Expansion Tank Replacement And Coolant System Bleeding BMW 3 Series

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Jarvis Grant: Where can I get a new expansion tank from

norieli rodriguez: Where is that blue screw at? 

norieli rodriguez: Can you pleas tell me where that blue blot is? 

MegaAmeer15: my expansion tank brand new still leaking from the lid . you think under the expansion tank Transmission thermostat any think to do with that please?

MegaAmeer15: please when i drive about 5 miles expansion tank water leeks top from the lid, can you please tell me why Thanks

Mitch Vigil: Cheap plastic parts on an over-priced poorly engineered vehicle. The supposed superiority of "german engineering" allows them to charge more. Having worked on them and owned them long-term allows reality to creep in. 

If you replace all the cooling system every fifty is the only way to avoid cooling issues. By the way mercedes and porch's have the same exact problem. IMS anyone? 

Randy Calleja: So after removing all the hoses and bottom clip. Just pulling up on it will remove the tank?

Gerardo Tellez: Would this problem cause your engine light to come on?
One more question off topic
Would a tune up oil spark plugs air filter so on so on
Would that cause the engine light to come on?
Pretty lost

tucan452: Need help with this 2005 BMW 325i Oil Cooler Thermostat For Automatic Transmission Models

Rich Harris: if by chance you don't bleed the coolant you will know real quick when you run down the road with the a/c on...you will peg out red really quick. Bleed the pressure out by at least taking the care 1/4 of the mile down the road...then bring it back to make sure the pressure is built up....you might see your thermostat starting to peg. Just bleed the pressure off and you are good.

Rich Harris: Be careful pulling on the tank to hard as it does pull on the transmission cooler box quite hard (raising it up.) Suggest someone hold the box underneath while one pulls on the tank. I had to use a flat jack and the bottom of a wooden hammer and lift the tank up with the butt of the hammer with force from the floor jack to pry it loose.

Josh Hobbs: What if the low coolant level is on. Water doesn't leak when its idle but when its driven and I get to my destination the red stick indicates there's no water in it. Water pump was just replaced. Could it just be the expansion tank.would that solve it or what direction do I need to go. 

6041321as: What if my car is loosing cooling water,and from exhaust comes white smoke. Taste and smeel of smoke is like my coolant water is mixed in work of engine, like the engine  burning water also not just fuel. Tnx

sincity RRT: the hose coming off the bottom of the expansion tank, I notice it goes into the front of the engine.. but where exactly does it go? I have a 545i

thekingreyrey: I have a 2003 325i, and it has been leaking anti freeze when its off would it be the radiator or the expansion tank? Also its been leaking more each week. If you could help me out that would be awesome! Thanks! 

MauricioR23: How do you install the sensor back on.  I'm about to replace my radiator tank next week and it seems like the level sensor can be a bit of a pain.  Also,what's the purpose of pulling out the latch out from the bottom after removing the tank if you're going to be replacing the tank with a new one? Your thoughts?

sendthosepixma:   Its hard to hear   I have a 2001 325ci bmw    Is there a sensor connected to the expansion tank  and doesn't it tell you  the coolant is low?  I think i need that sensor My car broke down and i had the coolant system replaced 2 years ago Water pump,, thermostat, pulleys  belt  expansion tank   My coolant light comes on occasionally and goes out while im driving My coolant is full to the top and i dont see any leaks on the ground  and it still says low   im guessing that sensor went bad  with age   and need to find out where its at

Lamar Sore Thumb: Hey man really need help. I have a 98 540i and every once and a while I get this really bad "burning smoke" smell when I have my heater on. Any suggestions or tips on how to fix or what the problem may be? 

Lucas Hill: Help!!! This might sound crazy but after replacing my expansion tank, I cannot get my main hose that has the bleeder screw in it to connect back to the radiator. I'm pulling with all my strength and it barely even moves. All the other hoses connect fine. I checked the inside of the hose to see if there was something in there but it looks just fine. Has anyone seen this happen before? What do I do ?

Raj D.: CAUTION: don't leave the bleed screw open for too long with engine running. If you do don't forget to let the engine cool before tightening your bleed screw (I just broke mine off because it melted after leaving the engine running with screw open to let air out)
Expansion Tank Replacement and Coolant System Bleeding BMW 3 Series 5 out of 5

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Expansion Tank Replacement and Coolant System Bleeding  BMW 3 Series