Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips And Suggestions

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UnrealVideoDuke: I have a simple fix... The easy way I solve my problem is to open the battery door and close it again. My camera does not like the Soft Sleep State. No problem with Battery, Lens or Memory Card.

Carly Mason: Hi. I have a Canon 350D and I'm getting a busy message when I try to import into Adobe Lightroom. Would you know how to fix this by chance?

noelsiso: Thanks for the video very helpful! I tried everything you mentioned and it seemed not to work so I was ready to try one last thing. I changed my settings from single shot to multiple HIGH setting and just filled the buffer and it worked like magic [40D with 50 1.8] Note: changed card and formatted, switch lenses, changed settings from single shot to Continuous HIGH.

Jacy Hart: Could you tell me what the possibility are for an error 50

Joy Basagan: HI THERE....

Carlee Wicks: YES.... It worked!!! Thanks Michael, you saved me bundle. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, "We sincerely appreciate your time and effort for sharing your expertise in this matter."

Happy Trails, Carlee

Michelle Dillon: Thank you so much, my camera is my life.. I love taking pictures and my camera has been down for a long time... I had not been able to take pictures for ever until now.. I have one lens that don't work... now my camera is in business....
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Nicole Lamberti: Michael- thanks for the helpful tutorial. Followed the steps in your video- Think I narrowed it down that it's a CF card issue- other than changing to another CF card (which didn't solve the Error 99), what are the next steps? Thanks.

Peter Rafeiner: One of 3 things, Camera, Lens or Memory card.
What's left?
Ah yes, I guess that rules out the strap then :-)

Michael Gogan: Excellent advice - thanks.  Isn't it great how sometimes the simplest solutions are the best :-)  In my case it was the lens connection, resolved in a minute..  


Anil Krishnan: Hi Michael. I suddenly started getting this error on my Canon EOS XSi Rebel which is 5 years old. I removed the SD card, Battery and Lens and waited for 20 minutes re-inserted the Battery and clicked, still get the error. What should I do? I tried changing the SD Card and fully charged the battery and changed the Lens, still get the error. What is your advice?

Rebecca Laker: Tried this with different lenses, still getting ERR99. My guess is the camera body issues, is there a link to repair it? Cannot find a camera shop anywhere. 

Darieee: any clues on how to fix a Compact Flash Error ???

Bernadette Byrne: As a complete amateur, I was despairing of my camera until I saw this video. There are not the local shops to go to any more for advice etc So far, I think you've helped me cure the problem. Really appreciated, thanks you :)

Randy Sprouse: i get the e99 on my Canon Rebel xs. I always get it when I first turn on my camera. I remove the battery, then I can take plenty of continuous shots with no problem unless I take a 30 second rest. Then I get the error again. I doubt its my lens. I've been using it for a year and then one day E99!

Ibrahim Al-tiay: My one turned out to be one of the ribbon cables not all the way in. I'd opened my camera earlier to fix a flash issue. All working now :D Thanks for the video.

CAESARbonds: My dealer said my buddys camera is crap. its a e10d. it takes one picture, even with flash and auto focus that all works great. and then err99. I also made a picture without lens. shutter and mirror are working. so still planed obsoescence and more electric waste for the bin?

USOMetroDC: Michael I used the pencil eraser technique and it worked!! Thank you so much for posting this video.

TheSunshinegal67: Have u tried it and see if it does or not??
Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions 5 out of 5

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Error 99 - Canon SLR Troubleshooting Tips and Suggestions