Maratac Watch Straps And How To Wear Them.

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Maratac Watch Straps and how to wear them.
Maratac Watch Straps and how to wear them.
A Nato Strap Special - Best Place to Buy. A Guide On How To Fit Them & What To Look For
A Nato Strap Special - Best Place to Buy. A Guide On How To Fit Them & What To Look For
NATO watch band. basics
NATO watch band. basics
NATO Watch Straps
NATO Watch Straps
Maratac Pilot Watch
Maratac Pilot Watch

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Tyler Hason: Nice video

Dan Severn: Thanks for you vid my NATO watch strap is now fitted. Many thanks.

Scipio1479: Awesome vid, very informative.

fiononana andrianirina: I just got myself a SKX 007 today and once I got it i changed the nato strap to a black zulu, it looks great and more comfortable. 

Justin Greif: Thanks for the video!

CompuDude: Nice vid. Love my Zulu watch band for my drysuit, The one thing he left out of the video is with the long band, you bring it back in and repeat the extra loop on the set of rings on the other side of the watch.

Tr0llaccount: i'd really like a black 18mm strap with low lite hardware. :( 

Jason Andes: that was big help trying to figure out new watch and strap. Thanks a lot Jason

freedubus: VERY anxious guy. He made me anxious too.

flokk: just to follow up...LOVING the black low-lite zulu. Looks amazing with everything.

flokk: Great vid. Was band shopping today and this really came in handy. Snagging a black Mil-Nato momentarily and probably a green too.

BotsmackYT: Thanks for the video. This is exactly what I was looking for when trying to decide which band to put on my Casio.

eskerbillion: Maratac straps are great! The ZULU is my favorite and I wear it on a Seiko SBBN007 "Tuna Can." It's nice to have the option of placing the buckle either on the bottom of the wrist or on the side. When I'm on the computer I keep the buckle to the side of the wrist so it's not pressing into the keyboard.

tullywacker: i bet he wears alot of denim

countycomm: The TSAR in the video had prototype domed crystal installed. This concept failed during development because the watch became too difficult to read under water. Only three were ever made with the domed crystal.

jjlwis: webmaster. can you give me the upgrades that were added onto that TSAR/GSAR.

Awesome Silver: nice
Maratac Watch Straps and how to wear them. 5 out of 5

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Maratac Watch Straps and how to wear them.