld turn it on it wld click so err 99 is broad i removed the lens and the component in the back by the mirror was getting caught i popped it back so now i take pictures no err 99 but half of my picture is black smh

Steve Oh: Will I get the Err 99 if there is no CF Card inserted?

Janek Kolo: OK, but where is date/time battery located? In the same slot where main battery is?

CHARICEFANNUMEROUNO: my canon 550 d t.rebel.. is not working coz it prompts card protected.even i switch the card's protection both sides .still not working .is it a major trouble?tnx

MichaelTheMentor: Try with a different lens.

Bernadette Byrne: As a complete amateur, I was despairing of my camera until I saw this video. There are not the local shops to go to any more for advice etc So far, I think you've helped me cure the problem. Really appreciated, thanks you :)

USOMetroDC: Michael I used the pencil eraser technique and it worked!! Thank you so much for posting this video.

Randolph de Leon: @AETrainingDavid97 thank you sir.

CAESARbonds: My dealer said my buddys camera is crap. its a e10d. it takes one picture, even with flash and auto focus that all works great. and then err99. I also made a picture without lens. shutter and mirror are working. so still planed obsoescence and more electric waste for the bin?

randi1len: Thanks! It worked. I did all three things in the exact order and ............Back in business! I like the way you taught this mini lesson. You made it very easy to understand. Maybe I'll order a DVD?

Jack Hickey: This is one of the most helpful videos i have ever seen. i took every thing off and then i waited 20mins and then re-instaled the battery and took a pic it said error99 but then i took out the battery and put in again and it worked then the CF card Worked and then the lens work that you ever so much do more of these videos in the future there very help full Thanks

ayaz choudhry: hi we r london based camera/camcorder repair centre looking for experinced part time technician if intrested drop me a line please

InsightSkate: I just started getting the error 99 yesterday... and it only happens when I use the pop up flash... I really hope I don't have to send it to canon

Trisha Nolan: After waiting the 20 minutes and reinserting the battery, as per your great video (thank you for that), I get a mixed bag really. Right away here I get a buSY signal. I go on and put the card in, still with a buSY signal, then, after puting one lense on, it tries to work, but wont focus, or let me take a picture. Another lense continuously tries, where another just doesn't focus. All the while, lower LCD screen is blank no matter what I do and the one above may be on even when camera is off.

MichaelTheMentor: @B4uknowme09 Try it with a different lens! Sounds like this is where the problem is.

Ibrahim Al-tiay: My one turned out to be one of the ribbon cables not all the way in. I'd opened my camera earlier to fix a flash issue. All working now :D Thanks for the video.

Iamu4ea: Thank you so much for this video!! It works great now!

Filipe Coragem: it would be better if you show how to do it! better than all this talking...

Are Serrano: all i do is open and close the little battery door and it works perfect after

nick1296: It is the sensor A resistor failed(popped)

dakipro: I had 99, and it was battery problem. Battery was "lying" the camera about its capacity and went empty while still showing the full state. Then camera had no idea what the issue was, and reported 99.

BeyondReality2: I'm waiting for my 20 minutes for my camera to be done now, I have a Cannon Rebel XTI, and everytime I take photo's that have too much light in them (such as being outside or in a well lit room) my camera gives me the dreadfull Error 99. So hopefully this will fix it! (:

InsightSkate: holy crap you read my mind by posting this. got 99 literally yesterday

TheSunshinegal67: Michael has explained, why is that hard for u to visualized on how to do t urself??

Delmark Marte: Hii..I'm trying to reboot my canon because i got that problem to...i always rebooting but error 99 are in there always...i remove my lens and cf card and the battery is in the camera and when i turn it on error to fix this please help or give suggest...

DanyVargasGT: Great, it works fine for me, Thanks!

Randolph de Leon: please help. how can i take shot w/o the len? what mode? how? thanks.

TheSunshinegal67: Have u tried it and see if it does or not??

Je-Nell Abeshima: Thank you so much. Found it was my zoom lens that didnt work. Other lens works perfect. Great and helpful video. Now need to get a new zoom lens.

sammy1382: great!!!!! i was so worried i would have to buy another camera !!!!!!

K3rmis: I have Canon EOS 30D .. and i had this "Error 99" and i almost crap my pants when it came up... Thanks for this video. Now it works fine when i cleaned those pins in my camera and in the lens.. :)

MichaelTheMentor: An interpretive dance perhaps?

cameramanu: Yes I had it on my 40D so I sent it to Canon and they fixed it. My 7D had no problems.

farral: I have famus ERR99 from a week and today I find out it's happened only with EF-S 17-85mm and only between 17-29mm. From 30-85mm still works great so it's a obviously lens problem. I heard that sending it to Canon costs almost the same as new one. I think I will try to fix it by myself. There is one DIY site. If it fail the new one byt not 17-85 this time will have too be bought. Please cross your fingers. Thanks

MichaelTheMentor: @gervin911 Thanks! This lesson was actually the same steps Canon outlined for me when I had the issue, so...its more of a way for people to identify where the error is. And yes, contact issues can cause error 99 as well.

PHDoze: wow! thank-you so much! i found this very helpful :)

roxy1769: Hi Michael , it is one of my lens that is doing this , how do i fix the len

gervin911: Very good exlaination Andrew. However "error 99" when using lens is 95% lens aperture problem. and 5% lens main bd. if camera has lens contact falure , you will see "error 01". Cleaning lens contact won't help much.

Randy Sprouse: i get the e99 on my Canon Rebel xs. I always get it when I first turn on my camera. I remove the battery, then I can take plenty of continuous shots with no problem unless I take a 30 second rest. Then I get the error again. I doubt its my lens. I've been using it for a year and then one day E99!

alverth King: aguien me puede ayudar en Español? tengo este problema con mi cannon rebel eos xti saludos!

Coccc22: thanks
Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions 4.8 out of 5

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Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions