DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press

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DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press
DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press
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homemade press , Pressing in control arm bushings
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Monkey: se avete paura che i prigionieri non tengano le 5 tonn. potete mettere 2 prigionieri a sx e 2 a dx ;)

Mark Soucy: hmmmm cocaine press

dyip32: ALMOST what I need... just need to figure out how to cut the C-channels into such pieces (assuming they don't come pre-cut in those sizes and how to drill holes in them? I unfortunately do not have an acetylene torch or anything like that :( 

Ricky Ricardo: ya know you can do the same thing with a hammer to flatten that little piece of crap pipe don't ya??

Sarah Dicker: Can I ask how much all the components cost for this set up? :) 

iknowsstuff: da power of da squishy!!!!!

Fred Smith: Weld, weld, weld for safety. Get the powerarc out and weld the thing and don't forget to bolt the jack down so it doesn't slip out while under pressure.

Flofy387: Really nice :D

str8dropitdoe: Sell me one dude.

Bob Jimenez: great idea! Perfect for pressing out a bearing and small enough to not take any room in the garage.

Micscience: Nice build. I myself would rather prefer something other than bolt threads for holding all that force but I'm sure it does the trick specially if it is just being used for smaller projects which I assume. Good luck.

Jaime Lousa: lina ideia

C-Veed: If I buy this material from you excluding jack, how much would you charge? I like the idea Thanks.


big block ford: I'm going to build one of my own. This is a great idea. Need a little press to get the wrist pins out of my pistons. Only drag is I have a two ton bottle jack. Just it's broken haha.

Esteban Chamorro: simple, rapido multiuso, muy bien

renard381: cool :-)

Carlos Delao: Parts used? Can we have a list?

Сергей Ко: бля .... он сделал это ! ! ! он , он , он домкратом , 5-ти тонным трубку сплющил ! ! ! 

Nabil Mimi: Franchement vous avez vraiment à la tête 

Trent7224: Threads are extremely strong on a vertical load like that. However you should use B7 all thread for that. It is equivalent to like a grade 8 bolt. Regular all thread is a very poor grade of steel.

Gkir1: Nice...... u cud bolt the jack upside down too and weld a extension onto it that way you could use sockets on the jack for different sizes bearings

hushamism: I cant believe it

Николай Ковальчук: Молотком быстрее.....

Shuss3539: can you tell us the parts that you used to make this? Thanks

Luis Fernando: You need more durable materials and a way better design, I bet these threads will be gone really soon if the shank wont bend first.

ditchbankkid: Is there anyway you can send me the specs for that press? I do a lot of automotive hobby work on my own vehicles and a press is called for on a most of the tasks. Or would you be kind enough post your specs?

HalfLife2Beta: whats the main component the bottle looking one?

skweekah: Beautiful. I love it. So simple yet so effective!

lee isenberg: I made one similar to yours, but your press is more compact. I like the slim design of yours, good job. Take care, from Tennessee.

auck2002: Thanks! I will go check out my local metal shops.

mopatin: Imagine a weight lifter that has up 100 Kg weights. Each hand and each foot stands 50 Kg. You cant divide the 100 Kg by 4 (25 kg each hand and foot). The same happens with the nuts. With the jack I dont create 10 tons of force, but 5 tons for the top nuts and -5 tons (the reaction) for the bottom nuts.

goodcountryaustralia: Great idea. Nice work

mopatin: The threaded bars can be found at industrial supplies stores. The U profiles at a metal shop. They have to cut them and ask them to make the holes. Since a complete U profile measures (in Spain) 6 meters perhaps you have to ask for remnants at the metal shop.

mopatin: The U beam are the kind U beam of 100 mm wide. The length, around 300 mm. The threaded bars are 25 mm diameter. The maximum height inside is around 500 mm.

Kevin Weimer: If you take another piece of channel like you have on top, weld or bolt a bung in the center of it. add an eyebolt on each side of it, and add an eye bolt at each side on the bottom piece, then the jack will come back down by itself. The third channel would float between the jack and top channel. Nice job though for a quickly made press!!!

JOSE ELIAS FLOREZ MUÑOZ: sencilla pero muy eficiente gracias que dios lo bendiga

THE5COALITION: Where did you get the u beam metals?

RIZARI MARCENARIA: ?????????qual o sentido disto uma marretada ja resolvia

cherryblue3: I want to do this for a project at work, could you tell me what materials you used to make this press? My knowledge on this kind of thing is pretty limited. If you want you can message me. Thanks!

Nanz Aalund: Thank you for adding a safety statement. This is an inexpensive way to make a small hydraulic press - I just don't want to see anyone getting hurt by it or you getting sued for not posting the dangers.

Mrboostin01: great vid, well done.

Nanz Aalund: This is bad advise because the jack is not bolted down to the frame nor set into a registration holder and the "press" is not bolted down to the work surface. This could spit out whatever you put in it and the jack could come out as well hurting the user and anyone else who happened to be standing by.

loki3050: Anyone have a good source for the steel U channel? I tried my local Home Depot and couldn't find any big enough, Unless I didn't look in the right dept. I'm in the NW Chicago Burbs if that helps.

diyengineer: Gotta do what you gotta do :)

Paulo Amaral: É verdade. Aparafusando a base em uma superfície de madeira mais larga, ficará mais segura de operar. Parabéns.

Jiajun Wang: things might fly off and hit you during the pressing...better put some protection there

ProMonkeyZ1: Check your local steel Scrap Yard, u'll be amazed what you can find.

walkertongdee: I can hear him breathin but don't hear any talkin...

Frogking9: it looks so much smaller on the thumbnail haha
DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press 4.6 out of 5

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Monkey: se avete paura che i prigionieri non tengano le 5 tonn. potete mettere 2 prigionieri a sx e 2 a dx ;)
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DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press