A PBusardo Review - LAVATUBE Version 2

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method978: Great great review tactics and presented with engineering ethic and moral reasoning tactics directed towards the consumer. Your also somber, unlike Grimm, and various others. Thus, more creditablity, great job.

Look forward to your newest reviews...:)

m35a2lover: Can you please make a video on how you take measurements on devices with the oscilloscope ?

Anthony Tanchak: I have the Lavatube v2.5, which updates the V2.0 to VW to go along with the VV.  Everything else about the device is the same (materials, screen, shape, etc). My only gripe with teh device, and Phil had this as a thumbs down in this video, is the 510 connection.  My wife is on her 3rd Lavatube, and I am on my 4th.  The fist 2 lavatubes we had, both developed problems with teh 510 connection.  They worked fine out of the box and when the fist devcie was placed on it, however, for whatever reason, teh 510 would fail when a different device was screwed onto it.  For instance, I put my Kayfun on the device first. Than, I replaced teh Kayfun with an Aspire BDC Vivi Nova clearo, an dthe 510 connection would not read the Aspire (when checking the resistance, the Lavatube displayed 9.9 ohms, meaning no device was found).  I had to back off teh aspire tank a 1/4-1/2 turn in order for the Lavatube to read the resistance and allow me to vape.  Then, I took off teh aspire and replaced it with the Kayfun, and the exact thing woudl happen with the kayfun.  In fact, afer a few days, the Lavatube stopped reading all devices, no matter how much I backed each devce off.  When I retruned it to Volcano E-Cigs, they stated that the insulator became damaged.  This happened to a total of 4 devices (2 w/ the wife, and 2 w/ me).  The third ones we received work fine. Not sure if it was a known problem and they fixed it on all of teh Lavatubes or not, but the 510 problem is no longer there for the most part (I will occasionally get th issue again when using a 510/ego adapter for my evod clearo.)  Volcano Cigs also recomended ONLY using thier cart tanks with the Lavatube as their cartos' 510 connections are made to be the same legth as teh depth of the device's 510 connection.  Using any other 510 devcie is not recommended and can void the warranty!!   

The 3rd one I recieved had to go back due to the threading "siezing" and I was unable to uncrew the device to change the battery. Volcano Cigs stated that the threading issue can happen especially if the threads are not cleaned regularly (being that the device is aluminium and not SS, the threads are "softer" and can degrade slightly over time especially if dirty.)  Volcano Cigs also recomended using a good lubricant on the threads to help with thier lifespan as well.

All in all, a good device, onc ethe issues were cleared up.  I do, however, gice Volcano Cigs a HUGE thumbs up for thier custimer service.  They replaced all my Lavatube v2.5's with no issues, and I received a new one in a little over a week after sending my faulty ones back.  Their customer service reps were knowledgeable and friendly and answered all my emails within 24 hours.

Tyler Portik: Phil is Definantly the most influential vaper on the web, looking to get a v2.5 but this review showed all I needed to k ow hope they're as accurate with wattage as they're voltage because I'm going to get one this week. 

nyjeterss: going to review the 2.5 version anytime soon!!!!?????

Kaarle Nurmi: A big fast mouse cursor running across the screen a few times at 02:03 ;)

mattallmon88: Nurolizer 

PJo336: Really wish they had a recessed threading, that sucks its not for my iclear 16s

Joshua Beam: What's the improvement opposed to the V2.5? Looks like they've added variable wattage.

Jeffrey Dunnage: Sorry about the negative post. Misdirected anger. love your presentation and humour. No hard feelings. post removed

MSP Pando: Do you go around to every Lavatube review and cut & paste the same thing about Volcano eCigs and Lavatube? You've been busy.

Steven Sawyer: Nice looking device, great review.

natedoggcata: I am absolutely DONE with all Volcano products. Their quality has dropped significantly in the last year

michael b: volcanoecigs now has a lavatube 2.5.its vv/wattage and 2 other features I don't know about.

Ryvin Vapes Wunder: Awesome Review!! I ordered one off their labor day sale and have been vaping with it a week now, I have no battery rattle, it feels pretty secure and produces some great vapor. Love the easy menu system. Thanks Phil! Couldn't go wrong for under 50 bucks! :D

gonzovaporpell: Always wanted to snag one of these but always ended up buying another Provari or a new limited mech or genny. Usually Provari lol. Just love em but gotta have a good mech (or few) around when you love gennys!!!

Jayson King: In the Lava Tube V@, can you use a higher mah battery of the same size that's rechargeable? Any feedback would be helpful. Just bought mine last night.

Kangiten: PureVape.com supply them. They are a UK bases supplier

Derek J Holak: Would you happen to know where else I can purchase a Lavatube other than VocanoEcigs? The only colors they have to offer are gold, pink and red. I am wanting a black one.

spookanide: These guts look like an old version of the Vamo? What's with that.
A PBusardo Review - LAVATUBE Version 2 5 out of 5

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litebluu: wat happenned to narutos mom does anyone know?
xxChetOxx :D: gama media esa cochinada gama mierda :)
Lovin'Life2016: Nice review.  About 10 years ago, I read a series on Native American Indians by Gear.  When I started, the first one I bought was actually the 16th book in the series, which I didn't know at the time, so of course it was really good so I had to read the first 15 then.  Thank goodness for libraries!  What I liked so much about it was the plants and trees they used for medicinal purposes and the foods.  This was before the discovery of corn, grains, and their diet was mostly meat.  Each book covered a different part of the United States and they described in prologues how we have just plowed over and under most of the remains of those civilizations.  Farmers and later businesses were not required by law back then to preserve findings and even if they were, some didn't respect their significance.  I think that is what our modern civilization should be so ashamed of.  I don't think detailed Indian history is even taught in school now, is it?  When most people think of Indians, I think it is the picture of small villages with teepees, etc., and not huge civilizations with thousands of residents and structures and roads and commerce.  Well...that was quite a rant!    Excellent price on your coloring books by the way.   I'm really looking forward to Johanna Basford's Christmas book.
Alaeriia: Personally, I would love to see a pinball tournament where the final game is unknown until the final round, and turns out to be something that is pinball-themed, but definitely NOT pinball. A race in the Waluigi Pinball circuit from Mario Kart DS comes to mind immediately.
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Diana Leann: Those flutter lashes are gorgeous! Great haul! Just posted my phamexpo haul too!
AdriannnTRD: thats the 4cy for sure, i know what the 3vz sounds like. nice try though

A PBusardo Review - LAVATUBE Version 2