Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips And Suggestions

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Carlee Wicks: YES.... It worked!!! Thanks Michael, you saved me bundle. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, "We sincerely appreciate your time and effort for sharing your expertise in this matter."

Happy Trails, Carlee

Michelle Dillon: Thank you so much, my camera is my life.. I love taking pictures and my camera has been down for a long time... I had not been able to take pictures for ever until now.. I have one lens that don't work... now my camera is in business....
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Nicole Lamberti: Michael- thanks for the helpful tutorial. Followed the steps in your video- Think I narrowed it down that it's a CF card issue- other than changing to another CF card (which didn't solve the Error 99), what are the next steps? Thanks.

Peter Rafeiner: One of 3 things, Camera, Lens or Memory card.
What's left?
Ah yes, I guess that rules out the strap then :-)

Bernadette Byrne: As a complete amateur, I was despairing of my camera until I saw this video. There are not the local shops to go to any more for advice etc So far, I think you've helped me cure the problem. Really appreciated, thanks you :)

Randy Sprouse: i get the e99 on my Canon Rebel xs. I always get it when I first turn on my camera. I remove the battery, then I can take plenty of continuous shots with no problem unless I take a 30 second rest. Then I get the error again. I doubt its my lens. I've been using it for a year and then one day E99!

Ibrahim Al-tiay: My one turned out to be one of the ribbon cables not all the way in. I'd opened my camera earlier to fix a flash issue. All working now :D Thanks for the video.

CAESARbonds: My dealer said my buddys camera is crap. its a e10d. it takes one picture, even with flash and auto focus that all works great. and then err99. I also made a picture without lens. shutter and mirror are working. so still planed obsoescence and more electric waste for the bin?

USOMetroDC: Michael I used the pencil eraser technique and it worked!! Thank you so much for posting this video.

TheSunshinegal67: Have u tried it and see if it does or not??

TheSunshinegal67: Michael has explained, why is that hard for u to visualized on how to do t urself??

Je-Nell Abeshima: Thank you so much. Found it was my zoom lens that didnt work. Other lens works perfect. Great and helpful video. Now need to get a new zoom lens.

Trisha Nolan: After waiting the 20 minutes and reinserting the battery, as per your great video (thank you for that), I get a mixed bag really. Right away here I get a buSY signal. I go on and put the card in, still with a buSY signal, then, after puting one lense on, it tries to work, but wont focus, or let me take a picture. Another lense continuously tries, where another just doesn't focus. All the while, lower LCD screen is blank no matter what I do and the one above may be on even when camera is off.

Janek Kolo: OK, but where is date/time battery located? In the same slot where main battery is?

MichaelTheMentor: An interpretive dance perhaps?

Filipe Coragem: it would be better if you show how to do it! better than all this talking...

MichaelTheMentor: Try with a different lens.

JOHN MaRtZ: Hii..I'm trying to reboot my canon because i got that problem to...i always rebooting but error 99 are in there always...i remove my lens and cf card and the battery is in the camera and when i turn it on error to fix this please help or give suggest...

AlpacaMagica: I'm waiting for my 20 minutes for my camera to be done now, I have a Cannon Rebel XTI, and everytime I take photo's that have too much light in them (such as being outside or in a well lit room) my camera gives me the dreadfull Error 99. So hopefully this will fix it! (:

Steve Oh: Will I get the Err 99 if there is no CF Card inserted?
Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions 5 out of 5

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Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions