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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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TheCommanderJack1: good
Audioquest56: Il Leone!
Matthew Nguyen: 0:49. I feel so sad for Tubbs <:(
enjoli ortega: love your hitting good work to all of yall ;]
Brian Kitchen: Hey stop being a jurk I bet you couldn't do anythang these good
Burn Gaming: I'm confused I bought an orochi it's tip is purple and the spin track is to 
Buttery Biscuit Base: My Mom has one of these but the 1.2 sport version (manual of-course living in the UK), I'm currently learning to drive and for a week I had to drive it for private practice reasons. I'm 6' 1" and quite 'generously proportioned', I had to have the seat all the way back and set in the lowest position and still I only had about an inch between the steering wheel and my legs, it was extremely cramped and affected my driving ability because of the amount of room that I had to manoeuvre inside. That being said this isn't exactly a manly car so I felt a bit embarrassed to drive it at times, especially in situations where the car's lack of performance hindered the driving enjoyability - meaning that I would often be overtaken by other drivers because they would do anything to overtake a learner driver even if that means overtaking me on blind bends. Trying to get out of the car is also like trying to climb out of a coffin, mainly because the uncomfortable and jittery ride turns me into a corpse. Overall I wouldn't recommend owning this car if: A: You are above 5' 7" B: You are a male C: You have a spine and D: You favour performance in a car With that aside, my Mother likes it so I suppose that's really what matters as it's her car. :P

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