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Super simple songs ISSN 2308-0108: This is a series. Do you aware of other talking cars having eyes?
Kody Kody: I have been running this tank for about a month, and although it has a powerful LED light, I hate the internal filter being in the back. You also cannot put the LED light on a light timer, because it is connected to the same power cord as the filter. The filter compartment is meant for very small hands, and the pump is way too powerful for small fish. My shrimps on the very first day being introduced to the tank were already trying to squeeze themselves into the filter compartment. I think the Fluval chi is a better design and overall a nicer looking tank IMO.
andrew mora: love the vids
arsalan ansari: its phone is best ever only i want the button is outside the screen
Kevin Einan: Anyone know where I can get the second 755m? I have an Ultrabay in my Lenovo y510p. But I only have a single 755m. I was wondering if they came out with the extra one you can buy.
Thodoris Ziakas: That's increadible!!!
John Newburn: is that the 46rh transmission and is this related to the overdrive

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