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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Lidia Angelo: ci siamo anche noi, dal 2.33 al 2.45
Fred Finizzi: I agree with EVERTHING you said in this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like your reviews. I am a GrimmGreen, Phil Busardo, Ruby Roo and Suck my Mod(Matt and Vee) viewer. I watch all of them and all of their videos as they are made with Grimm being the longest followed by Phil and more recently Matt and Roo. I watched Ruby and Matt form their first videos and I went back to Grimm and Phil's archive to watch every video they ever made. Vaping for three years has given me a chance to see a lot of reviewers and it has been a long time since I would even consider subscribing to anyone in addition to the few I mentioned. I just subscribed to your channel and look forward to more reviews and I will enjoy going back to see your archive of videos that were made before today. I really like your flow and get to the facts style! Thanks for your contribution to the community of Vapers.
Alfred Powell: Hi I just moved here were do I get ducktape
Lps Kitties: I'm glad I'm latvian
Gento: Yo what it dew! I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to LIKE the video if you do and enjoyed the Outlast series! Also let me know if you're ready to see more new horror games starting soon! #TeamYMD
tiehut: I love this movie, but it ignores the simple concept of compound interest. Bradley Cooper's character quintuples his money every day on the stock market, yet he needs a loan shark to make enough profit? This is silly. Before he found the loan shark, he had $10,000. Had he just continued to quintuple his money every day without borrowing money from the loan shark, his $10,000 would had become 10 million dollars in just six days. On the tenth day, he would have 2.6 billion dollars. On the fifteenth day, he would have 2.6 trillion dollars. On the twentieth day, he would 687 trillion dollars. All this without borrowing money from a loan shark who later tries to murder him.
DracuReny: grasias

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