Мультфильмы про машинки - трактор - песни для детей

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Машинки. Игрушка BRUDER. Пожарная машина MAN для детей со шлангом и насосом. BRUDER. Fire truck.
Машинки. Игрушка BRUDER. Пожарная машина MAN для детей со шлангом и насосом. BRUDER. Fire truck.

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Super simple songs ISSN 2308-0108: This is a series. Do you aware of other talking cars having eyes?
Мультфильмы про машинки - трактор - песни для детей 3.9 out of 5

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bill Cole: HI, just followed your video step by step and was very careful. i Had a cracked screen but the lcd displayed fine. Now after the install I get nothing from the lcd i have taken it apart and reconnected the display connection 3 times and still nothing. I get the vibration when i power on but no display. Any thoughts?
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Luis moragas batista: i have a tumor in parotit glandula, the may 8 makes me ecography for next operation.
Devorah Richman: This is amazing!
Mike Kass: That Rockstar body looks awesome
GrandmasterN: Hey marl... Any chance you could test the rbx stage 2 again with "real" balls and gc2 thing... I think you will find this will hit it really far.
TakTheFox: Where do I begin... Let's start with the art. WHY? Just... WHY? Where did all the detailed, smooth, and beautiful artwork go? I never liked the artstyle that started up in 217. It shrunk the characters too much, made a lot of things looked squished and faded out to make room, thus less detail, and a lot of characters looked well... uglier. I don't need characters like Sally or anyone to look drop-dead gorgeous, but what ever happened to how great the art looked in the Iron Dominion Issues? This isn't just because they're short characters. Tracey Yardley is my favorite Sonic Artist, and he made them short, but things still looked like you can have detail and make the characters look smooth. This is STIFF, and characters look deformed in many cases. Everyone looks like they're ten years younger, EVERYONE. Sonic's what? SEVENTEEN AND A HALF NOW? And isn't Antoine like 21 at this point? I've been holding out on saying this because I wanted to give the artstyle a chance, but it just hasn't improved or impressed me. It looks worse actually. NEXT... STILL an issue we have the merging of worlds. It's feeling like the Fall of Marvel TV Shows, y'know where we got Ultimate Spider-man, Avengers Assemble, etc? It feels kind of like that how everything's "Oh look! It's that thing from that game! nostalgia! Love it love it!", shiny buttons so we get all happy. But it's not a good thing. The COMICS and the GAMES are supposed to be SEPARATE! YES, we got those tiny little strips that had game parts, and YES we got the SA and SA2 stories, but every time that happened, it was DIFFERENT than in the games, and it shouldn't depend on that. THIS IS THE COMIC! NOT THE GAME! And we don't want the game. It's not an opinion it's a fact. People that are comic fans are going to want it to be the games. It needs to be separate. Why? Because they have comics in a different more detailed world for a reason. NEXT... Okay time for a pro. the story itself isn't badly written, or at least the characters aren't. In THIS issue at least, they are the same people, and the speech part with NICOLE was a great piece of dialogue. But... the problem is that so much of this is so... sudden. This goes back to the merge thing. People that haven't played the games won't understand this or what's going on. They won't get the hints. Also while I still think that the dialogue was great, the art again just doesn't help. It works against it. Nicole is my favorite sonic character in the comics, and I see a huge nose and muzzle, with her and everyone else having wrinkled bodies. It's just not fun to look at. NEXT 2:32 THAT ART! DAH! 2:34 SUDDENLY EXTREME GEAR! ... How...? 2:46 Omochao 2:57 Well I WAS going to say "Well at least Eggman looks okay so maybe the humans are well-draw" NOPE. Also there had better be something to explain Miss Tower. Is she the big Cheese of GUN now? Don't know what to expect. Pro 3:19 GOOD ART WORK! FINALLY!!! 3:45 GREAT ART! I thought it wouldn't happen but HUZZAH! ... And there's the Sonic Colors Translator... *sigh* What can I say? This isn't The Archie Sonic Comic people. No, I didn't say "Anymore" no it just isn't. It never was. There was no slow segway that got us to this point. It was like a leap into POW! NEW UNIVERSE! And it sickens me. All I can hope for at this point is that the Side-series that Flynn wanted to do where it shows what the story SHOULD have been gets made so we can at least end this abused series with what we grew up with in these comics. For everyone who loves the games, this isn't a shot at the games. You're free to love those, and you're free to love a comic based on the games. But this is OUR comic. This is the ARCHIE SONIC COMIC. This is not the games and it never should have been.

Мультфильмы про машинки - трактор - песни для детей