Proscan 10.1 Inch Tablet Review (Model PLT1044)

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Proscan 10.1 inch Tablet Review (Model PLT1044)
Proscan 10.1 inch Tablet Review (Model PLT1044)
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Proscan 10.1 Internet Tablet Review.
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Proscan 10.1 inch Tablet Unboxing

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Maxime Bérard: OMG !!!! burn this crap !!!!  3:00

Frank Joseph Quiroz (J. Cue): wait so I don't have to root this tablet?

Frank Joseph Quiroz: nevermind

Frank Joseph Quiroz: hey how do i get the android market, google play or plpay store on this tablet

Frank Joseph Quiroz: plz respond

magentawave: Has anyone rooted this and did that eliminate all the weird stuff?

Ahmed Raza: thanks good and helpful review

LaSushiFighter: Hey Maugryph, I would use this tablet for writing if I got it, is the tablet accessory compatible with keyboards and cases? Or those keyboard case combos?

shopdeltautah: would you know if you can update the proscan to jellybean? i go to the update software part of the os but it asks me to check if their is an update.ext file in the nand or sdcard. any ideas on what this might mean?

maugryph: Thank you :D . As for the 1gb of ram, I was certain it did. Unfortunately I no longer have the tablet. it's antutu score was around 3000 with nothing installed and running, the same ranking of the cheap d2 tablet I reviewed not too long ago, and it had the same specs with the exception of the larger screen. If is not a gift for a casual user, I would recommend getting a nexus for a extra $70 if you can live with 8gb of hdd space and no microsd slot. it's tegra quad core rocks

maugryph: yes, but the older android marked not google play. I provided a link in the description how to do it

maugryph: your welcome :D

bandroidx: Very awesome review, gonna pick one up. This really has 1gb of ram? You confirmed it? I was suspecting that was a misprint for this price, they usually have 512mb under $200.

SHINGOKU UZUMAKI: how can install market????
Proscan 10.1 inch Tablet Review (Model PLT1044) 5 out of 5

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Proscan 10.1 inch Tablet Review (Model PLT1044)