How To CLEAN And Reseason RUSTY Cast Iron

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zumbazumba1: NOTHING REMOVES RUST BETTER and CHEAPER THAN VINEGAR- weak 6% that you buy in store will remove heavy rust.Boil it and you will get stronger concetration. Put the rusted object in vinegar ,let it soak over night and then use : Old tooth brush and some detergent or hand paste to remove light rust For heavy rust soak it 2-3 days and every day use tooth brush or wire brush to remove layers of rust.

leaveitalone: Great tips here, thanks everyone.

John Grosso: Thank you for showing me how to stick a pan in the oven @1:10. Appreciate it. :)

joojiebee: I noticed you pressing down on the dutch oven into the bottom of the sink while scrubbing. If you place a piece of cotton on the base of the sink then you will not leave marks in the sink after cleaning.

TheWoodman1948: SOAP!! My grandmother would be spinning in her grave! I have been cooking in Dutch Ovens for over 50 years and I can honestly say I have NEVER used soap on my ovens! My Gram would have "whupped" me good if I ever did that! SOAP . . .NEVER! Coarse Salt to scrub with in a warm pan if you must clean old rust or crap off the oven.

dijornopizza: @TheWoodman1948 how do you clean it then?

LuvTheSnapper: I don't even "wash" my cast iron. I just run hot water over it, wipe it with a towel, and its done.

christschool: As others have said, never, never use soap on cast iron.

mh3rdwheel: upside down to dry it good then flip it over to dry more. Then get the lard out of the pantry, get a rag and dip the rag into the lard and wipe the skillet or whatever with the rag then let set for a few minutes then put with the rest of the skillets, this takes less time and never fails.

Todd Gorla: I have never nor will I ever use any kind of soap in my cast iron. there are much better ways to clean the rust out if you neglect your cast iron. Apple cider vinager is one.

ihatesquirrel13: were you using soap ? never use soap on cast iron

KRScorporation: That is not how to clean a Dutch Oven. Never, ever use soap! The soap gets in the pours of the metal and your food will have soap in it for a long time and you will spend your spare time in the John. Clean without water by heating it, purring in Salt and scrub with paper towels. The salt will be the scrubbing and your elbow grease will do the rest. Yes it is work but it works great. Then season as the video shows or do it on a campout. Worked for many years with the Boy Scouts, Soap is BAD.

Sash Wei: did he say elbow grease? can i use butter or olive oil to coat pot?

DoctorJanina: I am looking forward to doing it your way since I do not have time or a desire to build a BBQ pit. Thanks for making it easy!

Rachel Ward: You don't need to heat the pan to 450 degrees. That high a heat breaks down almost all oils and creates toxic substances that are bad for humans to consume. Even heat-stable oils don't stand up well at that high a heat. You only need to season a pan at 350 degrees, and many oils can handle that heat without breaking down into nasties.

fryguy1819: 420!

Eric Raasio: Another way, other than a BBQ pit is to use a self cleaning oven. Start by buying a fireplace brick from hardware store. Heat it for a few hours on around 200 to make sure it is dry. Once it cools down. Take out your the brick standing up between the elements with the pan on top. Start the oven clean cycle. This will remove any crust from the outside if you have been using it on a campfire. When done, use oil to remove any rust residue and reseason.

Eric Jordan: Forgot to mention, there was that one time, she got an old cast iron skillet from a friend. It had a rust spot or two, and all I remember Mom doing, was using steel wool and elbow grease, I asked why she didn't just warsh it like the other pans, and she said cause once you put soap in, you may never get it back out. Cast iron absorbs. After removing the rust, heat in oven or bbq, and give it a coating of oil and let pan cool naturally, then repeat process 2-3 times for great cast iron cookware

Snow Toez: Is this man a homosexual?

mogges: HAY DUDE NEVER EVER USE SOAP ON CAST IRON.The best way to clean an re season them is first build your self a fire in a BQ pit. then place the skillet in the fire up side down.burn off all the crust.once is all burned off then start by taking lard or bacon grease and coat the inside.put back on the fire this absorbs the grease into the iron.If you need to clean it after this is done the USE (SALT) NOT SOAP.THE IRON ABSORBS THE SOAP

Ren Steffler: thank you so much! this video was exactly what i was looking for. I just found (today!) an old cast iron dutch oven that had sat outside over a few winters and the woman who owned it was throwing it out. i rescued it from the garbage and i wanted to learn what was necessary to restore it. it's beautiful, and it will be a labor of love, but i'm willing to do it! thank you so much!

Noahs Ark: Why do this in the house, it stinks something awful. Why not use the bar b cue outside?

Fred Flintstone: Use Flax oil. It gives the hardest and most durable finish.

Mary H: I have found the best oil to use for seasoning is flax seed oil. Just an FYI for what it is worth.

MrDeengels: That music is awful!!! Lol

Cream Of Weber: Oh. Good deal then.

vintgeaeagle1: thank you for keeping it simple and minimal, and not talking for 5 minutes because you like to hear yourself talk. love the tips!

Joe Tactical: Why would that matter? He shared lots of helpful ideas and didn't fill the video with a lot of fluff... You can take away helpful info or you can focus on something that doesn't matter...

Hubert N: Aw, it remindes of my Granny taking the cast iron pots to the creek and using sand to clean them. Thanks fot the memrories neighbor/

JefafaSB: I've always been aware that you can use soap on COLD cast iron, just re season after the fact.. Food for thought, soaps were originally made from animal fats.

SizzlechestXXX: The only way to really get rid of rust is to use the electrolysis method.

eminence18: @SANDST0NE nicely put

email16v: Good job dude

Jack T: @TheWoodman1948 HA HA! I know, right? My grandmother would have died if you tried to wash one of her iron skillets with soap. Her corn bread was always perfect and would nearly fly out of her skillets.

dick tracy: Don't ever use soap or vegetable oil when cleaning and seasoning cast iron cookware. Use hot water and beef lard or bacon grease. Deeply-rusted cast iron ware should be sand-blasted then washed with hot water only, then warmed in the oven to about 200F and coated with the above, then baked at 400F for a minimum of 3 hours. Your favorite spices mixed into the seasoning is optional. Wash one more time with a sponge to remove surface residue and coat with animal fat again upon use. That's it.

DCFunBud: Music is cornball.

TheMrKrause: Nice

deaconblue9038: Really ,I have a new pan I'll have to try that on! Thanx

firedragonblue: OMG PPL!!!! listen to what he is saying for Christ sakes! he is RESTORING this RUSTY cast iron oven. not "cleaning" a ready to use or previously used oven. >.> so in this case yes soap is OK! since his putting on the FIRST coat of seasoning and then adding more layers later. the no soap rule only applies to items where the seasoning ALREADY on the item wants to be kept. not in the case of an item being STRIPPED and a new seasoning being STARTED. geez

Cream Of Weber: Yeah... you cheated yourself out of money. Since professional sandblasting costs more than a new oven.

SnafuenFrance: Good, easy advice.

leonAzul42: +1 for Frank Foster's "Shiny Stockings" 8^)

Expert1911: I have had amazing overnight success with the home electrolysis method. Put in the vat overnight and 100% rust free in the morning. Google: richsoil cast-iron rickswoodshopcreations Miscellaneous/Rust_Removal

deaconblue9038: Nooooooo!!!! Never use butter,Olive oil is okay typically you wanna use some kind of fat,shortening,veg,corn or Canola. Maybe even Peanut oil although I've not used any of these oils to season my cast iron.I know family members that swear by them,each to their own preference. The pans I have inherited from my mother, where my great grand mother's. They've seen nothing but lard on them as far as I know. (It's the only thing I use lard for)

Fred Flintstone: Flax seed oil gives the hardest most durable finish!

Brenda Hodgins: One time I had a friend sand blast a nice old cast iron pan I purchased from an auto wreckers. It was in bad shape. It came out silver and shiny... funniest thing... I soaked it for a really long time and just kept changing the oil. Took forever for some reason??? The outside stayed silverish and it was the best cast iron fry pan I have had or used. I use hot oil and steel wool or a steal scrubby to get rid of rust. I wouldn't recommend oiling them before putting them away,

AllOtherNamesTaken: It is fine to use soap if you are entirely reseasoning a cast iron pan it is okay to use soap. It will all be washed/baked out and then covered in a sealing layer of oil

mh3rdwheel: Hi everyone. I had to comment on this video, for the last 5 years we have cooked strickly with cast iron (dutch ovens big and small, skillets, griddles, etc.). We were given some really rusty cast iron dutch oven the kind you put over an open fire (one weighed around 75 lbs and the other 35 lbs) they were really rust, my husband wired wheeled the dutch oven to get the rust off, then he used a scouring pad and some water, cleaned it good. rinsed put it upside done on our electric stove. (cont)

Eric Jordan: I grew up with my mom having a cast iron skillet, when I was young,I thought this pan must've cost a million bucks they way she cared for it. It was made very clear to NEVER USE SOAP in cast iron, heat em up, and grease and salt. Coarse sea salt can be a good abrasive, or just good ol' table salt. My mom used to wipe it with a paper towel to make sure all the salt was out, and every so often she'd oil and heat in the oven.

Diana Fischer: Thank you =)
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How to CLEAN And Reseason RUSTY Cast Iron