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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Le Bailey III: How do you take the key board off
JillmanVideo: Stop fiddeling around with the zoom you nitwit!
jaime soncco: EXELENTE
cooi88: Is it true that 'mamak'thir just fled the country?
TheRealArchAngel: "Are you saying that Road building should be Privatised because we all pay tax for it???" Actually Most State and City Constitutioal powers include road taxes to fix roads The Federal Constitution only gives the Feds power to tax for Defense. Medicare,Social Security and all the other FDR "New Deal" things are Executive and Spending laws outside of normal Costitutional powers/juristiction...Its why IRS,a executive branch office,answers to Obama(via Dept of Treaasury),not Congress(the people)
Max Vega: Mini fusión 
Xiomara Peña Tamayo: me gusta mucho esa maquina k buena para bordar, madre mía con para comprarla con quien puedo contactar para cuando pueda

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