MIUI Rom For Xperia Neo V

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MIUI rom for Xperia Neo V
MIUI rom for Xperia Neo V
прошивка (rom) MIUI 2.9.29 on sony ericsson xperia neo v
прошивка (rom) MIUI 2.9.29 on sony ericsson xperia neo v
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo with MIUI ROM Android 2.3.7 ICS 4 review
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo with MIUI ROM Android 2.3.7 ICS 4 review
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo with MIUI ROM Android 2.3.7 review
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo with MIUI ROM Android 2.3.7 review
Xperia neo v rom xperia z1
Xperia neo v rom xperia z1

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Aakash Tyagi: i want to ask one thing that... is it necessary to flash a kernel first before flashing a rom..??. if yes can u pls give the link to download the kernel suitable for the above rom.

freelance: 3 things lol.. ROOT, unlocked bootloader and CWM....

Sidd Mishra: This ROM is Beautiful from Outside but the Speed and RAM Mnagement is pathetic.

Pablito (Roms for Neo V): work record in 720p ?

omfgsqueak: It's "me you i" not my you i.. thought u might wanna know.

Aroa Maureira: I wanna install the kernel for can use this rom I download but dnt work flashtool on fastboot say all time no fund Im rooter and superuser and all is correct on my phone I do like all the forums step by step buuuut nothing!!! Can u help me? I WANNA THIS ROM ON MY XPERIA NEO V


Mikail Palit: Do you have a link for GAPPs? I can't find the correct one

Jatin Kapur: hey i use this rom and love it :D i wanted to ask you that if i flash the walkman app for 2011 xperia models, will it work?

Sidd Mishra: i get only 40-50 RAM free

Diego Sobral Santos: has the ftf file, not to have to use cwm?

Diego Sobral Santos: has the ftf file? the link passes

Abhijeet Chaudhari: i seriously like this rom.. this is my first time to flash and install any rom to my phone can you tell me in detail how to flash and install the rom and the other things that are to be done please

Николай Стоянов: Ohohoh, it's very laggish, I've tested it. I like CM10 (you can download it from sites.google.com/site/projectfreexperia/ )

neovguy: nice video murali....can u pls tell the procedure to install the rom...coz i am stuckin bootloop

M's Tech Blog: I will try to make a video for showing how to flash. but I cant promise on that, as i already have flashed it. You can find lot of help and detailed guide on the xda forum. Try there as well.

M's Tech Blog: Yea, the customization takes up quiet a lot of RAM, But the phone does quiet well, I have not seen freezes like the ones one the stock rom. Only Issue I have faced while browsing is that the browser closes and its quiet bugging. But the rom provides you apps that can handle autostarts and ram cleaner as well.

uranglintau: @muralidave great video bro, I gave it a thump :) a question, how about the RAM availability? I mean, it's very beautiful ROM, but it has a very advanced customization which probably can consume lost of RAM :) and even the internal storage. And you're right bro, all you need to do now is to show us how to get it installed on Neo V, I'll be looking forward for that video.

vikky: Okay.. The video is Awesome and gud rom.. I want to know.. whether i can flash and root using ICS with 4.1.B.431xxxx .. I tried to install ADB drivers .. I cant able to do.. rooting also cant able to do.. So if have to downgrade means what i shoud do n how.. Can u pls explain.. I just love the rom... Thanks a ton in advance .. Great work dude.. thumbs up for u

M's Tech Blog: I'm not sure about that. I suggest you read the steps mentioned in forum-xda and Do it. I believe its good to have GB for rooting and then flashing a custom ROM, as the latest version of ICS provided by SONY OTA doesn't support rooting. So it should be easy for you.
MIUI rom for Xperia Neo V 5 out of 5

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MIUI rom for Xperia Neo V