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wolkaiser drake: it would be cool to buy just the frames and armor seperate from eachother, that way you could an extra frmae and not have any left over armor, or if you need an extra set just in case you loose a part, and the frames may be good for a gundam cusome, they look to be in the 1/144 scale so they could be good, just mod the head a little and it would be great for an inner frame, if only I could get some, I wish our toys R us shops would stock them, Iv checked the shops and even looked for siting around the UK, nothing, not even advert for them, and yet, NICK is putting the show on
mrnoodleman4321: he already did that and got great gameplay with it...it's one of his favorite equipment lol
Policosmetics82: I just got the other day Avon Absolute lipsticks in Pink Peony (you will adore it) and in Pink Renewal (you will love it too pale pink cool toned) - great lippies Such reat haul and gifts this bronzer loooks amazing yeah!
claydeighton: @justinchaffin1013 naaa im talking abput at other parks, i could never ride pegless so i had to make soemthing to get the whiney skater to stop bitching lol
fam downteram: พี่เลือด.. ไหล..
gentarion: no I would not, tried one just yesterday and theyre like toys, the radio has extremely short range (20-30 metres) and it so light its only an indoor airplane, tried it outside yesterday, it stalls all the time and its hard to trim out, and when i made a perfect landing suddenly when i picked it up the rear height elevator had broke, so it needed to be taped back, thus making the model heavy in the rear and un flyable
Horace Smith: Next challenge.

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