LG 840G - Downloading And Using Opera Mini 7.1

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Carlos Paiz: can you download Google Maps with Opera Mini?

jbasketballgirl16: +Timothy Taylor Yes

Tim Taylor: Will it take minutes to download over the phone service?

Alex Atrocity: WHY does youtube not work???!?!?!!?!?? D:<

Alex Atrocity: wont let me do it...

Andrew Ramjag: :I      wont work

Bethoven Valcourt: wenever I want to download a game off of opera mini it say untrusted midlet and the closes I need halp big time


devin jackson: thanks

TRU3 GAMER1337: Thx man I always wanna to download snap chat in the lg840g

Black Man: i went to instgram

Gilbert Hancock: Would be nice if you could talk.

Curion Anderson: Thank you Very Much

sickboylegend: is there a way to remove those 2 stupid preloaded game apps off?

CokeBomb5: can you remove that wierd keypad thing???

john shailer: music too loud (distracting). 20 mins ago I watched JaninaTutorials on YouTube...suggest you do the same (regarding preparation and presentation.

solarvolcano: It indicated data charges may apply. Were you using wifi or carrier internet? How were the data rates charged? (Minutes internet per tracfone minute, etc...)

Anthony: Music too distracting. You show somehow that its already on your phone and your installing it. How and where did u get it on your phone?

Lindsey Keffer: Wow thanks for sharing this video it helped me out a lot with my new phone!

kekeyagami: does it still take away minutes when your on opera mini
LG 840G - Downloading and Using Opera Mini 7.1 5 out of 5

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hofirito: Thanks for the video! I fixed my waterpik after watching!!!!!!!
Carlos Paiz: can you download Google Maps with Opera Mini?
Spruskinzie mooskenzie: Still the most beautiful piece of console hardware ever. I just bought a 80GB ps3 from gamestop and man I forgot how awesome PS3s really are.
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SueBug Adams: I'm for sure gonna be looking that info up you said at the end, I still have four years till I'm able to join, but better to learn early than to late, thank you!
Ludus Jake: freak this, its like interactive self torture.

LG 840G - Downloading and Using Opera Mini 7.1