DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press

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DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press
DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press
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penetrus: Pręty budowlane o klasie wytrzymałości 4,8 :)

Brian Reddeman: Not a bad setup. I did the same but I used a 1/2 mild steel plate that slides up and down with the jack. I also used a larger steel plate with holes recessed for the bolts so I could leave it as a stand alone. Finally I used it only a plexi-glass screen in front (really just a 24x24" scrap of plexiglass) because...
I used a 12ton jack and one of the threaded rods failed with a loud crack leaving a couple of fine steel spliters in the screen.
That being said buy a small hydraulic press instead if you can :)

Bobby Baldeagle: It would be nice if you would TALK and explain how you made it and what you hope would be the end result with the use of this press and what type of parts you would expect this type of press would be best used for... thank you for your time and video... GB

FRIEDHELM ERNST ESSER: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , i got an bigtruck lifter,so i can now make an 500Ton press.......................

hamz72: Hey Mopatin thanks for the great idea, I was going to buy a 12 ton press but didn't want a huge thing sitting in the corner which I would use once a year so I decided to make yours. I made a video of me pressing in carrier bearings. Works like a charm. Thanks for the idea!

James Demos: Great start, what is the finished project look like? Do you have another video? I am going to use you idea as I need a small press myself as I work in the HVAC/R business and pressing bearings sometimes takes a press like this.

chris higdon: be careful though, zinc all thread does have a vertical and sheer rating.

Conoperez Alberto: hola de que grosor son las barrillas roscas gracias esta mas practico genial

fatamorrighan: Could you list the parts needed to make this.

Even Chen: Some thieves will use it burglary

Cacianvm: why did I not think of that !

jublywubly: Thanks for making this video.
That's such a simple, but effective machine. I only need a shop press for hobby work, so I don't want to spend a fortune or waste loads of space with a store-bought shop press. I'll have to look into building one of these.

jordan secrist: haha im sitting here looking through hydraulic presses to buy, and then i realize i can build my own for much less using a car jack and a frame, i look it up on youtube, and here you are with one made. thank you for confirming what i thought of!

DrPaul4justice: How would you make this thing electric, if possible with about the same power?

Miguel Jr: thank you!! i will be making one of these

Polite Man: please i have a question ....can we use a bottle hydraulic jack upside down ?

Polite Man: i think you are gifted !
but what is the name of these steel plates ? when i looked up steel plates or bent steel plates cant see same image at google , so what you call it ?

fucjape2: Saved me dollars, works like a charm, To all those safety freaks r, u blind yet from playing with it?

Drew Dawg: Where can I find the parts needed for this mainly the steel plates ? Thanks 
DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press 5 out of 5

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DIY 5 Ton Hydraulic Press