Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna

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Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna
Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna
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Jim Edwards: nice work. love my old president Washington. ")

Junior D: I remember them 2 stooges when I lived in Newburgh years ago...Now I see why they were always in the mud...

Donald Davis: The first important thing of any antenna for any type of communications service, Ham CB, cell service etc.... is that you own and use a SWR meter and know how to use it.  For me, if you can't fine tune (trim it) the antenna.... leave it in the store! As the SWR goes up, your effective radiated power goes down.  If you only have 4 watts to start with... even more important. I want as near to 100% of my RF to leave the antenna.  The old dipole antenna.... you can get it right on the money with a little effort!

Josef Becker: Save your money and get a real radio. (Ham)

jeremy h: Them ham ops walk around like thier crap dont stink and 2 corn cobs shoved up thier ass..

scorpiocat69: For horizontal polarization, either antenna can be hot but for vertical polarization you want the top hot."...from wolfington dot net articles dipole...good luck! p.s. for verical apps the "top" antenna is "hot", bottom one is "cold".

scorpiocat69: WOW! This is unreal...Hope to be "jawin" with ya, might even try that spkr-wire thingy! Will be shoutin' out from Port Jervis area on a base/mobile GE Model 3-5871-B....Yeah, it's an "oldie" but I just found it in an old box in storage...It was Dad's...he'd be laughin' now if he was alive: KBEX6837, signing off...see ya soon, and THANKS!

Bob BURRILL: Radio is radio... i'm an "amateur" too... and what that means is ... Not Professional. You don't have to be Art Bell to enjoy the airwaves.

purplemutantas: It's sad to see the tension and arguments between hams and CBers. I am planning on getting my ham license. I did a little CB when I was a teen. I currently own a couple of hand held CB's and plan on getting a mobile or base station CB. I plan on having the CB's to compliment the ham radios. CB is nice because it's unlicensed and I can hand a radio to any friends or family. For emergency communications it's nice to keep your options open. So I am opting for ham, CB, and possibly FRS.

powerbassjunkie06: Very nice . I've got mine on a antron 99

coupescuts: I remember it being around a 1.5

Yak1978: i know this is made long time ago .wondering is your swr swing high during modulation?thanks



sonarofthesouth: no foolin just call your friend on the other end..................dont fool nobody!!!!

Robert Reed: For the record CB use to be a Ham band not the other way around as some would lead you to believe.

Gailen Gillespie: I'm guessing it would be the vertical wire. If I understand, almost all C.B. work is on vertical antennas.

motoforlyfe: Not to shabby! AM or SSB?

coupescuts: @dirtbike5100 That is a barefoot Uniden Washington and we spoke to one guy that was 21 mi away as the crow flies.

motoforlyfe: Is that a stock radio? How far were you getting out?
Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna 5 out of 5

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Jim Edwards: nice work. love my old president Washington. ")
Leo Croes: A friend of mine owns one of these things. They're quite a beast. 
you tube 425: Don't waste your money on this piece of crap. your'e better off getting Roku which has more features and cost the same.
Onemorevictim: That 155 Grain underwood is trucking......
Also, with your spreadsheet you included what do the different colors mean? thanks for your time

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Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna