DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press

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DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press
DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press
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ثامر العراقي ال دليم: What percentage pressure hydraulic km tons ??

OldSalt: Very good idea my friend, thanks a lot!

Trumble Research: Cocaine

Сергений Благодарный: Вот какой ПРЕСС у меня получился после вашего видео

Invaderguy78 Of Space: Yeah, I was working on a car with my dad, and I asked him if jacks have fluid in it, like a press. And he said yes. So if you take one of 'em 2 ton jacks, build an upside down mount that can reach the maximum distance of the arm, boom, crushing things liek no tommorow.

NachoNate48 :: Can you plz make a 200 ton press? I'm just curious what would happen if you crush a crystal ball of obsidian. That's it. Oh BTW I'm new here.

Edwin T.: Hmmm, just wondering what size is the long bolts and nuts? Im assuming your metal is 1/4? I coulda used a small press like this to press out some small bushings in my brothers lower control arms

Denfktinso Noyb: My 8" bench vice does the same thing, crushes and more.

Ťặṝệḱ Ậḯṩșøû: 👌

Hendri Chen: no unlimited energy supplied... no free energy. brooo

kim alvarez: do u think I can make like this with pizza dough to make it flat and round easier, i'm just thinking like the DOUGH PRESSER thing which is very costly....

RvI2106: Be aware that, in case the object that is being pressed slips, it would destroy anything near it including your face. This is a common accident with metal presses. I would construct a metal fence around it before anyone call it safe! Great Idea anyways.

Jayj93pgt: what thickness of channel iron did you use, and what diameter is the threaded rod?  I love this idea, it is a great press that doesn't take up a crap ton of space, and looks like It could be broken down and stored in a small case or something.  Very good idea!  I am looking to do some control arm bushings on a couple of my vehicles and down the road I am sure I will need to do a wheel bearing or 2 that are press in/out type.  I have been wanting a press but have avoided it cause they are so huge and I don't have room in my tiny garage to have one sitting around 24/7/365 when I only use it like once a year or 2. Gute Beispiele für professionelles Storytelling

Caballerojaguar: Reconozco que son muy útiles las prensas hidráulicas,......pero, me da risa el video al poner su ejemplo, aplastar un pedazo de tubo,.......en 2-segundos, con un martillo haría ese mismo trabajo,.....jajaja ah.

Joanne Webb: just what I need , a socket destroyer

Nguyễn Thanh Hùng: good. Thank you!
I like this.

heclam: What size is each u-beam and what diameter for the threaded bar?

tgweeve: Wtf???
Que estupidez

Paul Bryan TV: Crazy. If you like stuff being smashed, watch our videos.
Mean a lot to me to get some support
DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press 5 out of 5

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ثامر العراقي ال دليم: What percentage pressure hydraulic km tons ??
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DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press