Motorola SBG 6580 Cable Modem With Built In Wireless 'N' ..

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Motorola SBG 6580 cable modem with built in Wireless 'N' ..
Motorola SBG 6580 cable modem with built in Wireless 'N' ..
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Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580 DOCSIS 3 0
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Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 Unboxing & test
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Physical Set Up of WiFi Modem (SBG6580)
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Changing Your Password to the SBG6580 Gateway/Modem
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SBG6580 Video Tutorial: Windows 7 Wireless Connection
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Understanding the signal levels on a Motorola Surfboard Modem
Unboxing: Motorola SURFboard SBG6580
Unboxing: Motorola SURFboard SBG6580

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Darren Davis: Not to mention there is quite a bit of distance and wall/flooring between the computer and the device.

ranscott2005: wow, with this modem and cox cable top tier, I'm getting 68 download and 22 upload on my wireless on Speedtest. net. the modem is back in a bedroom and i'm in the dinning room. that's amazing to me!

Arne Maeschaelck: Here in Belgium we only have DSL internet or cable internet. No fiber. My provider has fiber to the backbone, but that's it. My ex-DSL provider has VDSL2 but only in the big cities, so not at my place. I had only ADSL at 4 mbps down, 0.5 mbps up, and they couldn't tell me if there were higher speeds available for me in my street… So I left them and got cable internet. Now I'm getting 120 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up (uploading is always slow in Belgium, except when you have a business internet plan)… I've got the same modem but with the carrier's logo on it. The WiFi connection of that modem/router is crap, I had to buy a second access point. But with a RJ45-cable, I'm really getting awesome speeds. 10 ms ping - 114,4 Mbps down - 5,94 Mbps up I know some people have a lower ping than me, here in Belgium, but I live in a tiny city and the cable isn't underground here (on other places, the tv distribution cable lays under the ground), so when the weather's bad, my speeds can go down a little :( I actually had no problems with that yet :)

Jack Mejia: How many devices can be connected before you see a slow down? My girlfriend has an SMC from time Warner. She can have 2 people streaming a video but when a third person tried to surf the Internet, it doesn't load anything on the third device. 

Edward Innes: cannot connect dlink dir820L to my sbg wireless Motorola cable modem/router

TJFII1978: There will be a stat titled speed: That tells you the speed at which you are connected to the router.

majestics97: Thanks it helps to know

DarkFusion1080: looking at these scores makes my wifi look like crap

André Reber: you have more upload then i do download

jose31hartford: Does it work with comcast?

tonycns: N is faster but you need a wireless device that supports N.

mpa324: I should have been more specific. I meant the router, I got it in wireless network mode wpa2 aes. I'm still getting 130mbps

howardkevinm: mostly likely it should. the Gateway (which is what he has) uses your computer cards speed. I have I Gateway Modem and a 1Gbps Eternet Card so my connection is considerably faster. I pay Comcast for 105mbps and I routinely get 125mbps.

DarkFusion1080: even mine is like that our city is planned to get google fiber so i look forward to that

Rob M: You can also buy the SBG 6580 and they will let you use it like any other sanctioned modem you can buy.

Dipen Patel: Can't believe I am paying 49.99 for 6 MBs for frontier. Im gona get TW rite now.

Ps3ReacTGaming: thats not very good

RedFromWinter: How well is the wireless range, and how well does this perform when there are many connections? I am looking to purchase a reliable cable modem/wireless router product.

hung pham: Hi : I bought one, but I could not get WiFi working ! No signal, even the WiFi light is on & flashing. I tried CD loaded in, I tried WPS button. I would greatly appreciate your helps. Thanks

TJFII1978: You are testing your internet speed when you use speedtest net. You are not testing your wireless N speed at all. The way to tell the difference between the wireless G and N speed is to go into the network & Sharing center (windows vista, 7, and 8) or network connections (win XP). Click on change adapter settings if you are using win vista or newer, it will open your network connections window. Find your wireless connection and right click on it and select properties or status (win 7).

howardkevinm: my speed is so fast the speedometer cant even calculate it lol. 121.21mbps down and 21.75 up. Nearly 4 times faster than yours.

sga86: What wireless bandwidth are you getting? 100, 150, 300Mbps??

Michael Norman: I'll break this down in a way I got a 9 year-old to understand. What confuses people is the idea that a faster router gives you faster internet. Wrong. Pretend your internet speed is the speed of your car, the speed data travels on the internet highway. And your car goes 120mbps max speed without any traffic to slow you down. Stay with me: As you near your home, the speed limit is suddenly 400mpbs, about 3 times the speed you pay for. No matter how much you try, 120mbps is your limit. Think.

Dan B: I so love mine got mine for free from craphouse, just ask them to swap for it!! I can torrent and play online at the same time with no lag!!!

Rob M: @TJFII1978 True, but Ive had other wireless N routers that couldn't do these speeds in this situation.. one point of the video was to show speed of 30+ Mb/s were indeed more then possible to a few naysayers who told me interference from neighbors ( I live in apartments ) would degrade my signal too much. At first it appeared they were right, but after a few channel changes I found out they were wrong.

Konnor Adams: i dont even get 4.0 download lol

lonelyboy323: I am a bit confused. so which one is better N Or G ?

voronwae: Thanks, 40928rf. The only problem is that this test has little to do with 802.11n compared to 802.11g, and more to do with you testing your download speeds.

Widg3t's Widgets: you can never trust speed test apps.....and BTW, ookla runs both of those speed tests

Scott Mukubua: yes it does have one home at my home

Lalabran: My internet plan is up to 100mbps download speed and 20mbps upload. Will this modem allow me to reach those speeds?

mpa324: I just got this setup,i cannot get 300mbps for wireless how can you get that,i have it all settings with wpa2 aes.

dyrokudobane: Wireless N unless your computer doesn't have a wifi card that can handle N. They go from a, b, g, & n with the first being the worst & the last being the best.

xRickyVI: can someone help me? my modem(exactly like this one) works perfectly but from time warner cable i have turbo but im only going up to 10 download speed but im supposed to get 20 download speed. is there a way to increase the box speed?

Anthony Marquart: Why pay their lease on " Their " equipment ; unless its temporarily , but the modem

JadedSaints: Good review of the wireless capability. Thank you.

josephekirk2: SBG6580 Cable Modem Wireless Router is the Next Generation High-Bandwidth Services and Home Networking. Read something special at:
Motorola SBG 6580 cable modem with built in Wireless 'N' .. 4.6 out of 5

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Darren Davis: Not to mention there is quite a bit of distance and wall/flooring between the computer and the device.
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Motorola SBG 6580 cable modem with built in Wireless 'N' ..