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Chase Butler: WOW! No one even tried to help... >.>

Avalon Peterson: lol "I Don't have a girlfriend" XD

k1lacanon: What are the cars in the video and how much do they cost? 

Ethan Martinez: People are stupid these days.

TheBazookap1mp: Bunch of freaking retards.. people could give a crap about other people's things.

Shaquille O'Neal: You guys, it is so easy to steal cars like this in real life!! Seriously, get off the Internet and try this crap out for yourself! Yolo 

SquareOne: Better take it to Los Santos Customs to get it resprayed 

NykPsychic: I wouldn't let anybody into the car, no matter who they say they are.

billyboyjennings: The most I would do is verbally tell them to stop. I'm not going to be an idiot and get crushed trying to save same random guy's car. Not my problem.

ntwa dumela: if a black person jumped in the car, public and the police would be on his/her ass RIGHT AWAY. fact is white people are more trusted than blacks, especially around valuable items including cars, so of course when whites take off in the car everybody is going to think "seems ok" don't know why you even keep a score on this crap video like you are proving something.

jacob banks: i would have ripped the bitch from my car and beat dat asss.

ppk300887: mustang...ok...but audi a4 how is that an expecive car...oh wait..maybe in the US but here..well here everybody has one of those

Claudia Leiva: Laptop sure let them steal it, Car NO way

russ lowe: That's ironic that that beach shopping center looks like Los santos where you buy the masks at in GTA V

TheJuggernauter: it shouldnt be counted as "stolen" if you walked up to the same people saying you knew the guy that owns it because id say about 80% of people are going to believe you especially when you described the person.

dreamer156rox: I'm mad that the guy on 1:30 has the word security on it and he let him get away -.-

eveneL ndyaH: Why would anyone leave their keys in the car? People would just assume its legit because they must have got the keys from the driver. Plus, how do you stop a moving car?!

doctamic: Google"do you mean a black guy stold my car"?

TheBlacklightX: I don't know why NO ONE ever thought about like suggesting to lock the car xD

Kevin Loutfi: Honestly, what are you going to do to stop them? Jump in front of the car? No. Think logically before you say they are idiots. 

Darzala: This isn't really a good way of testing "the good" in people. It is the car owner's responsibility to ensure his/her car is locked. Who leaves their car running, unattended, and unlocked in a public place? An idiot would be the answer. Idiots can have their car stolen for all I care. I wouldn't bend over backwards to ensure that an idiot's car was safe. I'd give the driver a thumbs up and laugh.

Douglas Riese: How's anyone suppose to know he's not really the owner's friend?

bigstudwithaguitar: I would have said, "freak no! I'm not watching your car! Why you gotta leave your car on? Just take the damn keys out if you're gonna be right back."

Alexs321432: its the fact that they said they knew the owner. More commonly then not, ive let other people drive my car around back or what not.

stephen saunders: 1:06 what a security

epicfail86: that dude with the "security" shirt...

Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen: Of course they don't stop you when you say you know the owner and even goes as far as to describe how he looks. Car theft may be common, but people waiting around for others to leave someone stranger with their car for a minute, to pretend to be that persons friend to get the car is not that common because it never happens. Pretty stupid video tbh

iNovaSniping: Why would you leave the keys in it

Nathan West: R.I.P. Beach Sandals Born - when purchased Died - 09/19/2013 Cause of death: evil white man in a beautiful silver Audi, viciously ran over a pair of black sandals for no reason... Funeral will begin on Saturday the 21st at 11 am...... Never mind a homeless man stole them... In loving memory 

DiecastEarthmoving: You should do this but where you walk out with a wedding dress or something to where they feel bad

TheRedParallel: LOL at every one judging the people for not stopping them. First of all, why would you leave your car on in a public place then leave it. Second of all, it's your fault if you trust a stranger for something that isn't their responsibility. This "prank" is stupid, and I'm sure all of you would do the same, especially when a situation like that could be avoided by the owner.

Bruce Wayne: Pathetic fearful people

Liam Toole: Idiots.

TheActiveDreams: I find it funny at 1:34 that the dudes T-Shirt Said Security

Mathewmartialart: so he values a laptop over a car!!!

Milan Svitek: I want to try this so bad... XD

Annaie1234: A car yea probably since ya know they kinda left it there but a laptop yea no way, ain't gonna happen

1317enzo: This i what i would do: Robber: Hey, my friend told me to move his car real quick Me: OK, just get him to sign a permit in your name

Gelato: Lol. Nice security.

SoulxReaper366: I would ask the person who's leaving the car's name and I'd ask the other person what their name was.

PinoyPvP: Coulda made a sick ebat with dem dings.

THEmickTHEgun: No wonder why they all get stolen no one gives a crap.

Nicolas Keeton: Watch my item, doesn't mean the person or people watching aregoing to get involved if something happens. Plus, if someone has the balls to steal a $50K+ car in front of someone watching it in a populated area, then the person taking the car probably will more than likely injury anyone who gets in there way. Roll up windows, lock doors and get/make an immobilizer. Also, don't skimp out on your insurance policy by trying to save a few hundred dollars.

Dimitris Tsinarian: just a bunch of frap boys with expensive cars...boring

jose prado: Where the freak they got those fancy cars, I want one of those

Nicolas: what is the song that is playing the beginning called? 


Mike Mok: "...I don't have a girlfriend" "haha sorry" well, sorry indeed LOL

Bruce Wayne: Would have been good if driver had turned off car and thief pretending to had hot wired car. 

William Jones: that's a damn shame
Grand Theft Auto Prank 4.7 out of 5

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Grand Theft Auto Prank