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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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AmA MaM: اا
johnsoncm65: You could probably have done this much faster and more easily if you used an airbag setup. You construct a wood platform to hold the engine, and build a frame to keep the platform from moving any way but up and down, and put the airbag system under the platform. Two airbags, one front and one rear, may be needed. But you'd have been done in an hour or so.
Deaddy Eddy: volvagia from Ocarina of time? xD
Higher Existence: I've bought Mark's album a few years back and would always blast it whenever I would drive anywhere. Through that, I've become very familiar with the instrument's sound. I have to admit, I got chills when I heard this. Even the most distinct embellishments where accurately emulated. Great job 8Dio!
J SHOT: Austin! Please do a 2015 version of this video but maybe a $600 PC if possible? I need help!
Pantheon: Thanks for the kind words! Sadly, we haven't solved the database merging problem. Using exportables leveraging feeds or features is still the best way. You can clone content from any environment, to any environment - including the database in its entirety - in one operation from the dashboard. The webinar next week will be focusing on a demo of Multidev features, then Q&A. A Pantheon Academy segment will be coming soon as well.
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