Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna

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Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna
Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna
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Josef theradiogeek: Save your money and get a real radio. (Ham)

BananaJSSI: @coupescuts It does indeed

chris3661981: superstar wavin a hand, i remember this like it was yesterday lol


Robert Reed: For the record CB use to be a Ham band not the other way around as some would lead you to believe.

coupescuts: @jeff35401 Does your ham ticket make you feel special? Does it look good hanging the basement wall of your mother's house? I thought you hamsters were supposed to be "kinder and more civilized" then us dirty chicken banders. Thanks for posting hammy!

VirtualLiquid: Nice video. Inspires me to put up my dipole in my attic. Hope it sounds good. For all you complainers out there.... cb ham cb ham blah blah blah I got both and have nothing bad to say about either one... sometimes I'm in the mood for superbowl 6 or somtimes I'm in the mood for some ppsk cw. Or sometimes I'm in the mood for some good ol convo on lsb 38 ... what it all matter anyway... l8r

kc0ccb99: what gauge of speaker wire did you use for the dipole ?

CookieGiRL: @jeff35401 Mac vs. PC much? LOL!

51nw: @irright freak YOU!

office888: Very nice work. Get it up in the air and you'll find it works even better!

coupescuts: @kc0ccb99 it's 14 ga

Branko Mihajlovic: Great job mate maybe your SWR would be bather if the vertical wire dose not touch ore be near that metal beam or WTF but you probably already figured it out until now 73 to you from 45 division. And just to now I love CB as much as I love HAM radio don't now why some peoples hate CB when it is all the same freaking thing the only thin different is the frequency, but that is theirs problem 73.

K9Handler521: AdamAdamAdam!!! Cool video.....love the Dooley watergate...lol. Dave looks like Phil Donahue...lol. Check my vids out, have Ch.6 watergates on some of out Trams....putting together a vid now of Birdy's mobile we have been working on here in the shop...talk at ya soon!! Wall to wall and tree top tall....Killerkitty 521 Droppin the Maul!

coupescuts: @lac365 Good question, I don't remember.

N5LRZ: @jeff35401 You can put amateur radio digital on a cell phone. The software generates audible tones via a computer sound card. Just hold the cell phone near the computer speakers. On the receive just put the phone near the computer mic. Of course you have to have a good cell phone plan . You can even do this on a wired line based telephone. N5LRZ

IwillhonorGod: I bought to Cobra 29 LCD LEs today, and a wilson Antenna of some sort, and I was hoping to find out how good a wilson antenna is....I figure it must be fairly good because a lot of gas stations and truck stops carry them, they can't be absolute garbage or no one would sell them. And I wanted to find out what is the best. All Radios are very interesting to me, and electronics for that matter. I hope to get my ham license soon, maybe this year.

Jeff Land: very nice setup maybe i will try to talk to you someday

coupescuts: @N5LRZ Now, that's the type of "ham" radio people should be angry about!


coupescuts: @garyhalfpintbowler sounds good, I'll take a look. Thanks.

51nw: @irright lowlife white nigger trash.

garyhalfpintbowler: nice video my freind,,,,,,, pls could u look at our website over ere in the uk ....the website is caleed (meet the breakers.co.uk) thanks garybowler

glk001: I've made a lot of these, but in the inverted V position and V position...Found the inverted V works best and kept SWR's low...Any wire will do, copper or aluminum cut to resonate to the 11 meter band...Although wood will conduct elctro magnetic energy, it's by far not the best...Try to keep the antenna wire away from wood if possible...Most important thing is, have fun!..

EdzGarage: I was a huge CB'er in the late 70's. This brings back some great memories!

Moby Dave: @IwillhonorGod Wilson Antennas are probably one of the best if not the best mobile antenna you can have.


dirtbike5100: Not to shabby! AM or SSB?

coupescuts: @1OFGODSOWN I had it around a 1.3

jeff35401: @coupescuts You are NOTHING butg a CB'er who happen to have $15 in his pocket and you memorized a few questions and answers and signed your name and was issued a ham ticket. You DID NOTHING to earn it. You are a CB IDIOT,, ACCEPT it.

N5LRZ: @jeff35401 I do not know if you are aware of it or not, but there is something called 'Echo Link' on the internet that allows amateurs to use their computers as radios. They speak to distant parts of the world using the internet rather than the standard antenna. IF you should be interested to a google using Echo Link as the search words. N5LRZ

IwillhonorGod: I expect a lot of problems on the earth here soon, and videos like this, are good. That is how to make antennas, I think a lot of people will soon be needing to make their own products. When there money is worthless. Or when there is going to be war. Or disease. Or fuel is going to go through the roof. .....I think Ham radio is good. When main communication lines, are going to go down, these are the back up systems.

IwillhonorGod: @coupescuts keying on ducks?......sounds like you know some more cb jargon than I do. Never heard that before....probably true for the most part with ham radio operators.

glk001: The second time I watched the vid, I would suggest running both legs down opposing rafters making an inverted V...Try to offset the wire from the rafters a bit...YOu an also use pvc pipe with an elbow to make an inverted V, mount your wire and attach it to the building...Or a str8 V would also work in that configuration...

1OFGODSOWN: What was your SWR on the ATTIC DIPOLE?

dirtbike5100: Is that a stock radio? How far were you getting out?

IwillhonorGod: Man the arguing going on here is pretty retarded, between cb and ham radio operators. the way people act these days, seems like they have a shortage of enemies, and they need to make some more. I can't understand how people can be so bitter about different communication systems.....you know what you people have in common?...you have bought these systems to communicate with others.

coupescuts: @MobyDave1583 agreed. Aside from the large competition style, center loaded antennas Wilson is the best out there right now.

51nw: ham radio is for pusys! freak YOU HAM RADIO OPERATORS! YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF kitty LITTLE maggotS!

coupescuts: @BananaJSSI Thanks, I'm sure that dipole comes in handy with the conditions we have lately.

OneFabFisher: nice washington

51nw: @irright no I AM done with you punk. freak YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY.

scorpiocat69: WOW! This is unreal...Hope to be "jawin" with ya, might even try that spkr-wire thingy! Will be shoutin' out from Port Jervis area on a base/mobile GE Model 3-5871-B....Yeah, it's an "oldie" but I just found it in an old box in storage...It was Dad's...he'd be laughin' now if he was alive: KBEX6837, signing off...see ya soon, and THANKS!

mark197878: i know this is made long time ago .wondering is your swr swing high during modulation?thanks

coupescuts: @dirtbike5100 That is a barefoot Uniden Washington and we spoke to one guy that was 21 mi away as the crow flies.

john doe: whats the reason you need the wire haning down near the floor with the clamp on it?cant you just string up the dipole with out that?

IwillhonorGod: I think thought when the sun is going to burn 7 times hotter, and put out lots of magnetic waves, and these waves are induced into electricity in wires on the earth, in ways it was not meant to operate. Electrical things, with wires above ground are going to be unless, and I think, radio will be down for the most part. Although, there is a new kind of radio wave, that could be made, that does not go through space. Nikola Tesla discovered it, but 100 years later main stream science has not.

N5LRZ: @coupescuts Compare the legal abilities of CB to Amateur, note I stated 'Legal',. side by side and the truth will be self evident..... N5LRZ


bluejay148: hey nice job anyway can u make a another video using the radio wavz double bazooka antenna for cb radio i am interrested in using wire antenna can u use pvc pipe for viertical and flatside keep up the good work its been awhile sense i been on cb i need to catch up on it soon
Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna 4.5 out of 5

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Homemade CB Radio Dipole Antenna