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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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nwsafety: yep, they take about 4 weeks to get which is faster than whelen, code3, etc... AND have a LIFETIME warranty on the modules.
Христиан Алькантара: Why not reverse the entire game from 8-4 to 1-1
Robert Lunatic: @bokiNYC hehe 610 and 630 is CRAP! i wouldtn take them if i got the for free! BUT.. what the 2008-2010mod 510 have is reliability! SXV is powerfull for its size, but theire engines break down fast as freak.. everyone i know whom had them had someproblems.. broken rods or stuff like that..
Angela Faith: you remind me of grav3yardgirl
Gixter1000: OUI Mate! I was wondering when the thunderous sound was going to jibber my jabber:) Can't wait for the sound.
Justin David Ocfemia: i like (y)
Imbedersup: @blackbadmac Ok, geez, take a chill pill!

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