Beats By Dr. Dre Pro Vs. Studio Vs. Solo HD Comparison Review

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I Da Nuke: i had a pair that had one cord to one speaker and one to the other one and one to the phone cant find cord plz help

Javais Radcliff: I heard that the studios are heavy on your head

arjuna trotsky: Take the "studio" beats, and compare them to actual studio-grade headphones 😑

Steven Gram: He don't know what he talking about he just babble in on and on

Steven Gram: The pros are awesome ! The studeos are good but they tend to have speakers blow on them happened wit 2 pairs I had solos suck!my opinion

Icyystorm: I have a studio pair and I think that they have by FAR a better sound than the solos. 
once you put the studios on, the solos sound really bad next to it xD. but it's not everyone who can tell the difference in sound quality.

Covert TV: Beats by dre are rubbish 

Devante Austin: I noticed that he said he uses a rechargeable battery for the studios how dose that work?

Peter Harper: Thanks a lot! I have the original beats clarified for my use buying a $500 pair of Pros is not really necessary.
What made me think of the Pros was the all metal construction. On paper it sounded awesome and the touch of metal was a very nice change, but if the sound is not twice as good as my Studios then you just saved me $500 thank you!

Jeremy Douglas: I have the Beats Pro headphones and the original beats studio headphones. I produce EDM and use the both of them when I'm creating a track. I used the beats pro headphones for a whole year until I upgraded. I was completely satisfied with them, and didn't think the pro's would be that much better. Until I listened to them. If you you can dish out the $400 (or whatever they are now), then I definitely say do it. I am about to order the new studio wireless for a xmas present to myself. Pretty excited. Good review

Sam Haidery: i have a big head will the solo fit?

jalen davis: I buy stuff yo try not to blend in with the group I like to stand out and have found yo my personal liking

Ezekiel Lara: I have Studios

vividheadphonezone: I love studio ^^

Kurt Montgomery: What are the basiest beats

Im trying to look at beats not audio technia or street by 50 or any of that crap

Shock Diamond: If you want a pair of actually half way decent headphones you should consider getting a pair of Grado's, or Sennheiser's, or Shure's. They sound so much better overall. But if you just want beats because they look good and you have that much money to spend then go ahead. I can't stop you. 

Bryce Millar: What kind of watch are you wearing?

Tan Ler: This review helped a lot. Thanks.

jaypellking: I like dude..he cool cuz he don't front

Connor Cruz: Jbl all the way
Beats by Dr. Dre Pro vs. Studio vs. Solo HD Comparison Review 5 out of 5

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Beats by Dr. Dre Pro vs. Studio vs. Solo HD Comparison Review