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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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D Lastname: Have you done a video on the spin mop ?
Thokova: xD du korrigierst dich auch immer wie ich im Let's PLay mit gefahren ehh geflogen XD und so
The Guitar Factory School: I'm sorry did I miss something ? where's the review ?
AefionBloodclaw (Andy Lex "Aef" Bain): I played the reprinted version of Deathtrap Dungeon, its not unplayable at all. Sure it took me ages to finish it due to the nature of the gamebook, but it wasn't unplayable at all. Also, I disagree with the combat in the video game, there were tons of other options other than just hack things with a sword.
トリックベラ: このアニメほんとにエグイ😭
henry carmona: I dont know, was the frozen water bottle in contact with the simulated fish in one and maybe not in the other?
TheMadMattster: to be fair, even by 89 the alternative revolution was starting to murmur and the 70s generation in those bands were starting to acknowledge Kiss as an influence, fully coming to fruition with the Grunge guys. In 86, they were just not cool. Same thing happened with Iron Maiden. 1995 they were playing CLUBS and by 1999 they were reuniting with Bruce and Adrian because the climate had changed by then

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