Make A Cyclone Dust Separator - The Cone (part 2 Of 3) (home Made Cyclone)

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Homemade Cyclone Dust Filtration Separator for CNC Router
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Make a Cyclone dust separator - The cone (part 2 of 3) (home made cyclone)
Make a Cyclone dust separator - The cone (part 2 of 3) (home made cyclone)
BUILD: Dust Separator
BUILD: Dust Separator
Make a Cyclone dust separator - The test (part 3 of 3) (home made cyclone)
Make a Cyclone dust separator - The test (part 3 of 3) (home made cyclone)

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Anexism: The sealant you used, what's it called? Also, how well does it stand up to the constant barrage of dust hitting it?

Angel Vega: Very Nice job Abraham. I liked.

michaelsway359: Hi Jord, I like the how too on this but I am unable to get to the plans. Keep getting a 404 not found error. Any chance i can get them??

mushtaq mirza: Nice work well done I like it. Thanks but I have a question if I want to make by my size so what is the formula to cut round? Thanks again Mushtaq Mirza uae


Ted Weddell: Tape the joint together before drilling for the rivets. ;)

Bruce Bochicchio: Same here; link to plans is not working.

Paul Gustar: trying to download plans using the link & all i get is your website with the code 404 Not found & the message "No Results Found
The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post." Please help..

SuperBardley: Jordan, great video series.  Your narration and edit techniques are succinct and to the point -- good stuff and thank you so much for your generous share!!

Suggestion to save steps, simplify, and improve strength:  at ~ 3:56, you start cutting off the tabs.  In typical HVAC installs, the tradesmen will KEEP those tabs in order to fasten the cone (in this case) or the sheet metal ring in the top hat to the top hat's MDF flanges/plates. So, simply bend them outwards to 90 degrees, apply a generous bead of sealant, and staple or screw (use 3/4" self-drilling sheet metal screws) them into the face of the MDF top hat.

If you cut out the hole for the cone w/ a jig-saw whose base has been set to the same angle as the cone, then you can simply drop and seal (here, construction adhesive would seal and secure the cone to the MDF) the cone directly into the top hat; one could also bend the tabs over and fasten those into place w/ the screws.  One could also use this same technique to attach a short straight pipe section to the bottom of the cone which would provide a connection point for clamping on a short piece of flex that makes an easy on-off w/ the waste bin.

Enrique Lavayen: Jord first of all thanks for the videos and keep them coming! Nice job!

Link for plans is broke "Error 404 Not Found" says. Could you share the dimensions for the cone? Just height and both radius Please!

Thanks and again GREAT job!

Bob Bobbie: I used to install vinyl siding so I still have a metal break. next time you make a cone, find a metal break and bend over edges on the joining section of the cone that can lock together and then just be hammered flat for permanent attachment. This will also give a much tighter air secure connection.

telosfd: Oh yeah i gonna "buy" one from the next street. Thanks.

JordsWoodShop: As much as I would like to say I sat down and did all the geometry, I based the sizing off of commercially available units

Frank Spillman: Jord, how did you go about sizing your cone? Just copied a commercial one, or some gee whiz calculation? Looks good so far!

JordsWoodShop: thanks, Ill give it a shot next time

JordsWoodShop: Yes Bondo is the same thing

Bike Man Dan: Thanks for the videos. Haven't heard of builders bog before. Is it like Bondo?
Make a Cyclone dust separator - The cone (part 2 of 3) (home made cyclone) 5 out of 5

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Make a Cyclone dust separator - The cone (part 2 of 3) (home made cyclone)